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  1. Selling a used but like new GHL Profilux VorTech controller. This will allow you to control all vortech pumps. Selling for $55 including flat rate shipping via USPS. More details on product can be found on original manufacturer's website: https://www.aquariumcomputer.com/products/pump-controller/vortech-controller/#main
  2. What's the dimensions on this badboy?
  3. h3dgehog

    ATI Hybrid Powermodule

    I posted it for sale not long ago but didn't get any real traction.
  4. h3dgehog

    ATI Hybrid Powermodule

    Item: Selling 24", 4 bulb ATI Powermodule (T5 + LED combo) Condition: Excellent Location: Nebraska Price: $475 (not including shipping costs) Sale preference: would prefer to sell local sale (local as in within 1-2 hour driving distance); I am also planning to do a roadtrip from Nebraska to Georgia this February, so am willing to meet someone along the way
  5. h3dgehog

    Equipment for sale

    Do not have the original box. Currently sitting in a vinegar bath since I tore down my tank just yesterday.
  6. h3dgehog

    Equipment for sale

    Items for sale in good condition, works, and will be cleaned prior to shipment. Prices include shipping costs. (x2) MP10 wireless quiet drive "wqd" - $180/each (x1) Profilux Doser 2, 4 pump unit - $275 (x1) Profilux Controller (comes with controller, power bar, temp and ph probe, and vortech controller) - $400 PM me if interested.
  7. h3dgehog

    Very Nice Tripod (Brand New in Box)

    Doooooo ittttttt (:
  8. I have a brand new extra tripod. https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B003XDU2XQ/ref=oh_aui_detailpage_o00_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1 Retails for ~$155. Looking for $90 shipped.
  9. h3dgehog

    Help me spend my money (Pre-Build)

    Before commenting on what you should consider for equipment, I wanted to share my thoughts on live rock. When I first got my batch of lvie rock from TBS, it was freaking great! No pests with all the live diversity that made cycling limited to a single day and makes biological filtration super robust. Second and larger batch came with some pests that were not terrible but was an annoyance nonetheless as I spent late nights with a red flashlight, tweezer and turkey baster trying to catch/remove stuff. If I were you, with what I learned... I would go with TBS live rock. BUT instead of putting it into your display, take these steps.. Take out your "sump" and replace it with a cheap plastic bin to act as a sump. Put TBS live rock in bin and dry rock in display. Allow the bio diversity to spread while containing some of the live pests in this bin. Then you can either re-sell the live rock after a solid month of letting the bio diversity transfer OR you can take your time taking any pests out of the live rock. Then replace your real sump, add filtration equipment and etc. Regarding tank, I think this is where you want to spend the most amount of money as far as equipment because this is something you will look at/through all the time. Do you look at the nice titanium screws on your skimmer? No... Do you look through glass and the tank from afar? Yes.... That said, you really can't beat Elos quality. I'm not obsessed with expensive equipment, which is why I run an Elos tank but cheap yet highly efficient equipment under my tank. Just my opinion~
  10. h3dgehog

    H3dgehog's Rimless SPS - Giant Flatform!

    IT was 3.5" long when it was fully stretched out. Weirdest thing ever!
  11. h3dgehog

    H3dgehog's Rimless SPS - Giant Flatform!

    So far I've had two late night freak outs... The fish parasitic amphipod Alkalinity overdose/spike I guess when you're in this hobby, the number of freak outs are limitless because last night I had another one... Meet the now deceased Mr.Polyclad Flatform... I found him lounging on the sand bed. At first I thought it was a giant AEFW but realized it couldn't be given that this thing was like 3.5" long and had physical features closer to the polyclad. Plus, my sps haven't been showing signs of AEFW. Good thing I didn't have any clams!