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  1. Will also be in Vegas this upcoming weekend so open to delivering to buyers in that area.
  2. Selling my 24" 8 bulb T5 and Led hybrid ATI Powermodule. Comes with bulbs that are 3 months old. Looking for $700 local in Los Angeles and Orange County area.
  3. h3dgehog

    FS: Tunze Osmolator ATO

  4. Selling... (prices do not include shipping). I am located in Los Angeles, CA. (1x) profilux powerbar 5.1 ($110) (1x) profilux temperature probe ($20) (1x) Innovative Marine custom cradle nano; it holds 3 probes ($10) (1x) profilux ph probe with both calibration fluids ($20)
  5. Selling Tunze Osmolator 3155. Local pickup in Los Angeles preferred but open to shipping. $100 local pick up or $115 shipped and insured.
  6. Selling a used but like new GHL Profilux VorTech controller. This will allow you to control all vortech pumps. Selling for $55 including flat rate shipping via USPS. More details on product can be found on original manufacturer's website: https://www.aquariumcomputer.com/products/pump-controller/vortech-controller/#main
  7. What's the dimensions on this badboy?
  8. h3dgehog

    ATI Hybrid Powermodule

    I posted it for sale not long ago but didn't get any real traction.
  9. h3dgehog

    ATI Hybrid Powermodule

    Item: Selling 24", 4 bulb ATI Powermodule (T5 + LED combo) Condition: Excellent Location: Nebraska Price: $475 (not including shipping costs) Sale preference: would prefer to sell local sale (local as in within 1-2 hour driving distance); I am also planning to do a roadtrip from Nebraska to Georgia this February, so am willing to meet someone along the way
  10. h3dgehog

    Equipment for sale

    Do not have the original box. Currently sitting in a vinegar bath since I tore down my tank just yesterday.
  11. h3dgehog

    Equipment for sale

    Items for sale in good condition, works, and will be cleaned prior to shipment. Prices include shipping costs. (x2) MP10 wireless quiet drive "wqd" - $180/each (x1) Profilux Doser 2, 4 pump unit - $275 (x1) Profilux Controller (comes with controller, power bar, temp and ph probe, and vortech controller) - $400 PM me if interested.