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  1. Fluval evo update. It’s been about a month since it started. Added some new corals. Everything is still alive and doing well. Had a little brown algae but went away in one day after a water change and reducing the lights and feeding.
  2. Kept plenty of acros in my 90g. Thrived for over 12 yrs. never dosed once. This was my experience.
  3. If water changes replace trace elements. Why would the salt be irrelevant to dosing.
  4. I used Red Sea coral pro for many and never needed to dose. Had mostly sps and lps corals. Water change once a month.
  5. Trying these settings. Happy with color and brightness so we’ll see how the gsp and future corals do.
  6. Thanks for all the suggestions. I will definitely readjust the lights some. Thanks again.
  7. Get it in where they fit in. I try to place similar corals next to each other so they can morph into something so I can sell later for top dollar. But I always end up giving stuff away for free.
  8. I’m wondering if my settings are to much or to little. The light sits about 11” above a Fluval Evo 13.5. Just added a coral which is a GSP. Testing out my tank with this coral before I start adding more expensive ones. I scheduled my lights around the time im home. Odd hours I know.
  9. Nice tank progression. I see algae is growing more towards the left or back. Maybe change up ur water flow?
  10. I like to use the flipper nano scrapper. Has a sponge on one side and a scrapper on the other. Also has a low profile.
  11. Maybe it’s under another rock? I’ve added goby and shrimp pair twice that weren’t a pair and they did fine and eventually paired up. What kind of pistol shrimp do you have? A pic of the shrimp would help or a more detail description of your tank would help.
  12. Red slimmer remover. It’ll be gone in a few days. reducing ur lights and feeding will fix a lot of algae problems.
  13. I started my tank out with a couple of snails and a hermit. I spot fed them some seaweed and frozen Mysis shrimp every few days.
  14. I’m in the same boat. I haven’t seen any pods or any type of worm. My tanks about a month old. I bought live rock from this LFS before and always had hitchhikers bad and good. I guess they’re drying out the rock and curing it.