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  1. The Macro Tank → New Light + FTS

    New light came... holy crap, my corals have colors I never would've known about. This light isn't on complete 8000k, I just wanted to see how the corals and orange tipped dragons breath looked. I have it around 6500/7000k ish I really need to stop being lazy and get my nikon back out
  2. The Macro Tank → New Light + FTS

    Thanks guys!
  3. The Macro Tank → New Light + FTS

    So it was a pretty eventful weekend! Snagged a nice green fungia and some dragons breath and they're doing great! New lights are arriving thursday (I returned the a80) the spread wasn't desirable, but the new light is perfect! I'll put a pic when it arrives but for now, here she is!
  4. _ST's SPS Glass Box

    I like where this is going! I love the little coverup on the wires for the hydra Following!
  5. The Macro Tank → New Light + FTS

    So the macro tank is actually doing great! The caulerpa is taking off so I will need to start trimming it. The A80 should arrive on tuesday and I am very happy about that, no more ugly PC bulbs I will be going to the Love Aquarium tomorrow, a small hole in the wall shop but they have some great prices and some interesting frags + macros! And on Sunday may be heading back to AquaSD, so the tank should have some new inhabitants in the coming days!
  6. Steph's 13.5 Invert Haven

    that scape tho! I have no idea about the algae there's too many to narrow it down
  7. The Macro Tank → New Light + FTS

    Thanks! Really means a lot! Turns out the ammonia test was expired... I didn't check the date my b I've been dosing Iron, Trace and magnesium in very small doses along with frequent but small w/cs and everything seems to be growing slowly but surly!
  8. The Macro Tank → New Light + FTS

    Ok so I made a move and ordered an a80 tuna blue. I'm aware the macros would've done better under the PC lights but they are so. damn. ugly. I decided that along with macros I will be starting a collection of zoanthids as they are fairly cheap and I have easy access to nice ones. So hopefully within the coming weeks I can get this tank to full potential!
  9. Yoshii's 5.5g Macro Reef

    ↑↑↑↑ Just caught up on this thread and I love the grown in look of the tank! I need to do another fish store trip soon, only been to tongs once but it's an awesome store! Best damn fish prices in the area IMO
  10. The Macro Tank → New Light + FTS

    Ok so I'm sitting here looking at lights, forums and websites and I'm coming up more clueless than when I came into it. Which lights/light would you guys recommend, I know I've asked before but I want this to be the final light purchase I have to make. LED, Mini T5 fixture. Right now I have 2 spiral compact fluorescent lights 60 w at 6500k which keep the macro's color and the few corals that are in there happy. The issue I'lm having is I feel like the red macros aren't getting the spectrum they need... plus it's ugly
  11. Frogfish's 32 Gallon Reef - Back to looking... okay-ish

    Definitely agree with that! The xenia was pissed for a day (I did a massive water change) but are back to looking 100%. I'll be adding some new rock and doing a re scape tomorrow, just to give the tank some life again. I added some chaeto in the tank to help with the access nitrates but it's too early to tell if it's growing or not. I plan on adding a new fish we've had at work for nearly a month now, if it happens, it'll definitely be exciting!
  12. The Macro Tank → New Light + FTS

  13. The Macro Tank → New Light + FTS

    haha thanks vlangel the bug did kinda bite me yesterday evening while I was doing a large w/c on the 10. I figured that I just need to focus on keeping the tanks optimal regardless of cost. I'll be getting a new light... again (I was just getting what came to mind) and just be keeping up on water changes and very slight dosing. This is the tank I've wanted for a while, so I'm not gonna just give up on it when the first issue pops up. Thankfully the spike was small and the ammonia levels are back down where they need to be. Granted, this tank has really tested my patience but I love the hobby too much, it's the only thing that keeps me sane... most of the time
  14. The Macro Tank → New Light + FTS

    So more and more this tank makes me want to pull the plug on all my tanks, Damsel died this morning and after a test of the parameters everything checked out except the Ph is running high 7s and there is a bit of ammonia, around .25 ppm. The lights are still shit and I've completely lost any drive to continue with this hobby... fun day
  15. The Macro Tank → New Light + FTS

    well I'll be damned