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  1. The Shrimp Tank, It's almost ready!

    Oh for sure! RFAs only, mini maxis seem a bit risky but i may in the future! I used to have a pair of harlequins! Awesome inverts, I used to get them a CCS every 1-2 weeks... it got pricey but it was totally worth it
  2. The Shrimp Tank, It's almost ready!

    So the gooseneck for the LED bulb will be here either thurs or fri! Also will be picking up the SeaStar strip and some plexiglass for a lid to help with evaporation... the skimmer is very sensitive to the water level and makes it a pain to top off 2-3 times a day
  3. The Shrimp Tank, It's almost ready!

    same, they're so pretty and cool, but what u said is spot on
  4. The Shrimp Tank, It's almost ready!

    Ok, so for those who saw my old topic about setting up a tank for a tuberculated angler, problem with that, i couldn't find one... anywhere So, I'm doing a tank specifically for my next favorite species out there. Shrimps of the periclimenes and anclyomenes genera. I'm doing a 'split' style, meaning one side is planted with macros and the other will be corals, I'm going for xenias, plates, cespitularia, maybe a euphyllia or two, st. thomas shrooms and whatever I find that I can A ) Find or B ) Fit. Here are the specs TANK - Aqueon 10g Filter- Aquaclear 20 Skimmer-ReefOctopus NS80 Lighting- Coral Compulsion Par30 LED bulb (Reef) SeaStar Sun Strip (Planted) Sand- AragAlive Hawaiian Black Coral ----- TBA Macros ---- TBA Shrimp ---- TBA
  5. Frogfish's Nano Cube - Long Overdue FTS

    So, good news! While working in the tank last night, I found a little kenya tree growing on a small rock on the substrate! I guess when the original was dying, it decided to throw out some spores, I'm not complaining all the corals are doing really well, except for the black sun corals, I simply can't get them to open, but the pinks are back to opening on a nightly basis! Religious feedings helped I guess! I am also considering changing my weekly water changes to every other week, any thoughts on this? I have a fairly diverse mix of corals and I'm not sure how some will react I'm going to do one tomorrow, idk why, I'm just incredibly hesitant to change the schedule up, I've done a 4 gallon w/c every sunday for the past 8 months... lol
  6. Frogfish's Nano Cube - Long Overdue FTS

    So many things have happened and I've been lazy and haven't updated this thread so here we go! My kenya tree randomly shriveled and died, which is strange because all the other leathers are doing great, also, my torch got brown jelly, thankfully it happened shortly after i stocked up on salt and was able to do a big water change to avoid any other fatalities, it's both a curse and a blessing, I never should have put a torch that big in a 12 gallon, it kept my hammers from expanding all the way and stung the crap out of any coral it touched, and may have possibly killed the kenya tree. The sea fan I got at RAP is amazingly doing really well, just feeding it and high flow seem to keep it happy, but sadly my black suns and more suprisingly my pink ones who have grown 7 heads since i brought them home flat out stopped opening, I've tried prompters, complete darkness and no luck, I'm actually getting pretty nervous about them... but I guess I just have to keep my head up and keep trying
  7. Dr. Felicia's Back to Basics IM14 - New Photos pg. 14!

    Those videos were so awesome I really miss having a pom pom crab, I got mine when I had my old BC29, saw him periodically and then he disappeared only to reappear 4 months later... weird inverts for sure, but they're so pretty
  8. Little Spiky Slug Thing

    The body shape leads me to believe he's a juvenile sea hare, but not 100% certain
  9. The Lowest of the Low......Tech (CC pico contest thread)

    this is badass on several levels
  10. Frogfish's Nano Cube - Long Overdue FTS

    Ok so here she is after RAP with the worst pic I have ever taken, but you get the idea lol
  11. The frogfish tank: Equipment ordered!

    Oooo, that tonga rock is tempting
  12. Dr. Felicia's Back to Basics IM14 - New Photos pg. 14!

    Lmao, not a bad idea
  13. The frogfish tank: Equipment ordered!

    Saaammmmeeee Ok, so the tank will be getting set up this week! On Thursday I will be purchasing the sand, rock and light (maybe) I just want to get the thing cycling so if a pygmy becomes available I can snag it immediately. I'll get a FTS up asap
  14. Live Free or Reef, Going Solar?

    O.o I like it
  15. The frogfish tank: Equipment ordered!

    I've been crossing my fingers since I bought the tank haha! Thanks for the help!