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  1. myfisharemean

    Tank for sale

    Anyone want it for $75
  2. myfisharemean

    160 Gallon Tank!

    Sorry, I just got up, I checked my Pm's, but I don't have an e-mail adress in the last one, and no new ones. -Matt
  3. myfisharemean

    160 Gallon Tank!

    yes, it comes with a stand, I need an e-mail adress to send pics
  4. myfisharemean

    160 Gallon Tank!

    What's your e-mail, the pics are too big, and my computer can't edit them, but I'm saving for an iBook, one of the reasons I'm selling everything -Matt
  5. myfisharemean

    freshwater tank stuff

  6. myfisharemean

    160 Gallon Tank!

    Hey, My parents are trying to sell my 160g f/w, make a reasonable offer, I don't care really, because I get $100 bucks for it either way, plus I get to sell the fish, decorations, and XP3 canister. -Matt
  7. myfisharemean

    freshwater tank stuff

    Here's the plant, there's 2 that are rooted, and one, about 10"dia. floating, and one 12"dia. floating. and 2 rooted bannanas.
  8. myfisharemean

    Tank for sale

    sending it out tommorrow, sorry, been crammed w/ homework, doing some right, now, lol. -Matt
  9. myfisharemean

    Tank for sale

    and I'll scrub everything when I pack it up before you come to pick it up, ok? (in water , so it's still cured.)
  10. myfisharemean

    Tank for sale

    Ok, $100, I'll take down price every couple days.
  11. myfisharemean

    Tank for sale

    I just started, it has a couple hermits, it just has a lot of hair algae, and I don't have any time to take it apart and scrub the rocks and tank, because I started w/ tap, now I use RO/DI.
  12. myfisharemean

    Tank for sale

    Hey, I'm getting out, b/c I want a iBook for highschool, and a car soon Together: 10g hex 10lbs LR 10lbs seeded sand 36w PC fixture Deep Six Hydrometer FasTest Reef Test Kit 6 in 1 test strips floating thermometer Rio 80 (i think, one w/ 63GPH) 50w heater I think that's it, $50, pick up
  13. myfisharemean

    Smallest external protien skimmer you have seen?

    just put some silicone on the rim of the endcap, and rim of the 45 or whatever you have on the other side, then squeeze them together like usual. -Matt
  14. myfisharemean

    Stand for MH pendant

    How about like a 1.5" PVC pole, with a "V" as a base, then the pole going up, then a 45' angle piece, going towards your tank, some more PVC pole, then another 45' angle and a litle bit of pole so the top piece is horizontal with the top of your tank. sorta like this: _ / | bottom> H
  15. myfisharemean

    Actinic vs Daylight

    What about MH's, how would you get the actinics in a pendant, lol, mine comes with 10,000k, is that sweet for everything, I already have PC's on my tank I could use with actinic bulbs, but how would I get them in?