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  1. Counter-Top NANO REEF Build - Pics & Progress

    Frogspawn getting awesome in our Countertop Reef😍. There is a little story behind this guy, the original frag was grown from a dying frag from a friend’s neglected tank full of GHA and Bryopsis, I took it home and grown it in our 12G, got GHA & bryopsis into my tank and beat them off, 3 years later I get to frag a healthy mini colony off for our new Nano build.
  2. Counter-Top NANO REEF Build - Pics & Progress

    Awesome to hear I could spice up some inspiration! Thanks for the follow!
  3. Counter-Top NANO REEF Build - Pics & Progress

    Our 2nd haul this week! Woot and Happy Lunar New Year 2018 everyone!
  4. Counter-Top NANO REEF Build - Pics & Progress

    New corals pack all opened up fully within an hour in tank. Very happy with this haul!
  5. New Product - Locking Magnetic Frag Racks

    Short demo loading up some new frags on our Magnetic Locking Frag Rack. No more knocking frags off for us and so should you! Lock in those loose frags today.
  6. Counter-Top NANO REEF Build - Pics & Progress

    I get asked a lot: How do I temp acclimate corals if I have a small tank with no sump and no where to float all of these bags at once? With just a bucket, tap water, heater, match temp to your tank, and start floating. Didn't think of that one did ya? 😁😉
  7. Counter-Top NANO REEF Build - Pics & Progress

    Our fresh box of goodies just arrived. Feels just like Christmas!!
  8. Counter-Top NANO REEF Build - Pics & Progress

    Not at all, our system looks just like a typical AIO tank except for a few innovative features to making Nano reefing a breeze. Our goal is to create a high end nano reef system that doesn't end up with you (the reefer) having to upgrading most of everything such as LED light, flow nozzle, return pump, media basket, ect. which will end up costing you a lot more than what you thought you could swing with a typical stock system. We may make a few bell and whistle as optional since you may want to go with other option of your own such as LED light, heater, etc. but what we'll put together have been tested and will be a perfect combo for the system we sell.
  9. Counter-Top NANO REEF Build - Pics & Progress

    It's an even number In time I promise! Happy V-day!! lol . I really appreciate the input and yes you're partly correct on the flow rate, because the design of the POB sump utilizing gravity flow into the tank, there is no way to increase flow and flow pressure without overflowing the sump. On the other hand, I've never liked the drop-off design because it's blocking a major amount of flow down on the bottom part. Costs and time of a drop-off production will surely be more complicated and may take twice as much which equate to pricing it higher. I just couldn't see a good reason when I could achieve a similar drop-off effect just by creative scaping.
  10. Counter-Top NANO REEF Build - Pics & Progress

    Thanks @Raindog3030! Personally I wouldn't suggest the 4.3G because it's a frag tank, a frag tank generally don't have bracing because it's typically used for show for easy transport and setup. When you're looking for an "acrylic" display tank, you'd want a system with the proper top bracing to keep it from bowing out, any high quality acrylic aquarium system that's sold as a "display" system should be braced. That said, our 6.8G would be the perfect option for a display desktop setup.
  11. Counter-Top NANO REEF Build - Pics & Progress

    That 2.1G pico is avail including the custom overflow/cover that is designed for an Aquaclear 20 filter. It's actually a low-iron glass tank. If anyone is interested, feel free to pm me.
  12. Counter-Top NANO REEF Build - Pics & Progress

    That is a secret for now but I can say that it wouldn't work with the POB sump, it's specifically designed for an AIO return of a Nano tank.
  13. Counter-Top NANO REEF Build - Pics & Progress

    Thanks @Brian1313! This may be a little too big for a desktop setup (unless it's a big desk?) but our 6.8G AIO pico would be the next perfect option. I've got an awesome video coming out for the 6.8G setup on an office desk. Stay tuned!
  14. Counter-Top NANO REEF Build - Pics & Progress

    Hi @TatorTaco, Thanks for the interest! This is our pre-launch debut build for a brand new Nano AIO aquarium system in the work. We're keeping specifics on the down low until launch announcement. For now, I can say is that our system is very unique, it doesn't need any additional wave pump yet producing random wave-like flow, very quiet operation, optional LED light (support full reef), lots of unique feature that you won't find in any current AIO Nanos on the market including future add-ons and filtration upgrades.
  15. New FRAG-STICK™ Extra Long Magnetic Coral Frag Rack

    When your new frags come in and you just can't have them on the sandbed!