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  1. Yes, I may need to add an extra front bracing but it should be solid.
  2. That was yours!
  3. Thanks man! Stoked to see your new build, amazing attention to details and plumbing work as always.
  4. Our sleek CONTOUR ATO Container has just gotten sleeker! We got rid of the hinges and made the lid removable for easier access to refilling. CONTOUR Auto Top Off Container Oceanbox Designs™ CONTOUR Auto Top Off Reservoir features a wrapped around color accent that contrasted the clear container body making it sleek and modern looking. It features a removable hinge-less lid for easy refilling which also has support bracing to prevent warping. A 5/8″ exiting hole toward the back to run ATO system tubing and pump wires. Main Features: Sleek and Modern Design Removable Hingeless Lid w/Anti-Warp Bracing 5/8″ Hole To Run ATO System Wire/Tubing Hand-polished Edges. Premium Hand-Crafted In The USA! https://oceanboxdesigns.com/product/contour-auto-top-off-container/
  5. Any updates on this tank? How is everything going?
  6. You will! I will admit it wasn't easy, I almost gave up when I had a major bryopsis outbreak and lost a lot of corals trying to get rid of it. I'd suggestion doing a lot of researching and reading, learn as you go as I still am. This forum is full of goodness and valuable information, I'd dig into the details of each tank in the "tank of the month" gallery and learn about all the nano systems that have already been successfully established and reverse engineer it to your own creation.
  7. They were custom made. I'll send you a pm on details. Thanks!
  8. 90% finished with your custom ATO container and you're getting a new hinge-less version It's 2017 and I thought it's time to get rid of hinges for good. It allows easier access to refilling with the removable lid.
  9. Just saw it last night! Thanks! Now all you have to do is turning it into something like this
  10. Awesome review and nice pics! Those racks needed to be flipped but im glad I got this right and worked for you. Can't wait to see when they become colonies.
  11. Anticipated to shipping your custom ATO container within next week. I'm sorry for the extra delay I should have absolutely no excuses but things have been very hectic for me a bit more than I can handle currently but I'll throw in something extra for you
  12. It takes up 3.5" so still plenty of space left for aquascaping. My tank runs the external POB sump and I get to keep the full tank minus the overflow box. https://oceanboxdesigns.com/product/nano-revolution-nr12-pob-sump/
  13. I got you cover, no worries. Sent you a reply back.
  14. Smart Micro ATO is the only one I will use from now on. Extremely precise and the tiny magnetic optical sensor can fit just about anywhere. It's so simple to setup that you just literally set the sensor where you want the level at, plug it in and that's it.
  15. Thanks guys! I really appreciate it.