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  1. Tana's Pico Tower

    I love the floating scape!! Very creative way of using the CoralOne frag racks! Im assuming the coral will be covering the black part of the rack in no time leaving them invisible from sight.
  2. Oceanbox Designs® is officially official :)

    Thanks much! There will always be a special for special times Thanks! and you as well!!
  3. Oceanbox Designs® is officially official :)

    Thank you!!
  4. Oceanbox Designs® is officially official :)

    Thank you!! I'm one of the little peoples
  5. Oceanbox Designs® is officially official :)

    Thanks a lot! Thank you! much appreciated!
  6. Oceanbox Designs® is officially official :)

    Well said my friend! I will keep pushing harder and make better products. Good luck with your endeavour and much success with your field! Thank you so much! That means a lot to me! There are more where that came from coming up very soon so keep me on your radar
  7. Oceanbox Designs® is officially official :)

    Thanks! Thank you and you got it! Thanks a lot!
  8. The moment when I feel happy that I've accomplished something but in reality it will always be a work in progress because there are those who wanted me to fail and prying on my hard earned work, but thank god I'm still here and forth going stronger than ever because of good faith, goodness, and supporting friends and families. Thank you all and god bless the USA! Special thanks to Nano-Reef.com and members who have been giving me your support from the get go and even those who hasn't order anything but have been following me! Let me know if you think I should keep going!
  9. Magnetic Mini Anemone’s Den / Shroom Box

    New show-reel of the Nem's Den in action.
  10. Oceanbox Designs & Marine Depot

    Glad I could helped out!
  11. Oceanbox Designs & Marine Depot

    Thanks buddy!
  12. Oceanbox Designs & Marine Depot

    Fantastic to hear that! I'm so happy you liked my product. Thanks for the support!
  13. Hello Reefers and Saltwater Enthusiasts!Let's take a moment to appreciate the Reef Hobby! As a token of my appreciation I'm doing 10% OFF through the weekend, use code: REEFHOBBY at checkout. *Some items may be excluded and may not be applied to previous orders. Remember to Keep Up with your tank and Happy Reefing!
  14. Oceanbox Designs & Marine Depot

    Thanks @Christopher Marks for the initial encouragement and all your helps!