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  1. Oceanbox Designs

    Float Switch Holder

    That is a possibility, I'm still using one of my DIY top off with a float switch but I have it on a custom acrylic hang-on bracket.
  2. Oceanbox Designs

    Float Switch Holder

    This is for the Neptune optical sensor only, sorry I don't have one for a float switch.
  3. Starts 10AM until Midnight Central Time. Random Markdown on all GLO Magnetic Frag Racks! https://oceanboxdesigns.com/product/glo-magnetic-mini-frag-racks-oceanbox-designs/ https://oceanboxdesigns.com/product/glo-magnetic-mini-frag-racks-duo-oceanbox-designs/ Happy Halloween Nano-Reef! ?
  4. Oceanbox Designs

    New Atomic Blue GLO Magnetic Frag Rack

    Due to popular demand, we've added Atomic Blue to our popular GLO Magnetic Frag Racks series. Order yours at: https://oceanboxdesigns.com/products/corals-propagation/frag-racks/ See original thread for full product details:
  5. Oceanbox Designs

    Falco's 10g Nano Reef

    @falcooo Nice use of our mini frag rack! Your tank is looking awesome! Our magnets are waterproof if you like to mount it on the back wall, it'll be easier to clean the sides and you don't need to move it every time.
  6. Oceanbox Designs

    IM Lagoon EXT 25gal

    @Lulu_Lunette @Christopher Marks Thanks for giving us your support and I know you may have other choices! You have this setup perfectly planned on the back of your hand and as OCD as I am with looks, that is as clean as you could go with a DIY silicone job on the first try (I assumed). Can't wait to see what's next on your mind!
  7. Oceanbox Designs

    New Product: GLO™ Magnetic Mini Frag Racks

    Check that out! ?
  8. Oceanbox Designs

    Counter-Top NANO REEF Build - Pics & Progress

    Thanks Chris! For some reason, the tank looks rather surprising happy despite my very minimal effort and no skimmer. I think I might have found a secret in keeping a nano-reef easy, I've added and switched something out a few months ago and I think that may just be it.
  9. Oceanbox Designs

    Insta-Blog - Instagram - Stories - Updates

    The thing we still do for a few good friends in the industry. What can this be?
  10. Oceanbox Designs

    Counter-Top NANO REEF Build - Pics & Progress

    Good morning from our nano world of OceanBox! How is it on your side?
  11. Oceanbox Designs

    Counter-Top NANO REEF Build - Pics & Progress

    Life is good in here...Latest FTS!
  12. Oceanbox Designs

    Anyone else having order issues?

    ?Not at all! We're still alive and kicking! Just been swamped on orders and wholesale production as we are starting to sell to retails. Sometime I can't get back to emails right away since I get tons on a daily basis but knowing that anytime I'm away from my phone or my desk I'm either producing your order or shipping out orders. Nevertheless, I really appreciate your patient and support as always.
  13. Oceanbox Designs

    Counter-Top NANO REEF Build - Pics & Progress

    Some red, white, and blue for Forth of July!
  14. Oceanbox Designs

    Counter-Top NANO REEF Build - Pics & Progress

    The latest FTS looking splendid! I think we have finally hit the sweet spot in stability.
  15. Oceanbox Designs

    Insta-Blog - Instagram - Stories - Updates

    This just happened! LOL! ?