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  1. Those aren't plugs, they're art! Great work! Can't wait to try these out.
  2. Beautiful work Ben! Placing an order soon for a brand new frag rack system I'm working on. These will be perfect!
  3. Pics aren't working but interesting use as a Kalk doser. I may have to look into that myself since dosing 3-part are a pain to fine tune. Update: pics worked out, must have been a new site glitch
  4. Lovely couple! I didn't even know you were there, would've been cool to meet you in person. I was there and it was the only show I can attend for a while.
  5. Thank you so much! I'm sure it will look ridiculously cool once the corals grow out and covered the overflow, if you planning on growing them out that is.
  6. Some shots of the latest batch just shipped out And no these don't come in cork color, it is the protective film on clear racks
  7. Some shots of the latest batch just shipped out And no these don't come in cork color, it is the protective film on clear racks
  8. yes it is. Its going to be very strong in a reel bowl though. I love it so i bought a 2nd unit as backup but never need to use it yet.
  9. Happy Valentine Day! Send someone you love something they'll love! I could use some of your love for Oceanbox Designs as well Offer valid through Feb. 16th. One coupon per order, may exclude some products. Clickable image below or shop at: https://oceanboxdesigns.com
  10. I actually have a Pico 180 and its been working great for me for over 2 years. Had to clean it out when it get noisy but otherwise no problem for me.
  11. Thank you! I'm working on it, the current design would only look good on dark wash but I'm working on a different color variation for lighter color shirts. The colors of the shirt I offer is usually what it will look best upon. Thank you so much! Capt'n out
  12. Great news Chris! Can't wait to see the new site.
  13. More T-shirt colors or in the design? what size do you need?
  14. Another OBD Super Slim ATO Container heading out to the tropical state of CA.
  15. Hello Nano-Reef! I'm proud to introduce our new line of custom Reef T-Shirt dedicated to all reefers, ladies and gent, and those touched by the wonders of our ocean, the element that occupied 71% of our lovely Earth. This is a special project that I have personally designed and created in hope to encourage more people to join the hobby and to protect our ocean. Every T-Shirt purchased will be for good cause and spreading words about the hobby. Your support is greatly appreciated! From now until Feb. 18th, each T-Shirt purchase by a Nano-Reef.com member will be entered into a raffle to win a $25 OBD Gift Voucher. To be eligible, type "Nano-Reef member" into the note box at checkout. At least 10 entries required for drawing. Drawing will be done by Feb. 19th and the winner will be announced on Monday Feb. 20th. I have these T-Shirts available in very limited quantity that are fully made and printed in the USA. Available for both men and women, size S to 2XL, and in multiple colors. Our T-Shirt designs are fully licensed and copyrighted. To order click on the image or go to: https://oceanboxdesigns.com/products/reef-wear/t-shirt/