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  1. These frag racks will knock your socks off, but NOT your frags! Oceanbox Designs® has proudly collaborated with Building An Obsession™ to bringing you one of the most innovative and best frags mount on the market. Our new Locking Magnetic Frag Racks are your superior coral frags mount incorporated with BAO unique locking feature designed to lock down your frag plugs. Snails, crabs, and even massive ocean waves will not be able to knock your frags off. Available in 10, 12, and 15 frags mount with dual “REEF SAFE” waterproof magnets for up to 1/2″ thick glass. https://oceanboxdesigns.com/product/locking-magnetic-frag-racks-oceanbox-designs/
  2. Hello Nano Reefers! First of all, I'd like to thank everyone who has given me your support from the start by coming to me for custom project for your reef tank, I really enjoyed working with you and really appreciated your support! I'm making a few changes for the better at Oceanbox Designs for 2018. First announcement: I will no longer be accepting any one-off custom project from this point forth since we've shifted focus to retail and wholesales only. That said, it doesn't mean I will turn you away at every which way, I still want to help a fellow reefer fulfilling your passion for the hobby so if you need custom works done I still have good friends in the industry I can recommend if it's not something I can do at times. On the other hand, we still do allow customization with dims/color on some of our products such as ATO and dosing containers. This was a difficult decision for me however it will allow me to focus on production instead, that means you'll be able to see more products in stock vs built-to-order which can sometime take 4-6 weeks to ship such as an AIO aquarium. Second announcement: Since we're going retail and wholesales, we are increasing production on some of our popular products such as Magnetic Frag Racks, Frag Tanks, and AIO Aquariums. You'll start seeing some of our products on your beloved retail stores such as MarineDepot.com, now carrying our CoralOne™ Magnetic Solo Frag Rack. We're now accepting limited accounts on wholesales from retail B/M and online stores, if you're interested in applying, please contact us with your business details: https://oceanboxdesigns.com/contact/. Looking forward to making 2018 the greatest year yet for Nano-Reef! Happy Reefing as always!
  3. Here is a details walk-through from Brew Frag Fest 2nd Annual in 4K HD. We had a blast day full of corals festivities, collaboration, reef talks, and beers!! Event like this is what I always look forward to doing again. Hope you guys enjoy it and if you haven't subscribed to my channel, please do! Also lots of new announcements next week so stay tuned!
  4. Brew Frag Fest 2017 - Recap & Walk-around!

    That turned out real cool! Thanks for the pic! Do you mind if i share it on my page? and for sure I'll let you once I have the rack up on the site.
  5. Custom AIO Inserts - Convert Standard Glass Tanks to AIO Tanks

    It's still avail: https://oceanboxdesigns.com/product/nano-revolution-nr12-pob-sump/ I'll pm you on the refugium light.
  6. Custom AIO Inserts - Convert Standard Glass Tanks to AIO Tanks

    Thanks! Unfortunately I no longer do custom kits as I'm moving toward retail and wholesale. The largest size of an AIO kit I have is for the 20G long tank at the moment however one for larger tanks such as a 40B is not out of the question, will be a lot of new announcements in 2018.
  7. Brew Frag Fest 2017 - Recap & Walk-around!

    That's awesome to hear! Thanks so much! I only had 1 green on hand, someone else came back for it but you've already got it by then lol so he has to get the orange one instead. This was a brand new design that's not even on the site yet, will be soon though. I really appreciated your support! Thanks for coming once again!
  8. Brew Frag Fest 2017 - Recap & Walk-around!

    I wish and would really love to but it may be a long while before I can do out of state events.
  9. We had a super blast day at Brew Frag Fest 2017 and meeting some of coolest reefers and awesome friends. All good things come to an end but will never be forgotten. Thank you everyone who stopped by and gave us your support! I really appreciated it very much 😉🙏 Looking forward to seeing everyone again next year!! Setting up on Friday night - 12/1 at Sigma Brewing Company - Houston, TX. Event Day - 12/2 Meet the Oceanbox Designs fam!! My brother and my fiance! My two favorite assistants - Can't happen without them!! Debuting a new 6.7 gallon Shallow Pico AIO and Gen2 Nano-Reefer 10G AIO Signature tanks. New announcements on these soon!! Debuting our new Magnetic Locking Frag Racks in collaboration with Ben Su from Building An Obsession, LLC. Will have an announcement on that as well!
  10. Brew Frag Fest - Houston, TX - Dec. 2nd - See You There!

    Looking forward to seeing everyone!
  11. Super excited to making my ways to our first public show, come have fun and check out Oceanbox Designs products in person to see what the hypes have been all about. Reef and Beer in the same place!!! See you there! 👉😉🍻 Brew Frag Fest - Dec. 2nd - Houston, Texas **Mark Your Calendar**
  12. Oceanbox Designs® is officially official :)

    Thanks buddy! You took the words out of my mouth. I really appreciated that!
  13. Introducing our NEW and RIVALED suction powered frag racks series! Created to bringing you more value for your money with the quality and sleek design of Oceanbox Designs® https://oceanboxdesigns.com/product/neo-sp-coral-frag-racks-oceanbox-designs/ Oceanbox Designs® NEO SP™ Coral Frag Racks is the new rivaled suction powered (SP) coral frag racks. Featuring ultra thin sleek profile and replaceable quad rubber suction cups mounting system. The rubber based suction cups ensure longer integrity life while maintaining holding power in saltwater vs clear plastic suction cups which can get harden much faster and fall off. Replacement suction brackets are available for a low cost making it very cost effective to keep your NEO SP Coral Frag Racks in perfect working order at all time. The NEO SP™ series frag racks are available in 10, 16, or 20 frags mount and will hold to any thickness of glass.
  14. •• inTank•A•gram ••

    Very cool!
  15. Lids

    I'm sure there is a great market for these but I have not dare to enter into since there are so many different systems and unique setups that would be impossible to make a one size fit all type of product. I think that from my point of view being worked with acrylic for almost 3 years with a few challenging custom projects, 6-8 weeks isn't actually a very bad timeline at all considered the heavy customization going into each one, there is a lot of work involved not just making it looking nice and neat but to work in details with the customer to produce something that fit your own tank and around your equipment perfectly, that is a very time consuming process! If you'd go to any custom acrylic fabrication and ask for a quote on a custom design on anything of high quality that is professionally built, I'm sure you'll be charged at least 3-4x more. You might have noticed I barely did any custom projects this year and it's because I have stopped doing custom works due limited time and costs and shifted focus toward retail. I think it's still great that there is still an option for a custom lid even though it's the only choice and may not be a great one.