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  1. You're welcome! So glad they made it on time, because there are times when USPS flaked on me lol
  2. Heading out now! Will send tracking email later.
  3. Perfect! will ship those out tomorrow without the racks. Btw, I was not going to charge the difference in cost for the full kit, just offering an alternative since I already have that ready to go 🙂
  4. I have an ball Black baffles w/Neon Green media racks that I could ship tomorrow to arrive by Mon/Tues. This is the Reef-Reactive kit that has higher quality CNC laser cuts media racks vs egg crate racks: https://oceanboxdesigns.com/product/reef-reactive-sump-kit-for-20-gallon-long-aquarium/
  5. I will look into that. I'm a little swamped and running a bit behind on scheduled but I will try to get it out within next week.
  6. That ATO cont is a steal!! I'd take that back if you were local 🙂
  7. It shouldn't matter with a first name only, my test was with only my first name but I think it may possibly been our spam filter protection. If the error box is in "orange" color, that's a spam filter in action. @JasonR Can you confirm the error box color?
  8. So weird with the email, Just sent an email to my personal email from the site and it worked fine. This was on a computer, I haven't try on a phone. You could also DM me on instagram or FB: https://instagram.com/oceanboxdesigns or https://facebook.com/oceanboxdesigns
  9. Yes they would be for Aqueon 20G long from Petco and acrylic we used are high quality cast 1/4" thick, not cheap plexiglass (btw that's a brand of extruded acrylic that you get at home depot that is extremely prone to cracking and yellowing).
  10. 📷Introducing ReefLens™, the only Reef Aquarium Lens Kit for Smartphone designed for Reefers by Reefer/Photographer. ReefLens™ is designed to enhance image capturing of corals and reef tank with your smartphone, especially under strong actinic lighting. It featured an all metal construction and multi-coated optics similar to a DSLR camera lens. The universal clip-on mount is also made of metal and designed to secure the ReefLens™ to your phone with no chance of slippage while in used by a locking thumb nut. ReefLens™ Reef Aquarium Lens Kit comes complete with a Wide Angle Lens, a Macro Lens, and a custom 12,000K actinic filter. Features: Wide Angle Lens: Captures 0.45x wider area of view with low distortion (no fish-eyes effect). Typically used for full tank shot or landscape. Macro Lens: Captures 12.5x close-up view within 1~2.5in focus distance. Typically used for corals, flower, insect, jewelry, etc. 12,000K Actinic Filter: Custom developed to capturing image under strong actinic lighting. Typically used for reef tank and corals. Patent pending Metal Mounting Clip with Locking Nut design, no slippage from your phone while mounted and in used. Compatible with most smartphone. Lens Kit Content: Wide Angle Lens Macro Lens 12,000K Actinic Filter Instruction Manual Front & Rear Lens Caps Velvet Carrying Pouch Microfiber Cleaning Cloth Featured Photos/Videos Gallery: Product Details and Purchase: https://oceanboxdesigns.com/product/reeflens/
  11. I will look into any possible email issues, sorry I wasn't aware of any issue since we're still getting incoming emails from others. As for the media trays, they're typically used for filter floss (if you don't like running a filter sock) on the top tray, and the bottom for filter media, of course if you're running a filter sock you could use both tray for just medias.
  12. That's very true! The reality of it is all behind the scene, things I don't normally published for the world to know such as development/testing process, supplies sourcing, machining cost and time, assembly time, final touch up, packaging and shipping, not to mention paid ads/promo and paid sponsorship (as being a Nano-Reef sponsor). That said, I will gladly work with anyone who can professionally manufactured our AIO kit to our quality standard (not DIY) for $50-60 each completed with loc-line and all black plumbing parts and also be reliable in long term collaboration. @NanoRox sorry if I'm all up in your business...carry on. Great job so far!
  13. Wow look at that army of RFA babies! What an amazing experience for me to just seeing this happening. I'm so glad this Nem's Den finally served a great purpose!