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  1. Thanks for the opinions guys. For now I was planning on using it as a frag tank, then I think I'll just pay to get the pane replaced once I want to use it as a display as you're right about it being quite ugly
  2. What would be the course of action for a glass chip such as this one? I picked up this reefer 170, stand, pipework, sump, return, heater, and two wavemakers for a bargain at £80 (around $100) Thank you in advance, Cameron
  3. Hi all, I bought this liverock the other day and when it arrived, it had this coral attatched: The liverock was transported in water, and the coral is still alive. Thanks for your help
  4. Hey thanks for the offer but went with the DIY Kit that Reefkid suggested
  5. The long overdue update.... So today is boxing day, and I have been away at University since September 14th. Firstly, Merry Christmas/happy holidays everyone! I started the tank on September 1st and have been doing nothing more than a water change and maintenance every fortnight, with my parents feeding a small amount of frozen food every few days. Everything is still alive and healthy, only issue has really been an Aiptasia outbreak, however I am hoping my newly acquired Aiptasia Eating Filefish will quickly solve this. Upcoming Projects (to be completed before University starts again on the 15/01/2018) - Set up dosing pump and monitor daily requirements of tank - At the very least plan NPS Feeding system along with Copepod/Rotifer/Phytoplankton culture station - Monitor Aiptasia Population and whether or not A-E Filefish is turning to eat corals - Buy 2 more SW-2 wavemakers to create full wave motion across length of tank Direction of the Tank Originally I was planning on tanking this reef directly down some kind of mixed road with heavy SPS in the upper sections, however recently I stumbled across two tanks that I hadn't seen in years: Sushi's Elos Mini and Ziareefers 50G Cube So I am now planning on taking the tank down a slightly different route incorporating more soft corals and gorgonians with macro algaes. Along with this comes an updated ideal livestock list. Final Livestock Goals Fish List with Priority (will never own all at once) - Bluestripe Pipefish Pair (1) - Red Mandarin Pair (2) - Black Sailfin Blenny (4) - Lined Dartfish (Ptereleotris Grammica) (3) - Yellowstripe Cardinalfish or Red-spot Cardinalfish small shoal (6) - Pair of Greenbanded Gobies or other small species (5) While this list is rather heavy, I intend on purchasing an auto-waterchange unit to help keep nutrient levels in line along with possibly upgrading the skimmer down the road. Inverts - Pair of Blue Legged Boxing Shrimp - Clean Up Crew (already in tank) - 3 Nassaius Snails - Pair of Porcelain Crabs - Pair of Anemone Shrimp - Multiple Rock Flower Anemones - Tube Worms/Feather Dusters A Note on Aiptasia Eating Filefish (A. tomentosus) Having recently acquired one, I thought I would share my experiences. I own a male who is around 2" in size so still relatively young. - The first remarkable feature is the magnitude of their ability to change colour and pattern. I have observed mine not only going from the standard mottled greens, greys, browns and occasionally yellows in the right environment, but also to a pattern-less pale white when in front of my D&D algae scraper. - Next, to address their aiptasia eating capabilities. Within a few hours of being added to the tank I observed him biting a few Aiptasia, however it was more like nipping rather than eating. I will update within the coming week as to the magnitude of his impact upon the Aiptasia outbreak. - "Reef safe with caution" : lastly I'd like to comment on his temperament within a reef tank. So far he has been perfectly behaved with other fish, and even with the smaller and more delicate inverts such as tube worms and tiny hermits. However, I would best describe his temperament as that of a teething puppy when it comes to corals. He has minimally nipped around 30% of them, but, I have never seen him nip the same coral more than once, with the exception of my acan colonies (which now reside in the sump). He was actively taking chunks out of my acans when hungry and not just nipping them (which would also explain why all the coral frags soft/LPS/SPS in the dealers tank where he came from, were exceptionally healthy apart from the acan frags). Overall, I would say he is certainly able to be utilised within a reef system, however this may change with age and some small changes may need to be made to the system while he plays his role. ENJOY THE REST OF THE HOLIDAYS AND PHOTOGRAPHS TO FOLLOW SOON... JAFFA
  6. Thanks, they look great. Have you used them before?
  7. Preferably ~£100 or less, I've spent quite a bit on the ADA Tank, lily pipes and other equipment haha. I could spend more for good second hand equipment but where I'm from is quite remote so it is a little harder to come by
  8. Hi all I'm starting a new sps nano/pico and was looking for some lighting input. The tank will be 30x30cm and 25-30 cm deep with water OR 30x24cm and 22-24cm deep with water. The two lighting options I've so far considered are led par 38 bulbs or 2 3x8w t5 setups so up to 48w total. Out of those two options I was leaning towards the t5s simply because I think they'll give a better spread than the par 38 bulbs. The specific t5 model I was looking at was the 3x8w by boyu which I can get with 2 marine blue bulbs and 1 marine white. Just looking for opinions on these options or alternative suggestions. Thanks in advance.
  9. Well my little box of goodies finally arrived... TMC Signature stand has now been ordered, and I also decided to upgrade my sump to the EAPro Sump in medium.
  10. Well after my hopes to start this week, I need to use a different stand in my room for the tank and the return pump will finally arrive early next week My current livestock will just have to continue to live in their holding tank for a little while longer... The wait is always frustrating haha, least I have more time to aquascape with my rock
  11. Income and Expenditure Tracking All income and expenditure for this tank will be shown here, starting with the costs of any second-hand pieces of equipment and livestock that I'm bringing from my old tanks, along with any other prices associated with setting up the tank. This tracking section will be split into two halves, one solely for livestock and one for everything else. Livestock Income and Expenditure 12/06/17 Day 1 *some colonies of coral may have the price of the original frag I bought* Fish Disco Blenny - 20 Aiptasia Eating Filefish - 25 Invertebrates 1x Spiny Astrea Snails - 3 5x Dwarf Blue Leg Hermit - 12 4x Small Turbo Snails - 8 Coral 3 Polyps Rasta Zoas - 10 8 Polyps God of War Zoas - 30 4 Polyps Sunny D Zoas - 15 Colony of Toxic Green Palys - 15 10 Electric Blue Discosoma Mushrooms - 10 Kenya Trees on Snail Shell - 10 Photosynthetic Gorgonian Colony - 10 Green Star Polyps mat - 10 30+ Heads of Tropicana Acan - 85 8+ Heads of Christmas Acan - 25 Green Fungia - 20 5 frags of Branching Hammer - 35 Orange Ricordia Frag - 14 Yellow Ricordia Frag - 14 Starting Livestock Expenditure Total - £371 Other Income and Expenditure *purchased second-hand* Opti-white 24" x 18" x 18" Tank - 75 * TMC Signature 600 x 450 stand - 137 EAPro Medium Sump - 100 Plumbing - 50 Black-Box LED Fixture - 75 DSunY 21" Fixtures & Controller - 120 * Hydor Theo 150W x2 - 34 Jecod DCT-2000 - 52 Jecod SW-2 - 52 Bubble Magus C3.5 - 40 * Bubble Magus 4 Inch Filter Sock and Holder - 17 Jebao DP-4 Pump - 30 * Dosing Pump Airline - 3 Dosing Tube Holder - 0 * Aqua Forest Calcium - 9 Aqua Forest KH Buffer - 9 Aqua Forest Magnesium - 8 D-D Reef Paste 250ml - 18 Polyp Lab Reef-Roids 60g - 18 Red Sea Coral Pro 7kg - 28 Caribsea Ocean Direct Oolite Sand 40lbs - 40 Digital Thermometer - 8 Turkey Baster - 2 Stainless Steel Tongs and Scalpel - 10 Fish Net - 2 RO Containers - 10 * Plastic Food Containers - 3 API Test Kits - 40 Arka Ceramic Rock - 50 (Sold for 30) Caribsea Life Rock Shapes - 90 Starting Other Expenditure Total - £1,050 TOTAL Starting Expenditure - £1421 *unless the prospective maths student can't use a calculator, which is more probable than you'd think *
  12. This is my first ever tank thread on nano-reef.com... I've enjoyed many threads on here as far back as 2008 and thought I'd finally contribute my own experiences, as many of your experiences have helped and inspired me over the years. Background I have two constraints for my new tank: "You can have another tank, but it mustn't take up any more space in the house, so it must be on your desk" *already out the window, ooops*, and I'm a student who can only see my tank for 3 days a fortnight, so both time and money are never plentiful haha. So I have taken a little bit of creative liberty within my constraints, and the last of my equipment shall arrive sometime this week to begin the set up. Goals for this Tank Main Goals - To automate this reef tank as far as possibly safe for the inhabitants, including automated feeding for NPS - To use reliable second-hand equipment to allow for quality in the build, as well as keep within monetary constraints - To test if it is possible to setup and run a reef tank, before breaking even after a certain period of time Side Goals - Breed and rear Blue-stripe Pipefish - Create a mixed reef environment successfully supporting SPS, LPS, Softies and NPS Tank Specs Display: Opti-white 24" x 18" x 18" tank Frag Tank: 24" x 15" x 12" custom acrylic (not happening for a while) Sump: 24" x 12" x 15" sump with three chambers EAPro Medium Sump Lighting: Black-box LED fixture over refugium, main tank upgraded to 2 DSunY 21" LED Modules with controller Heater: Hydor Theo 150W x2 Return Pump: Jecod DCT-2000 Circulation Pumps: Jecod SW-2 (upgrading to 3x SW-2) Skimmer: Bubble Magus C3.5 Other Filtration: Bubble Magus 4 inch filter sock and holder; Refugium with Chaeto Top Off: By hand for now Dosing: Jebao DP-4 Pump dosing Aqua Forest Calcium; KH Buffer and Magnesium, alongside NPS Food Auto Feeder: NPS DIY Feeder for four feeds daily (needs to be devised sometime soon) Salt: Red Sea Coral Pro, may switch to Aquaforest Sand: Caribsea Ocean Direct Oolite Sand 40lbs Now, I should also mention that after a heater failure in my NPS tank and a crack in the base panel of my 17G mixed reef , I have some surviving livestock and a mixture of rock to bring into this new build. The rock will be mixed between the refugium in my sump and the display tank. Rock 1 kgs Liverock (in sump) 8-10kgs Live Pukani Rock 3kgs Arka Ceramic Rock Caribsea Liferock Shapes 20LBs Livestock Fish Disco Blenny Aiptasia Eating Filefish Invertebrates 1x Spiny Astrea Snails 5x Dwarf Blue Hermit Crab 4x Small Turbo Snails Coral Gorgonians, Acans, Zoas/Palys, Mushrooms, Kenya Trees, Green Star Polyps, Chalices, Hammers... will be properly listed at a later date. The tank will be up and running for my entire time at University so the goals outlined above will be carried out over a period of at least five years, and more goals may be added to keep up the challenge. Also, a total breakdown cost will be available later today so that I am able to track income and expenditure along with this tanks evolution. Thank you all for reading and any input will always be welcome
  13. Best photo I can get on my phone on Christmas Eve, it's currently in my refugium, under moderate lighting and flow. The photo is through an orange sweet wrapper so the colours are off quite a bit but it emphasises the dark areas
  14. Firstly, hope everyone is enjoying the holidays. I bought a discounted green finger leather from my lfs yesterday as he knows I often manage to revive sickly corals back to health...however this is my first attempt with anything other than lps or sps. The leather in question is not expanding at all and has dark patches on its body. My question is to whether this could just be some shedding and sulking or dying from a bacterial infection ? My opinion is that the later is true, and my instinct is to frag off the healthy tissue. However, I wish a second opinion before I waste a good colony by throwing half of it in the incinerator. Thanks everyone
  15. Their behavior was great in the few days I had both, no signs of stress, both were comfortable in the tank and fed very well on frozen and pellet foods.
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