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  1. morningcalm93

    To sump or not to sump? That is the question

    Oh interesting!! I'll definitely have to look into that! Awesome thanks!!
  2. morningcalm93

    To sump or not to sump? That is the question

    ? I'm starting to see that hahaha I continued doing more research into sumps etc and I think I'm gonna end up going with an Overflow box and a sump. I think by "nothing HOB" i meant more like doing an Aquaclear 110 as the filtration lol.... I'm wanting to keep things visually clean and minimal, but an overflow box wouldn't be too bad. Yeah I think i'm likely going to go with the sump and overflow box... Now the question becomes purchasing a sump, buying a baffle kit and building one, or building one from scratch lol I'm considering going with an Aqueon Proflex Modular sump, I'm not the most handy with building aquarium things so purchasing might be a more convenient way to go for me. Okay good to know! This tank is shorter than the biocube I previously had it on so I'm thinking that will help as well if I keep it. Thanks so much for your help!
  3. Hi all, I'm returning to the saltwater scene with a new tank and so many more questions! I have a Mr. Aqua 22 (36"x12"x12") thats currently set up as a freshwater however I'm planning on switching it to a reef tank in the coming months. I previously had an AIO Biocube 29 with some minor modifications, however now that I don't have an AIO I'm somewhat confused on where to begin. From what I've read a sump isn't automatically necessary however I like the idea of increasing my total volume and having a refugium. I have an Aquatic Life 115 protein skimmer but I'm not sure if it would work in a sump, its meant to be an internal skimmer... (thoughts??) I'd like to keep it as low tech as possible (I have the skimmer already so if it would work I'd likely use it but if not then I wouldn't buy a new one). Also I don't want to drill the tank, or have anything hang on the back. Picky I know 😂 I've never done a sump before, from my understanding the flow of water is as follows: (please correct me if I'm wrong lol) Gravity doing the work to get the water to the sump (is this an overflow chamber type thing??) - a chamber with mechanical filtration - baffles - refugium chamber - baffles - return pump Is a sump/refugium doable without drilling the tank? How would that work? Would a regular outtake hose work? If a sump isn't realistic without drilling the tank, what are my options for a refugium type thing? Are there any? I have a canister filter from my freshwater set up that I could use as a mechanical filter and for water circulation in addition to a power head. For those of you with no sump/filter what do you use for circulation? Just power heads? Lighting is pretty much a mystery to me, I got a decent light super discounted at a LFS but its only a 24" light and the brackets don't extend past that. Its a Coralife T5 H.O. Lunar and it worked pretty well for the Biocube. I'm hoping I'll be able to rig up some sort of hanging kit for it so that I can still use it on the new tank. Any ideas would be very helpful!! Stocking: Corals: My hope is to do a mostly softies tank with a few lps and maybe one or two low level sps. Fish: Pair of clowns Clown goby Royal gramma maybe one other but not sure what yet Inverts: CUC maybe a shrimp Thanks for reading!