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  1. Quick update. Finished my rockscape - got everything glued and ready to rock. Unfortunately we are just finishing up a huge kitchen remodel and our stove died along with a big car repair so tanknstuff got pushed back a bit while we recover from some unexpected expenses. So in the mean time I've been planning out what livestock I'll be keeping in the tank. Moving from my BC14 are my Picasso Clown and my yellow watchman Goby. He is currently with a tiger pistol but I'm debating finding a new (smaller) friend for him. My current tiger pistol loves to steal frag plugs and is responsible for a few coral disappearances. future considerations include black line blenny (Meiacanthus Nigrolineatus) Black Cap Gramma (Gramma Melacara) and maybe a new mate for my Picasso clown. Thoughts? Mostly concerned of clown aggression if I add a new one.
  2. Alex's Biocube 29

    As long as the blenny and gobie aren't a similar shape/color you should be cool - and since most gobies hang on the bottom you should be fine. I have a yellow watchman goby paires paired with a tiger pistol shrimp - the only time he gets "aggressive" is when someone wanders a little too close to his burrow. He'll open his mouth and act though. The symbiotic relationship between the goby and shrimp are fun to watch. Fair warning on the shrimp department - try and get a smaller shrimp. My tiger shrimp is pretty big and if any snails or hermits knock loose a frag plug he'll drag them into a burrow or burry them in the sand. I've lost a few corals because of this... cooler gobies IMO are Yashia gobies, Hi Fin Band gobies, and the yellow watchman. You could also go with a Court Jester Goby, which is a more open swimmer- or a jawfish
  3. Alex's Biocube 29

    I did a sixline in a previous BC14 - put him in last because they can get aggressive. Ended up that my clown absolutely terrorized it (plot twist!). Probably mostly had to do that she was hosting a frogspawn and let nothing anywhere near it. sixline's are very pretty little fish, hopefully if you go that route you don't A) end up with a tool bag wrasse or B. ) get a punching bag for bob and dot (though they seem like model citizens. ) have you considered a more bottom based swimmer like a goby?
  4. Finally got some free time after what is arugeably my busiest time of the year. Took the chisel to the dry rock and really made some progress. I decided to go with a cave effect in order to preserve the negative space I was seeking while maintaining a solid ammount of rock space for coral. Granted my iPhone doesn't do a great job of capturing the finer details... I still have to glue and putty things into place and will work some fine details (especially the tops of the structure) for a more seamless flow. Hoping to get sand (30lbs of Bimini Pink) and water in sometime this weekend or beginning next week - I'm in no rush though.
  5. Ugh - no. I work at a church, so this is my busiest week of the year, I've hardly had time to even look at my tank. Hopefully I'll get around to chiseling some rock this week and getting close enough to put in sand and start the cycle.
  6. What's a Shrimp Goby For 2.5G Pico?

    My LFS has a Catalina Goby is a 2.5. Super colorful fish, has to be kept in cooler water though and it's not a shrimp goby, worth considering though if your willing to go without a pistol shrimp
  7. My usual goal when setting up a scape is to keep 2" of space between rock and glass. Which tends to work a little better with like the arch type scapes. I use to two little fishies mag scraper which is great for getting in between the rock and glass. Definitely going to be adding some more shelfs and writing off the two island concepts (save that for the 90 that's just calling my name in the garage, which I have no room for...) might go for like a center island. Just gotta keep moving things around, beauty of dry rock I suppose
  8. Yea I agree - I just don't want to lose the front sand space. I'm thinking of taking the larger rock on the left and centering it more and making it more of a shelf so I still have bare visible sand and negative soacespace
  9. so a complete kitchen remodel (that started as a simple "let's just look into new countertops into a full blown 12 week gut job...) resulted in my biocube 14's home being lost (it was on a counter top that got relocated). Instead buying a new stand for it I scored a BC29 with stand off Craigslist for the same price. I would love some input on a rockscape. I originally wanted to do a "two island" effect (which was inspired by what I saw snorkeling around Hawaii this past summer) but that scape really doesn't seem to fit in the cube shape, unless I go with significantly less rock Here's what I have so far - I need to work the tops of the rock to create some more depth so I'll be adding some small shelfs. And I'll be adding some putty and glue to get a more polished, seamless look. I just want want to create something with a good amount of filled and negative space, finding the negative space has been a challenge without just pulling the rocks up. i've got 30# of Reef Saver dry rock (I'll be adding 20-30#'s of Bimini pink live sand when the rockscape is done). Other hardware is Kessil A160WE Intank media and fuge basket mj 600 return 2x Hydor Koralia 240 suggestions are appreciated!
  10. Alex's Biocube 29

    Fragging euphyllia branching corals is really easy. Just make sure you cut the skeleton below the white flesh, Since you don't have bone cutters you might be able to get it started with another tool and (Very carefully) be able to just snap it off. Good luck with it, your tank looks great!
  11. Bionoob 29; Frag Pictures

    Eheim Jager 50w hands down for me. I have one in a 10 in my office. Best heater I've ever used
  12. Bionoob 29; Frag Pictures

    Treat it like you GSP unless you want it everywhere. It's got that really cool snapping motion but it's better off isolated. tank is looking good so far - I'm following. Keep it up!
  13. Bionoob 29; Frag Pictures

    Be careful with your Zoa+Xenia frag. Xenia can encrust over just about anything. I've heard people say it's grown over other corals.
  14. Need some advice for corals.

    +1 on Frogspawns. My first coral was a branching Bi-Color frogspawn. Super easy to maintain and frag, and like fallenlordsz said the movement and hosting abilities are really cool. My Clownfish can practically disappear into my frogspawn. Both of my tanks are mixed softies and LPS with no issues. I do have one SPS, a Montipora which is pretty low maintenance in one of my mixed reefs and it's doing totally fine (encrusting all over the rock I placed it on). Aside from relying on new salt from water changes, I don't really do too much dosing except for Iodide and Reef fuel. Granted I'm sure if I really overstocked with coral I'd need to start supplementing
  15. Same story on the Kessil light. Absurdly fast shipping. And kudos on how well you kept everything. Original box and all - almost like buying a new fixture.