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  1. I did the Steve's LED in my BC14, so I'm not too shy about DIY stuff. I've never heard of the Lumia 5.2 - Do you have experience with them? I haven't done much research on DIY pendant lighting, since the top is cutout I figured alot of my DIY options likes Steve's are limited
  2. Just picked up a Biocube 29 off Craigslist for a really good deal to upgrade my BC14. Was looking to use a pendant style light (kessil or something along that line). The previous owner already has cut the top out (saved me the work, bonus!) so a pendant is really the only option in play. Any suggestions - mostly stocking with softies and LPS, MAYBE getting into some SPS down the road. Thanks!
  3. +1 on the Red Slime remover. I had an outbreak a while Back and that stuff banished it in like 2 days. Cyano can creep up in areas that don't get enough flow, you might have a dead spot in the flow.
  4. Snagged this for $5 from the LFS, thought it might be some sort of Ricordia mushroom, but I've never seen one with huge bubbles on it like this. Thoughts here?
  5. Perfect. Let the manual removal begin!
  6. Hydroids huh? Just sort of figured those were some sort of tube worm or something. They've never hurt anything - i'all keep my eye on them. Bonus ID! lol - thanks
  7. So I have these odd red and white polyp/sac looking things. They look sort of like a bubble algae, but have no where near the same structure. LFS is stumped as well. Hadn't really noticed them until one popped up into some Zoa's. LFS best guess was some sort of hitch hiker coral, but it was a guess at best. Any thoughts or help is appreciated. Pictured Middle left, below the Orange Zoa's and above the Eagle Eyes (not the fans)
  8. With my BC14 I run a media basket (in chamber 2) with floss, purigen, and chemi-pure elite. No skimmer needed, I do a weekly water change of 20% and that's it. Like others said a skimmer on a small tank is unnecessary
  9. like tdannhauser30 said you can either retro fit it or just remove the lid and hang a new fixture over it. I did the Steves LED retro fit for my BioCube 14 a year ago ('> The retrofitting option wasn't hard at all. I ordered the 99% complete system and there was probably only an hours worth of work at the most. I consider myself fairly mechanically inept, and when I had any questions their customer service was great. However since you're thinking of switching to a new tank pretty soon it might not be the most cost effective option. The Kessils (like mentioned above) are a sweet option too if you want to go with no lid. You could keep it going as a great little frag or grow out tank on the side depending on how many corals you have and how big your new tank is going to be.
  10. Well its been a bit over a month so I decided to update how things are going. I added a nice deep bed of live sand and about 10 lbs of live rock. After the cycle completed I added my clean up crew (going with snails only for the time being) 2 Nassarius Snails, 1 Cerith, 1 Turbo, & 1 Astrea. I also added a "Pink Zebra" Rock Anemone. I'm a little annoyed with him because he scrunched himself back into the rock I put him on. I guess as long as he's happy and I still can see most of him I'll have to live with his choice. I've added an auto top off to keep things nice and stable while I'm away from the office. Went with an Aqualifter and built a simple 12v relay to avoid cutting into the pumps wiring. Aside from one little mishap of the pumps cord keeping my float switch down and ALMOST overflowing the whole tank before running out of R/O, everything has run smoothly. The only issues I've been having is keeping up with the strange ambient room temperature in my office. Since I work at a church people are always around at different times and now that its summer the air kicks on at random times as people come and go. Before we switched the AC on the room temp along with the lights and pump kept everything running at a nice smooth 78 degrees. Once the AC started kicking in as it warmed up outside the tank began to drop to 74 degrees when the AC would be running. I put a Hydor Theo 50 watt into the overflow to compensate for the temp drop, but it apparently decided to stop working correctly (Though it had been in the previous freshwater tank) and heated everything up to 84 degrees when it was set to its lowest setting. A New heater was in order and was looking at the Fluval E-Series digital heaters. My LFS suggested a Eheim Jager 50 watt, which is what I ended up with. It seems to have done the trick and everything is running stable. The only thing that I'm a little annoyed with is it wont fit in my overflow or behind it. I really like that I can "re-calibrate" it should it stray from the correct setting I'll be out of town coming up next week so I don't want to add any fish until I get back, and I dont really want clownfish (already in a different tank) so livestock wise I'm leaning towards an exquisite firefish, Ruby Red Dragonet (I'm farming Copepods) and maybe some type of smaller goby or blenny (Like a hectors goby, lined blenny, or hi fin red banded goby etc.) any thoughts here? Rock Flower Anemone A little annoyed that the heater has to be here, its not horrid FOT
  11. Hey guys wanted to pick your brains really quick. I have a 10 gallon set up in my office that's having some heating issues. The tank runs without a heater at like 78-80 degrees, which is great. The problem is the air randomly kicks on a brings the tank down to 74-75. I put a heater Hydor Theo 50 first in the internal sump I built but it took the tank up to like 84, and then outside the sump into the display and some how it took the tank to like 85-86, even though its on the lowest setting. I'm assuming its on the fritz so I'm looking for a new (slimmer/low profile to fit in the overflow, or behind it). Preferably digital to counter these crazy temperature swings caused by the room temperature. It seems like I dont have worry about the tank overheating because of the room temp. It's only when I turn the heater on. Hopefully a new heater fixes the issue. Any Suggestions?
  12. Decided to say "goodbye" to the last of my freshwater tanks a few days ago... I got into saltwater last August and as I was looking at my dirted 10 gallon during lunch I was uninspired. So I decided it was time. I cut my teeth in freshwater when I was little but marine is so much better (preaching to the choir I know). So I tore everything out and sold my plants (mostly Crypts and Anubias) and my Chilli Rasbora's to the LFS ($51 in credit, hello live rock!) Awkward breakup. "its not you, its me, you're the ones upgrading, not me" kinda let things go the last month, but hello store credit! I run a Biocube 14 at home and wanted a similar "clean look" with most the equipment hidden. Since this is an office tank I don't have the time to get too involved with plumbing and things like that. Projects have to be done either at home or during lunch. I was inspired by a few tanks who have used PVC cut lengthwise and turned into a internal overflow with a return pump on the bottom. So this is the route I decided to go. Cleaned of all the dirt and ready for conversion! 4" PVC wrapped to match background, I'm not too concerned about the white overflow holes as i'm sure coraline or whatever will darken them up over time. I had seen other people cut these to fit into corners but since I am crunched for time and need this to be easy I kept it as a whole pipe (and cutting it to the corner doesn't really give me much more room. Cleaner look yes, but more invloved. I need simple). I used a few spare parts from my Rio Plus for the return. Pipe easily accommodates return pump, heater and floss Everything in place. Now the waiting for the silicone to cure. Live rock and sand probably at the beginning of the week (maybe Friday if I get too impatient and feel like coming in on my day off) Equipment (so far) Lights: Current Orbit Marine PRO Filter: DIY 4" PVC overflow w/ floss (going to try Live Rock only) Pump: Whatever came out of my Biocube 14 (upgraded that to RIo 800+) Plans are to be zoas,palys, softies, and LPS. Really want to make a "zoa garden" in the foreground. Also going to try and slow play it and start with small frags and let them grow in.
  13. I like the idea of adding some pulsing Xenia to my tank, I am however conserned that they will become more of a nusience than anything. Any thoughts on a alternative or ways to keep Xenia in check?
  14. Yep - I figured that's probably the biggest thing. I guess if I want to see him I'll just switch the power head off lol
  15. I'm wondering if turning the power head off used to be a feeding que for him from the LFS. I've been playing around with the tank for the past couple of hours and the minute I turn the pumps off he's out in the open swimming around - swimming vertically (which is kinda funny to watch) darting around and a joy to watch. But the second those pumps kick in he's right back into his lair.