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  1. Quick update on the tank. I haven't been able to work much on it. Lost a couple of SPS corals so I changed a couple of things in term of placement, MP10 set up and changed my lighting schedule using the latest Saxby preset. I've been dealing with a few dosing problem with my KH spiking, so I'm getting it all under control now. I've changed and added a new main piece of coral at top with a full Millepora colony (came with a hosting goby and a couple of coral crabs also). A few pics:
  2. Thank you. I've built my rock structure using rocks and epoxy glue.
  3. Thank you Jeff. If you can't get a satisfactory result with the stock skimmer, the Tunze DC9001 is a great replacement. It's a lot quieter and smaller. I'm just assessing the effectiveness of it still. Feel free to ask any question if it helps you with you build 🙂
  4. Short update on this build. I've ended up replacing the RDSM skimmer with the Tunze DC9001 after getting so annoyed with the noise of the stock skimmer. Great investment so far as it's quiet and the tank in my bedroom is almost silent now. I've been battling with a few chemistry issues with mt water chemistry with Calcium spikes (likely due to the residue at the bottom of my calcium dosing bottle). so I had to do my first water change (40%) a couple of weeks ago first the first time since the tank has been wet. With those issues, i had all my chaeto dying so I had to empty and clean the reactor ans start fresh with new chaeto again. I've had issues keeping monti frags at this stage and a couple of sps weren't doing great. I've added a couple more pieces. Pics for update:
  5. I'm running this set up now: .aip here: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1jJ_8_xGtIO0PGHVmsZ1MBTLasG6AyczI/view?usp=sharing
  6. Hi Tate, Welcome and good luck with your journey. Just some info about the MP3 from saltwaterconversion, at the moment Neil (the owner) has cancelled his last batch of MP3 as far as I can see from his website/Facebook. You might have some trouble getting it and may want to look at alternatives. I've run my Fluval Edge with the MP3 for 3 years and it's an amazing system... it's sad that it's really hard to get. A good source for ideas on how to convert the Fluval Edge into a reef tank would be the Facebook group page for the Fluval Edge run by Gordon from Reefloat: https://www.facebook.com/groups/fluvaledge/ By the way Reefloat has a few different modifications and accessories that could help with the conversion. I've been using the ATO3 for a few years and it's a great product. All the best.
  7. I think you have a much better pricing than we have here in Australia for any products... everything is ridiculously expensive here. My LFS is really kind and charges me only for the Hannah regent and Magnesium test ($2 + $2) so it's still better value with them. Also I trust the quality of their tests much more than my own when I used to do it. It's interesting that you're feeding more often than I do and get less issues with the glass being dirty. I feed once a day a mix of pellets and frozen mysis. I'm supposed to over feed the tank to raise the nutrient levels, but it still feels wrong to me. What do you have as a CUC? I have 2 hermits, 2 nassarius snails, 1 astraea and 2 turbos... and yet that glass and sand are dirty :D.
  8. So far with any water change since getting the new tank wet, my parameters have been stable and even improved since I started dosing the Aquaforest 1.2.3 components 3 weeks ago. It seems to be very much stable and I do full testing at my LFS once a week. I'll keep monitoring closely the different levels to see if I need to adjust any part of the dosing. I have the glass of the tank getting covered with a brown film everyday that would indicate a slight overdosing of my aminos. I might revise this if it doesn't improve with the addition of the new corals. Do you do the water testing yourself or you're using your LFS?
  9. There is no good or bad way to approach the tank stocking. You are wise to go slow and go with what you're comfortable with :). The Mp10 in my tank (reef crest setting 90% power) is doing a good job complementing the flow from the return pump. I'm monitoring if all the sps are getting a good amount wherever they are positioned in the tank while making sure it reaches the lower part and blowing the sand a bit. I have a bit of algae on the sand that I'm letting go away from the cuc eventually (I don't want to vacuum it just yet). I'm guessing it's to be expected in a young tank like mine. How often do you test your water parameters?
  10. Glad you like it. Easy to use and reliable. What's the next thing for you?
  11. Some updates as I'm hitting the 6 weeks mark. My livestock has evolved a fair bit with the current list of fish: - 2 Clowns - 2 Bengalis - 1 Coral Beauty - 1 LT Wrasse - 1 Assessor - 1 Hog fish - 1 Bi-colour Blenny I had to remove the Dotty-back due to its aggressiveness, so I brought it back to my LFS for a new house. I understand that it feels like a big bio-load for such small tank. After many discussion with the biologists from my LFS, we agreed that the fact those fishes are small size specimens and will be fine in term of space and cohabitation with one another. Also the incredible nutrient processing from the refugium allows the tank to have amazing numbers and a great chemistry balance of the water. Last reading on my water testing without any water changes so far since filling the tank: - Nitrate: 0 - Phosphate: 0 - KH: 10 - PH: 8.2 - Calcium: 440 - Magnesium: 1400 Those numbers have been consistent from the start and I'm amazed so far. I'm dosing the Aquaforest 1.2.3 component + Coral Essentials Aminos+vitamins solution. I've added more corals after finding a Fuego acropora and a yellow one called Pikachu :D. So I'm working toward the structure I envision for the tank now with the coral placement. Photo for illustrations (iphone, so not so great and showing the colours best) and a quick video:
  12. Are you trying a quick cycle using solution like Dr Tim, or you're going the normal one? I like the scape, plenty of room for corals. Do you know what you plan to have in it?
  13. Yes, I'm not sure I will keep. So tiny too, so not beneficial for my clowns. They actually seem to be rather interested in hosting my hammers at the moment. They sleep there. I'm using this to prevent any drama with the MP vs Anemone moving: http://www.aquacave.com/vortech-mp10-pump-foam-guard-three-pack.html The only thing is; it's collecting a lot of the stuff floating in the tank and you also need to increase the MP 10 power to compensate for the flow loss with the guard on. But it brings some peace of mind
  14. That's a beautiful idea to get that bi-colour monti. Are they growing in a spiral or rather covering rocks? I have a tiny anemone from my old tank at the moment. Just started moving a bit. I let it be for now. Just need to get that guard piece on my MP10 to avoid drama :). If it bothers other corals, i'll remove it I think.
  15. I'm lucky to have a very good LFS that has been looking after me for a few years know and always helped me learning about reef keeping are they are marine biologists. i think I won't add more LPS for now as the one I have are doing well and I don't have any urge to grow the lower part of the rocks. I'm targeting some SPS at the moment. Looking to get a pink pocillopora next once there's one coming through the shop. Australia has been bothered with bad weather for a while and the collectors haven't been on the reef. Hopefully soon, we'll get new stuff. How about you?
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