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  1. Hey! I recognize you from IG! Great tank.... keep the nice photos coming
  2. Bunster

    Monthly Reef Profile (TOTM) Nominations

    One of the best nanotanks ard.... @pongpit.... hello fellow IG users!!
  3. Beautiful as always.... totm worthy!
  4. Bunster


    Congrats!! Well deserved. You guys should check out his other tank...
  5. Bunster

    Bunster's Nanoreef

    Thanks all.... maybe i should start a tank thread in the large reef section
  6. Bunster

    Bunster's Nanoreef

    thanks! Tank specs in case anyone is curious: 1. Tank: 5 feet long 2.5 feet wide and 18 inches tall 3-sided crystal 15mm glass. Rimless with bottom bracing. Black oyama back and bottom with black silicone. 3 feet wide bean animal external overflow. 2. Sump: 42"x22"x16" 8mm glass 3. Cabinet: 60"x30"x36" kapo wood cabinet with electrical compartment 4. Lights: 4 units of Radion XR30w G4 pro LEDs 5. Skimmer: Nyos Quantum 220 6. Return pump: Vectra L1 7. Wavemaker: Maxspect Gyre XF250 x2 with advanced controller 8. Controller: Neptune Apex 9. Calcium Reactor: Geo's Reef Geo CR612x2 Dual chamber 10. ATO: Tunze osmolator 3155 11. Media: 2 marine pure blocks, 20 liters of Siporax 12. Algae scrubber: Santa Monica Surf4 13. Scape: 20 kg of BRS rocks and 17kg of Caribsea southsea base rock 14. Reactor: H2Ocean reactor
  7. Bunster

    Bunster's Nanoreef

    Hey all, I have decommissioned this nano sometime in December. I've set up a 180 gallon 5 feet shallow tank in November and I've slowly shifted the contents over. I did lose a couple of birdsnest colonies during the last few weeks of the tank's existence to dino and probably a lack of general maintenance. Unfortunately the new tank suffered an episode of ich and probably velvet due to a tang i introduced and I lost most of the fish that I've had for the past two years. Ended up using the nano tank as a quarantine/hospital tank. Things are looking a bit more stable now. Guess this wouldn't qualify as a nano anymore.... Thank you everyone here for all your support
  8. Bunster

    Bunster's Nanoreef

    random sps shots
  9. Bunster

    Bunster's Nanoreef

    orange monti encroaching on my galaxy monti
  10. Bunster

    Bunster's Nanoreef

    one of my flower anemones Close-up of my new RBTA... given my a good reefer friend.... Has been stable for two months
  11. Bunster

    Bunster's Nanoreef

    Lol... I'm only two months behind... Thanks! Finally found a replacement for my yasha goby that I lost months ago... my pistol shrimp is no longer lonely...
  12. Bunster

    Bunster's Nanoreef

    Super long overdue FTS shots.... these were taken in June
  13. sweet... love the acans and congrats on the new addition to the family!
  14. Bunster

    Kevin - Low Profile 29gal long

    A beautifully scaped tank.. that new overflow is definitely less distracting
  15. Bunster

    The Pastel Garden: Drop-Off

    beautiful tank... love the color combos