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  1. if you have another round. i'll take some... shipped to SO Cal
  2. AWSOME.. moving right along!
  3. I recently found my bicolor blenny hunting mine.. he was always fat, and decimated my population before I figured it out... he went back to the LFS yesterday. I still have beige ones, but am looking for the red and silver ones (I only have a few of those left at best) where at in so cal are you? i'm in Lompoc.. my population should recover in a few months for the beige ones fyi, the reproduce quickly is the tank is heavily fed
  4. 30 gallons.. rules are a "guide" only most tanks i've seen don't really follow any "rules" you just need to find the ballance of "what works"
  5. read my diy in my signature.. that will give you some answers
  6. agreed.. Lagoon
  7. look at my led build in my signature.. i would check the lighting diy and do your research.. I would suggest 3:1:1 royal, neutral white, blue add 1 cyan 2 UV you will most definitely want a moonlight driver with ultra marines (2-3)
  8. sweet.. another Lagoon looking good
  9. yea, looks damn good! great start- following
  10. I run GFO mixed in with my carbon.. clamped tight with the water forced thru the reactor.. works very well, but I use less GFO that recommended
  11. GFO is probably a better option.. also, a quick start product as well IMO
  12. may want to rethink the PP4 i'm really not happy with mine, i can't dial it down low enough.. i guess the wifi one would work alot better IMO on a positive note.. I like the rock n setup allready
  13. you turning that into a tank? can't wait
  14. yea, looks good
  15. have your skimmer in that chamber? takes a while to work out