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  1. Inkbird Temperature Controller ITC-308 Review

    Rock solid... ordering another for the lagoon
  2. Rock flower grow out tank

    I sure hope so
  3. Rock flower grow out tank

    it'll be ready when we get more.. hopefully
  4. ADA 60F AIO Conversion

    view from my desk
  5. ADA 60F AIO Conversion

    flawless... wish I had done this to start with now I wait.. some more...
  6. ADA 60F AIO Conversion

    cool, texting is the best bet.. mention this build on nano
  7. Rock flower grow out tank

    even after moving them to their own tank, one mistake ends it.. they are difficult to even get past the 3 month stage.. it's crazy! thing is, the small tank was always "Dead on stable". bad lessons get learned, just part of the deal I guess
  8. Rock flower grow out tank

    here is the AIO conversion
  9. ADA 60F AIO Conversion

    so, I wanted to get rid of the HOB filters and all the crap in the tank.. I contacted Dan on ebay, user "Luck Reef". 714-325-8267 We discussed what I wanted to do over the phone, and the pricing was so low I actually told him it sounded low. after all the add-ons, we were at 80 total including shipping.. which included all the plumbing, media basket, and frag rack. he did all the acrylic gluing, and sent pics for payment when it was done (paypal) which was done as a gift to avoid fees. with the media basket, he didn't do a rounded corner on that side of the wall, I get it though. just mentioned it for expectation purposes. just be precise with what you want, and he will get it done. all acrylic is 1/4 inch, and Dan helped me get it as compact as we could. the basket is exactly what I asked for as well... SO.. 10 stars for Dan across the board. his frag tanks are on Ebay. Luck Reef is the seller. Custom work available and more.... the one below isn't glued
  10. Rock flower grow out tank

    the three are still there.. I have everything in to convert the tank, so should have it restarted this weekend!
  11. Inkbird Temperature Controller ITC-308 Review

    nope, no corrosion at all.. actually the best purchase I've made IMO I don't see why you couldn't plug just a heater in, but I think they have a cheaper version available that has only one plugin/shutoff. shoot inkbird a message
  12. Rock flower grow out tank

    i'm done feeling sorry for myself. the flowers detached, melted several days after getting them into the lagoon. i'm down to 3 that may make it, and 2 that have stayed in the lagoon since day 1. suck part is, I lost one of the clowns from the pair, a hippo tang, and 3 other nems in the rescued tank. I almost went back to kick the crap out of the idiot that had these.. frigging livid. compassion has a price I guess
  13. Rock flower grow out tank

    yea, I don't know what the idiot had in it.. but i'm the other idiot in the picture the ADA is broke down and I have an AIO kit being made for it... will post it
  14. Rock flower grow out tank

    well... fk. i lost almost all the flowers. I have probably 10 left and don't know if they will survive. I went and rescued 2 clowns from a tank and acclimated them in the flower tank until I could set up another tank. I didn't even think about the tank water from the other tank I rescued them from. so.. medicated tank? my best guess. it's simply what happens when you break the rules. so, with that said, I broke down the tank, and am turning it into an AIO. i'm not giving up, so stay tuned.
  15. IM Nuvo Lagoon 25 Owners Thread

    +2 on that