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  1. reefhound

    How To DIY Insulated Shipping Pouches

    How I just shipped a pack out.. i have 3 empty cups against the heat pac.. this is being used in a trade, so I’ll get it all back
  2. Rapid led’s “solderless” system is nice.. Ive done a light build here on nano, and built a massive light cure box for work.. all with their leds
  3. I believe rapidled has kits
  4. reefhound

    Looking for an AIO conversion kit

    I had one made to my specs.. guy charged 60 for a nice job, but it’s also pretty compact (8 gal tank)
  5. Kessil A160 on the controller.. nice crisp look! hang it or get the gooseneck
  6. reefhound

    Kessil Monster Pendant Bar 80/20

    ADA 60 F with an aio mod
  7. reefhound

    Kessil Monster Pendant Bar 80/20

    Here we have: kessil A160WE Kessil H160 kessil controller 80/20 Bar from 8020.net i kept it stupid simple.. 2” main bar 1” secondary bars 1/4-20 hardware.. can get different length screws at ACE Some left over Makers Hanging Hardware some shots you see are unfinished as I change things around.. 90* elbows.. the non-dynamic cheaper ones.. you can make them “dynamic”. hanging hardware change up.. Found a bolt to fit...these “screw lock”. everything is easily moved. i added a teflon washer and used lock-tight on he hinge screws.. left a little play. It leaves the bar adjustable with a little force Shipping was fast.. ordered Thursday got it on Christmas.. since we had already celebrated Christmas, I had an awsome time till 3 AM.. some porn: Koi Raunchy Red Reef Koi Lady Dragon Bounce Dragon Bounce pups Tropics Bounce Ill be adding bars for fans and such.. will update
  8. reefhound

    ADA60F Bounce Breeder Tank

    In the mean time... we have some new prospects.. this creature shows a ton of potential baby Juggernaut turning Got my hands on a Raunchy Red and an iPhone camera filter Lady Dragon Bounce and Dragon “pups” all pups have new homes.. but thanks.. will let you know reefkoi we we have a new line.. only a few released to tanks 🤫 Tropics Bounce pup.. here’s MOMMA Stay tuned... have an OG and a Sunkist on the way
  9. reefhound

    ADA60F Bounce Breeder Tank

    Light bar build coming up..
  10. reefhound

    ADA60F Bounce Breeder Tank

    Lady Dragon Bounce with a baby and 2 more... 5 total... Reefkoi split into 3 ordered a baby Juggernaut, Neptune bounce, and berserker.
  11. reefhound

    ADA60F... the rescue results

    Update: new stock.. just after my last post everything changed.. gutted the tank and bought some Bouncers.. The ReefKoi split in 3 a week after it arrived.. Lady Dragon Bounce with baby Baby Lady Dragons.. the under 2” Dragon has pupped 5 baby’s in 3 months here is the Grandma ive also added a baby Juggernaut and these two spectacular creatures.. 5 ✨ to Chaos. we have a Berzerker and Neptune Bounce... both the size of a pea.. but for the spectacular price, I’m very happy. i kept the cave and blue fish of course
  12. reefhound

    ADA60F Bounce Breeder Tank

    Yep, all of the above.. it’s smoothe and flexible in the tank I’ve used acrylic or Teflon bolts
  13. reefhound

    ADA60F Bounce Breeder Tank

    You will love it.. order some different thicknesses... I score and snap with a knife.. bandsaws fine, sands fine. NO Bonding though.. nothing will bond to it
  14. reefhound

    ADA60F Bounce Breeder Tank

    A Rhodactus that has formed “bubbles” is a bounce, with the exception of the “Godzilla” Yuma, which some consider to also be a bounce mushroom. some like the WWC Bounce can sell for serious money, rarity has an appeal as well.. there are literally “none” available on the west coast.. everyone local is pretty excited. Also, trading with the LFS on a bounce that is yet to be named.. beautiful purple and neon green bubbles. i have one that I can wait to grow out.. the Golden Dragon Bounce.. it is smaller than a dime.. I look at it thru 7x Loups, and it’s going to be amazing looking.. supposedly 1 in 3 bounce.. this has bounced, and I’ll probably never find another one. there are some theory’s as to why they bounce.. I have a few, and I’ll keep them to myself for now, but we will see.