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  1. 2 eheim 600's for the return (they are adjustable) and, I don't turn my MP 10 up past 3 yep.. buy the polyfill from wallmart.. (the kind without fire retardant)
  2. just cleaned out the "rock box" they have really grown after a week
  3. man, good job on that.. I inject shrimp with aminOmega that's slightly watered down with distilled water.. it has gotten my new arrival, stressed nems, back on track quickly... also, placing them near another nem calms them I think. I've also gotten a few to settle down that way
  4. sweet, thanks..
  5. I had fragged a bunch of corals out to move them around the tank.. saw the baby RFA's and realized the isn't a choice anymore... i'm having a flower garden traded the corals in
  6. it was.. the lfs didn't want to sell it to me until I told them I will accept all responsibility. I got the 2 pretty cheap
  7. most are at 12 tentacles now.. they grow and open up pretty quickly. i'm feeding 2-3 times a day, but for future reference, I wish I knew exactly when they were born I traded a bunch of corals in for two more RFA's will post pics when they aren't so mad at me. both just came in from a failing nasty tank, I had to get one off the rock by drilling holes around it and popping off a chunk rock that was covered in slime
  8. ok, i'm still finding them. I am wondering if I had 2 females.. these things are all over the tank
  9. i'm working hard to round them all up... they are in an open tray on my frag rack.. will update regularly
  10. flower tank: 24x24 6" or 8" high. return pump eheim 600 with a loc-line spray bar Kessil A80 9001 skimmer smart ATO will do an egg crate bottom filled with coarse crushed coral.. virtually no biological filtration thoughts welcome, there are more knowledgeable ppl than me.
  11. ok, i'm up to a 61 count on these guys. most are colored red or yellow so far, and i'm thinking a week old. from the little info I can find, it's rare to have so many from one rock, and rare to have them colored so soon. I have 2 more rock flowers on the way, and i'm clearing out the tank to get two more from the lfs. this leads me to believe I MAY have a serious problem. this will give me 7 adults total. so, i'm looking for a frag tank. ok, there a 2 things that happened before the birth. I feed them a variety. I put in a kessil A160 on a controller. I raised the temp 2 degrees to 76
  12. very cool, I love it when things reproduce in the tank
  13. yep, I think so.. maybe an IM 10 or another lagoon
  14. definitely sponge.. I introduced it in mine.. yellow, red, and blue
  15. that's awesome.. mine just had babies.. first time! I have a 40 count, and probably some I cant see. all 3 are ultra's, and I suspect the father is the neon green, the mother is orange green and yellow.. should be interesting here soon!