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  1. Thanks for the input guys. Yes my main concern was the full siphon purging since there won’t be much water in the small overflow box. I will be running a trickle like I do in my DT and it’s super quiet!
  2. Ok, this frag tank has 1 1” drain with a low profile strainer. I was thinking of adding another bulkhead on the side with a 90 facing up as the emergency drain. The only possible problem I see is the emergency will literally be about 3-4” above the full siphon. Has anyone done a herbie drain with the emergency less then 6” from the main siphon? Thanks for any input !
  3. I have 1, pm me a offer if interested.
  4. Can add and of these to it for free shipping. —-Coral—- Teal candy canes $5 per head(deal for all of them) Huge Duncan colony(150ish heads) $200 Purple hammers(4 heads + 2-4 babies) $40 Xmas Favia $25 Meat coral $40 Orange crush enchinata $25 Blastomussa(15ish heads) $30 GSP rock $10 Gorgonion frags $10-15 Tri-Color Validia frags/mini colonies $10-25 Forest Fire digi frag $15 Red Planet frag $20
  5. Has 150ish heads, looking for $200 plus shipping.
  6. Well, I've decided to move everything to a Fluval Edge 6. New post soon.
  7. Exactly what i was looking for! Thank you sir!
  8. Ok, i set up my Evolve 8 pico about a week ago and ive been ghost feeding every other day with shrimp flakes. Today I got the highest ammonia level so far at 1.0, should i continue to ghost feed or would 1.0 ammonia be good enough? Any input much appreciated!
  9. was almost set on no sand, i really like the look of sand though...if i did id probably go with agagonite special grade. thoughts? in all honesty i dont see this tank being up for more then 1-2 yrs. im pretty certain im gonna be buying two more tanks to go next to my main tank lol
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