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  1. okay, thanks. gonna go plop him in
  2. I have been adding 2 Tablespoons of my water to the bag every 10 min. Its been 1/2 an hour and it has gone up 1 point to 1.201. If I keep doing this, it will take about 2 more hours, that seems kinda long.
  3. I just brought home a snail and my LFS salinity is 1.020. I keep my salinity at 1.025. I don't want to bring the level up too quickly, so how long should this take?
  4. If you don't fix it, it will spread. I had a little ball on the tip of a rock. I was new, thought it was kinda cool, but everyone told me to get rid of it. So glad I did, because years later I had it and didn't jump on it as soon as I should have and it took forever to get rid of!!
  5. They do look like mushrooms. I LOVED my red mushrooms. They did spread all over the tank, but harmed nothing. The GSP come in a variety of shapes and colors, some more green then others, some have longer tenticles (I don't know what they are called). You could try putting them in a different location and see if they color up a bit. I had my GSP for years, they did so awesome, I could cut pieces off of it and trade them for more coral.
  6. UPDATE: My algae problem has totally gone away, just by shutting a blind. (It's been about 3 or 4 weeks) And my coral are happy, getting their color and size back just by switching out the heater and putting the probe in the right chamber. Still gonna take it slow, I want to see some growth before I add anything new. But it finally looks like I'm back on track
  7. Your tank is amazing!! I need one of those on every wall in my house!! No, I don't have the condi. I returned it right away. You do have an advantage because of the length of your tank. My 12 gal was a typical "box" shape and as the condi moved around, it would sting everything. I think they get REALLY big so eventually you might have to trade him in for a smaller one, but it will probably be fine there for a while.
  8. I know when I started my tank, my LFS sold me a small condi I had a 12 gal and everyone told me my tank was way too small for a condi. I would love to see a picture of your tank. I can't picture a 10 gal tank, 5 feet long, hung on a wall.
  9. They are nice looking. I'm not usually into the different clown fish, but I like those. Do they have names?
  10. sadie

    ? on salinity

    I don't top off very often. I ALWAYS check my salinity of fresh made water to tank water, so maybe I will have to purchase a new refractometer. I was a little nervous of the one I bought, it was so much lighter and cheaper in price then my old one. Thanks
  11. Has anyone had a problem with their salinity going DOWN over a couple days? Every now and then when I test it, (with a refractometer), sometimes it's actually LOWER. My refractometer was 15 yrs old. I paid $75.00 for it back then. I purchased a new one for $30 a couple years ago. I calibrate it with the solution. Just wondering if anyone else has experienced this before.
  12. looks good, I like the rock work. I was just doing some research on the wachman goby and pistol shrimp. Not sure I would like the mess they make, though they sound fun to watch.
  13. The tank before this one had very low lighting. At the time I also had a bit of algae. It suggested that new tanks start with a 6 hr schedule and go up from there. So I didn't want to freak out my coral by blasting them with the new lights. Despite great water conditions, I was still having an algae problem, so I kept the lights on the 6 hr schedule, maybe I went up to 8. Now I have the algae under control ( tank was too close to a window). I wanted to get back to a regular schedule and when I read the book, it didn't tell you what that was.
  14. I went through everything the other day, trying to figure out why my corals aren't happy. I think it was the water temp. I had my heater ( a small preset 50 W) in the far right chamber with the temp probe in the far left. In pulling everything out, I found my temp probe in the same chamber as my heater. I have no idea when or why I put it from the far left to the same chamber, as that would give a false reading. I switched out the heater for my old one, and sure enough within a few hours my corals were starting to open. It would be GREAT if this was the reason for my coral not doing so great. We will see.
  15. I don't have an ATO, but check it daily. I filled the tank with a gal of salt water, checked both my tank water and the fresh made water to make sure salinity was good. Thanks