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  1. sadie

    how many drip acclimate?

    I bought some more snails at LFS (just 3) knowing I had lost 2 of my 6 and thinking I might loose more. She said the same thing, they only do it for temp. So with the 3 I just floated the bag for like an hour till temp was right. They were climbing all over the bag, so instead of placing them on the sand, I just picked them up and placed them on the glass and they stuck! They did great for 2 days, then today they fell off the glass and are just sitting on the sand. So all 6 of my original snails died and 1 of my 3...😡 I have been testing my water and the ammonia might have gone up a smige (still yellow, but the lightest hint of green). I did a 2 gal wc like I do every week. I will give it a bit then try and add some new snails, this time I will wait like an hour and a half.
  2. sadie

    how many drip acclimate?

    I'm assuming you put the tupperware on the floor or something lower than you tank. How do you keep the water to temp?
  3. sadie

    Goats Nuvo 10 Aquarium Journal

    don't know how I skipped page 4, looks awesome. All of them do. nice pictures
  4. sadie

    help with feather duster

    Well the good news is I saw the other one come out today when I fed mysis shrimp to my tank. The other guy that left his tube is in a different spot. Not sure if he's alive, but nobody is eating him, so that's a good sign I think
  5. sadie

    Goats Nuvo 10 Aquarium Journal

    you should get a close up of that one
  6. sadie

    Goats Nuvo 10 Aquarium Journal

    Nice! What is on the very top of your rock work? Is it a birds nest?
  7. sadie

    40 gallon breeder/20L sump

    nice set up. Tank looks great. Are you adding any fish?
  8. sadie

    Strange worm in tank help

    that doesn't sound good.
  9. sadie

    fish for my Biocube 16

    My tank is new, but everything else is about 18 yrs old. I wouldn't add all the fish at once. I would probably do one breed and a bit later do the other. What I was wondering is if 3 pajamas was too many or maybe just 2. I'm def getting the clown (my favorite).
  10. sadie

    fish for my Biocube 16

    I have been doing some research on fish for my 16 gal. I want something I have never had before, but clowns are actually my favorite. I was thinking of one clown (ocellaris) and I was thinking 3 pajama cardinals. Would that work? I was at my LFS today and they had 3 of the pajamas and a few clowns and they seemed to all get along, and look nice together. I won't be adding for a week or two, just trying to figure it all out now.
  11. sadie

    Sadies Biocube 16

    Thanks guys!! I am so happy it's glass. I am loving everything about this tank!! So does my toadstool. He looks happier then I have seen him in a looooong time!!
  12. sadie

    JZP's Biocube 16

    Nice tank! I love your wrasse.
  13. sadie

    Sadies Biocube 16

    I wonder who I would call to find out if mine is glass or acrylic, the place I bought it or the Biocube company. That would be awesome if it were glass!! I thought it was a mistake on the website because all the reading I had done said it was acrylic. I hope it's glass..
  14. sadie

    Sadies Biocube 16

    My LR and LS are 18 yrs old, the tank is the only thing new. But I was thinking of not running the lights for 12 hrs yet. They have had such crappy lights for the past 2 yrs I thought it might shock them (like walking outside on a bright sunny day and being blinded.)