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  1. sadie

    Toadstool Care

    I had a big toadstool that hosted my clown. It was cool. It would swim through it like it was running through tall grass.
  2. I'm not sure how quickly they got that high, not sure if that matters (for my coral) The last time I tested was Sept 9. I will keep an eye on the levels. But I'm thinking about biting the bullet and just ordering fish on line. I was having a problem getting my snails to live a while back until I ordered them on line. The amount of $ I have spent of fish that have died, would more then add up to the $ I would have spent on shipping. I will wait a while though. See how my Royal Gramma does. She started coming out and swimming around now. Pretty fish.
  3. My levels are a little higher then normal, but I think they are still in the range. I did a 3 gal WC the day before I got the fish. Mag: 1350 (usually 1200) KH 10.9 (usually 7.7) Calcium 430 (usually 400) My Amonia, trites and trates are all 0 as usual. Temp 78.1 and salinity (tested with a calibrated refractometer) is 1.024. I am slowly raising the salinity to 1.025 where it usually is.
  4. I will test my water now.
  5. I did'nt bathe him anything. I usually use a quart jar to acclimate, but where I had 2 good sized fish, I used a half galon jar. I started with 4 cups of water from the bag and dripped until it was at 8 cups total. Dumped it out 1/2 and did it again. It took 2 hrs. My Royal Gramma is doing fine.
  6. I drip acclimated for 2 hours
  7. thanks for the reply. The last couple times I checked him I had to peel him away from the intake. I turned off my power heads so the current wouldn't be so strong. I just checked again and he was dead. I am so bummed out. I just can't seem to get this right anymore.
  8. I added a clown fish and Royal Gramma to my fishless tank yesterday. My clown seemed hungry this morning so I fed both pellet and flake food. He ate some, but not much. When I got home from work, my clown was all stressed out, kinda floating on the bottom of the tank and breathing heavy. My cleaner shrimp keeps bugging him. I'm not sure if that's the reason he's stressed. The only thing with my water was the salinity was a little low. 1.024, I usually keep it around 1.025. I turned off the lights, but not sure what else I can do to help him.
  9. I have had them before about 15 yrs ago, and knew they like caves. I have a cave and thought he would look great in it, but didn't expect him to press himself up into the cave. I know he will probably come out in time, but I never had such a hard time finding a fish before. ?
  10. I put it in around 2:00 pm and tried to find it when I came home around 10:00 pm. I know it wasn't the best thing to do, but I really couldn't find it, and I wanted to make sure it was still in there and alive.
  11. I got a clown fish and a royal gramma. After acclimating them I put them in my tank. The clown was all happy and swimming around and I saw the royal gramma for a second and then it was gone. I let it be for a while, then decided to look for it. I really couldn't find it. I started lifting up rocks and looking in and under, couldn't find it. I went back an hour later with a flash light and finally found it. It squished it'self in a small pocket on one of my base rocks. who knows, maybe in a week it will come out. It's a good sized one and great color.
  12. sadie

    My fish died

    well I went to not so local LFS and got a new coral, but no fish. They had really big clowns or really small clowns. I was thinking of getting a medium sized clown, maybe a bit bigger then my last guy. He was so tiny.
  13. sadie

    fish food ?

    also, how do you know the fish is eating enough? I turn my pumps off in the am and put a pinch of flakes in. Both my cleaner shrimp and clown come up and eat. There is no fighting for food as it spreads wide enough for both to eat. I watch for a while and my clown eats a fair amount. Then I go do other stuff. When I come back all the food is gone and I put pumps back on. Is there a guide on fish for fat and skinny fish? (you see them at the vets for dogs and cats)
  14. sadie

    My fish died

    thanks. I didn't think it would be a big deal. I just posted a food question in the fish section. i am wondering if the food I was feeding him isn't nutrition enough. I know clowns are piggys and always act hungry, but I was getting the felling he WAS hungry, even though I feed him everyday. (Flakes daily, frozen mysis shrimp 1-2x a week for fish and tank) I just tested my water and ammonia, trites and trates are all 0. Calcium is 485, KH 7.7 and Mag is 1200. I was going to not so local LFS today to get a coral for my birthday, maybe I will get a fish too. It's not so exciting buying a new fish because one died. ?
  15. sadie

    fish food ?

    My little clown fish died over the weekend. I was wondering about the fish food I have been feeding. It's by Seachem, it's NutriDiet Marine flakes (probiotics formula) I usually feed the flakes every day, frozen mysis shrimp 1-2x a week for the fish and the tank. I went away for the weekend and told my husband not to feed. I figured he would be hungry when I got home, but he wouldn't drop dead. and then he did. ? I was wondering if maybe the flake food wasn't enough nutrition and should I get something better?