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  1. Central Ohio Shops

    His Webpage doesn't really do him justice... contact if you have questions hes a nice guy. https://www.facebook.com/mattscorals/?pnref=lhc www.mattscorals.com
  2. Central Ohio Shops

    Matts Corals and Service is in Gahanna out of his house. Has a great selection of corals. Frags i think were only $25 great deals Especially on black friday real cheap salt
  3. Figured it was time to sell the RODI unit as when i get back in ill be going bigger Manufactured in august 2016 has made probably close to 100 gallons of RODI water. It was sold as an aqarium starter kit but is the Spectrapure 90 GPD RODI will come with membranes attached which have a little life left in them (still producing water at 0tds) full set of membranes to replace them. Used chlorine test and a Used TDS meter. Comes with all tubing as well (not pictured) PM for more details Looking for $130 shipped.
  4. misc parts for sale

    Thats where its at and will remain. I was just trying to offer others a good deal and im tired of all the people wanting me to basically cut off my arm and ship it to them and make me feel good because they are offering me like 10$ for it...grrr
  5. misc parts for sale

    Alright its been done to many times now. Please do not offer $10-20 below my asking prices and then want me to also pay for shipping. You are already getting a great deal and im already losing money. I understand the want to get the best deal possible but with my listed prices you already are. I am not amazon or BRS, good quality shipping will most likely run me $10. Thank you end rant
  6. misc parts for sale

    bump up
  7. misc parts for sale

    Prices updated! bump to top. lets finish this sale!
  8. misc parts for sale

    there are no powerheads for sale. List has been trimmed to reflect what is left. Ignore items in pictures that are not on the lists.
  9. TeenyReef's 10g Fusion - GBG's are here!

    I never could get this one to thrive. It grew slowly but never like this. I hope you can bring it back to its glory!
  10. DrGibby's 4g shutting them down :(

    I really do enjoy hearing the frags are growing well and prospering. Im glad your loving them all and caring for them as much as i would.
  11. misc parts for sale

    If you hook me up with some $$$$$ lol send a pm if your seriously inquiring it's easier to communicate for me on those.
  12. DrGibby's 4g shutting them down :(

    As long as its alive im sure you will help it regain its normal color. It started to turn in my 10g. I was wondering if it was nutrients or lights. I couldn't find out anything wrong with the nutrients so my next plan was to upgrade tanks and get a Nanobox hybrid . That sounds like a practical Reefing solution lol
  13. DrGibby's 4g shutting them down :(

    Just looked back through this thread... so many memories... so much fun. I really did love this tank. I hope everyone that bought corals from it are enjoying them as much as i did
  14. misc parts for sale

    bump it up. List updated
  15. misc parts for sale

    yup yup