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  1. Yes i have done a decent job keeping it up to date.
  2. Thanks Dave its going to probably be a year or 2. It will be a big tank though
  3. I agree with boggers they work great
  4. bump to the top! Im back in town answering PMS!
  5. These things are a pain to measure. I think i have the 1/2 adapter with it. but i dont know how to use it as the other side doesn't' fit on the spinstream... call me stupid but even if you got it and it didn't fit its easy to find pluming adapters at lowes or home depot .. thats what i did Also i will be very busy this week so i might not get back to peoples PMs as quickly as usual. Any shipping would also be done on or before Wednesday after that im traveling for work and wont be able to ship again till Monday. Thanks!
  6. shoot i forgot to do this last night.. i try to remember again. I have 2 of the 3 adapters... im hoping its not the 1/2 inch one im missing
  7. Its whatever one fit the IM 10. I do have 2 of the adapters but again im not sure which ones. Ill try to measure when i go home after work.
  8. thanks stella... i wish it would sell
  9. skimmer works fine.. the stock air adjuster doesn't work well so i have included a better one. You can use that or the stock. Easy to adjust for light or dark skim
  10. Breaking down the IM 10 and selling everything of use. I will post a list of everything and post pictures. There are a lot of pictures so i am sorry for how big this thread could be.... Shipping is not included but the more you buy the less i will charge for shipping. Vortech MP10 QD Manufacture march 31 2016 - $190 Nanobox Tide plus M 9 inch goosneck with bluefish -$200 Mame skimmer / whisper 10 pump plus 2 air stones - $90 2 vertex line mag holder - $15 each Water maintenance ( Seachem reef fusion 2 1 1/2 bottles alk, red sea reef foundation C mag, bulk reef supply carbon lugols iodine) - $30 bone cutters - $10 Parameters checkers Red sea reef foundations kit used with new calcium pro test refill and PH alk test kit - $30 hydor flow deflector - $5 IM fusion 10 $60 pickup only- Pending.
  11. Yikes! I'll have to check out your thread to see latest pictures
  12. Everything is sold!
  13. Yikes already back to page 6 bumping to the top hoping for a weekend sale 🙄
  14. Bump! New group price great steal!