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  1. I am Dave! Thanks for checking in! Dino's beat my love for the hobby down pretty hard. Things have been pretty good over all for the last 8-12 months so that's cool! Hope all is well with you and your business!
  2. Been a while since an update! Things are going mostly okay, only losses have been a couple of Yumas that melted out of the blue unfortunately. Zoa's and everything else seems to be doing well so I'm not going to change much Ordered an ATI test and ATI essentials pro thanks to the @MarineDepot sale that is going on now! So hopefully I can get some insight in why any sps dies in my tank. Got my webcam setup as I will be traveling for a bit coming up, so hopefully the tank keeps trucking along as it has been! Tried to take some pictures but didn't have a lot of time so this is all I got
  3. They are pretty easy to keep alive and happy! Mine almost always find a spot and stay there until I royally mess up the tank.. If my salinity/temp is way off is usually the catalyst that causes them to move around. Other than that, as long as flow doesnt change dramatically (add/remove powerhead) they stay where they are IME. On a side note glad you are excited about something for the tank! Makes the chore of owning a reef less annoying when you are thrilled about the tank again haha
  4. out of the ~20 or so bta's I have I would say 80% of them are in ~175-225 par and on the edge of turbulent flow. (the foot and oral disk is somewhere with fairly consistant flow, but their tentacles/tips are just touching the flow where it is getting crazy) 10% like as high light as possible regardless of flow, and 10% chose to hang out in low flow/ low light. Mostly however it comes down to where they feel "secure" via footing. BTA's like having a spot where their foot is in a hole, on the edge or under side of a rock and then stretch upwards towards the light. Makes em feel safe lol
  5. Cant wait to see this! Ps. I would recommend putting the BTA in the tank right after the rock and sand go in (and is cycled of course) so it can find its happy spot before mounting corals and such.
  6. Quick tank update! Picked up some goodies during the brs Black friday sale!! Upgraded my Algaefree Hammerhead float with the razor attachment and replaced the scrubby pad and flet pad and wow. 1000% better than before! Best scraper ive used, and ive tried them all. Got another mp40qd to replace the older WES style I have on the once side and I hope to install it this weekend if i have time. Picked up a deluxe reactor setup, but im unsure if im going to use it with this setup or just wait until I move to the 120. Picked up t5 bulbs and mounting legs for my Giesemann fixtures im going to test out and use on the 120. I love the Mitras, but on the next tank Ill either be going full t5 with an 8 bulb Matrixx II Dimtech or the Aurora hybrid. My anemones have always looked best under T5 and as that is the direction I want to go it makes the most sense to me to incorporate that. I will keep the Mitras for a bit just to make sure I didnt make the wrong choice of course. Past that, I setup a little 20 gallon long that I had for QT as an anemone tank. I managed to get a good deal on a broodstock of black widow nems, and a bunch of rose anemones so they are hanging out in there. Unfortunately it had a mini crash during the thanksgiving holidays as the lawnmower blenny i picked up died and there is no cleanup crew so it just sat and rotted. I hope to convert this system to a more permanent setup or buy another system locally for that purpose. I may or may not start another thread for that but likely updates to that system will show up in my main thread Anyways, here are a few quick photos i took the other day. Thanks for reading!
  7. Ive always loved your builds! Cant wait to see what happens next!
  8. Thanks! Yeah it was a bit frustrating but it happens. Worked out for the best however as i was able to get my refund, pick this one up for a good deal and then I also got a 120 eurobraced for free (long story) so ill definitely come out ahead! Ill be upgrading to the 120 in the coming months!
  9. Need to rip up the carpet and Tile in my current storage room, so all my frag/anemone tank dreams are cancelled. And as such, Looking to sell some nice stuff, most of which is brand new. Had a couple other threads but Its easier to keep everything in one spot. Not interested in any equipment what so ever at this time. Trades would be limited to High end Zoas/Lineaged anemones but prefer paypal. All prices are shipped/insured to lower 48. MOST items come in original packaging as well! Reef Savvy Ghost overflow. HAS NOT SEEN WATER. Was planned to go on my SCA tank but that didnt happen as it arrived broken. Link to additional info Looking for $250 shipped (no lead time) Brand new in box ATI powermodule 4x24 hybrid. Hasnt been opened. bought for anemone tank but that isnt happening. This is not the wifi model. Link $750 shipped Giesemann Aurora Hybrid 48" 4x54 t5, 3x88w LED. Only opened the box to test the unit and take photos. Has not been above water. Was purchased for a grow out system that isnt happening. Shipped in original packaging with all paperwork in the box. Link to additional info $1600 shipped
  10. Already have a frag of rasta growing. Probably around 15 polyps or so right now! Wouldnt mind a few of the orange/rainbow looking ones you have if easy to frag! I can also offer AoG Palys and Gobstoppers as i have 75-100 of each of those as well 🙂
  11. Yessir I am! I can trade you some WWC Halle Berre zoas if you are interested? I have to have 90+ polyps of those on my frag rack by now
  12. I know someone that would take a couple of those JB's off your hands 🙂 Shoot me a pm if you are interested in fragging some of your corals.
  13. Glad to see you are still around! Your tank is still one of my favorites!!
  14. Looking good! What do you have your rock flower attached to? Is it attached to the glass or a rock under the sand/something else?
  15. Much better haha Although I have much more algae growing in this one than the one that is in the garage (considering it is not water tight lolol) Im sure a few water changes and manual removal will get it under control!
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