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  1. My humble SPS journey - Shallow 80g

    Need an update here!!
  2. Bommie & Floating SPS Islands (Uwdanno)

    Funny that your AoG dont grow that fast, mine completely shut out a small colony of sunny D (around 50 polyps) and are even overtaking the swamp fire zoas as well! I havent tried rasta's or the jawbreakers like you have but they are some on the list for when i get my 125 going.
  3. The Pickle rick custom 125 (pre) Build!

    Update: Received reef savvy ghost overflow Have 4 mp40's for flow tank and stand arrive march 20th Aquascape (Mostly) settled on Just a waiting game now!
  4. Bommie & Floating SPS Islands (Uwdanno)

    Looking good man! Always love seeing your updates!
  5. The Pickle rick custom 125 (pre) Build!

    Didnt realize nanoreef would imbed imgur photos! Thats cool!
  6. The Pickle rick custom 125 (pre) Build!

    Photos wont display. Ill have to work on that when i have more time.
  7. The Pickle rick custom 125 (pre) Build!

    After a long time planning and organizing, I am finally breaking the 100 gallon barrier. I am a realistic man, and this will probably be my last tank atleast for some time as im sure Ill end up having kids in the next few years. Anyways, here we go!I have purchased everything below, and only need 1 or 2 things for the build to be complete. Still waiting on some equipment though so not going to be picture heavy right away.Tank - Custom 125 gallon tank from SC Aquariums and matching stand. 48"x30"x20", starphire 3 sides, eurobraced, drilled for reef savvy ghost overflow.Sump - 40 Breeder with baffles. Originally made at SWE.Skimmer - BK mini 180 gen 3Return - RO Varios 6 DC pumpLighting - 2 GHL Mitras LX7's AND 36" ATI Nanobox hybrid fixture (not sure how im gonna make them work together but i dont think either lighting solution is enough on its own.)Rock - 30 lbs dry fiji from brs, 50lbs dry from reefcleaners, 20 lbs pukani dry from brsSand - 90 lbs Tropic eden reef flakesNeptune apex classicNeptune DosTunze atoLast thing i need is Flow. With the tank being 30" wide it will need more pumps than a typical 48" tank. Here are the current configs i am considering.4x mp40 (already have 1)2x mp40, 2x tunze 61051x mp40, 2x neptune wav2x gyre xf230(input or opinions of the above would be greatly appreciated!)I am not going to be doing an SPS tank, but it will have some sps. Likely i will focus lps and anemones to be honest, but will have 5-10 select sps pieces in as well.livestock (so far)1 old ass clownfish (had her for about 10 years through various tanks)1 Six line wrasse1 purple dottybackPlanned livestock1 Tomini Tang1 Lightning maroon1 Midas Blenny2 Royal Gramma1 Lawnmower OR starry blenny1 Diamond sand sifting gobyPotential livestock (Things ive never kept but might like to try, wouldnt get all of these though.)1 Marine betta1 Red hawkfish OR longnose hawkfishLyretale anthias trioleopard wrasse Sump is kitty approved even!
  8. Possibly interested in Clear view lid if you are willing to sell seperately and ship to MN
  9. Bommie & Floating SPS Islands (Uwdanno)

    I am very sorry to hear this.. Let me know if there is anything i can do for you.
  10. Made in Africa - A Shallow Reef V2

    Just so you know.. the last full tank shot was back on june 25th....... Just saying!
  11. This is in the works currently as i sell my red sea reefer 250. I got a qoute from SC Aquariums on a custom tank and i am likely to go with it! This will be both my pre build and eventually my build thread. I will try to keep it updated as i change plans and or purchase equipment! Without further adoo here we go! **CAUTION** WORDY POSTS TO FOLLOW Planned equipment so far: Custom SC Aquariums starphire tank 48x30x20, drilled for ghost overflow and matching wood stand. Trigger systems amathyst 39 sump (Wife's favorite color is purple so bonus points!) Nyos 160 or Deltec 1455 I plan on running a large chaeto fuge on this tank OR an ATS. If i go the fuge route ill likely use the kessil h380 for lighting. Vectra m1 return pump Gyre xf 230x2 Apex classic Tunze ato Lighting: This one will be interesting and i will have to test it AFTER i get the aquarium. I currently own a 36" Nanobox/ati hybrid with 4 t5 bulbs and 6 v3 arrays. This is the light i would like to use on this system but i am concerned with the 30" width of the tank. I will hang the light about 8-10 inches above the water (can go higher) and the tank will definately not be SPS dominate. Hell it likely wont contain but 10-15 pieces of easy ORA sps. My other option would be the Mitras lx7's i have now (2) and possibly a third for this tank. With that said, i can not buy another Mitras unless i sell the hybrid. I am very pleased with the color of the mitras and the perks of all LED but part of me misses the fullness of t5 light that is missing. For sand i will be going with Tropic eden reef flakes (3mm) and rock will be a mix of BRS pukani and Fiji. I will be cooking it in acid prior to the build starting. I also plan on drilling holes for acryllic rods to build a "modular" scape in the event i have to remove stuff. I will also likely dose multiple bottled bacteria strains to have a healthy variety in the system. May or may not run (one of) siporax/matrix/marinepure in the sump. Current fish from my teardown and temporary tank: 1 Clown (been with me for over 8 years now) 1 6 line wrasse 1 orchid dotty back 1 yellow eye kole tang 2 Bengai Cardinal fish Planned fish for this tank: 1 Yellow tang 1 Tomini tang Midas blenny pair 4-5 royal Gramma (always wanted to try these guys as a harem) If this doesn't work out or i change my mind I may go with some anthias instead. I really want to find a group of fish i can do a harem with (not clownfish for this setup) A little bit of background on me in this hobby I have had 4 reef tanks so far since starting the hobby. My first was an unresearched 55 gallon with hob skimmer and filter. I bought this off of craigslist already set up and did no research. I was in 7th grade at the time, and spent all my birthday and christmas money on the tank and buying fish. I (and unfortunately the fish) learned that reefing is hard. I ended up getting a biocube 29 for my birthday the next year (i sold the 55 gallon) and did a ton of reading and talking to my LFS. This tank was successful for 3 years. I ended up giving it to my cousin as I left for military training. Fast forward 3 years, I was fortunate enough to go scuba diving in Cozumel with my Girlfriends family, and that ignited the spark again! I returned home and purchased a used RSM130d. I quickly decided i did not want another all in one tank so it was only running for about 7 months. Moved into my apartment and bought the setup of my "dreams" *with alloted space and size restrictions* Reefer 250, vertex omega 150, nanobox/ati LED T5 hybrid, apex, all the goodies i wanted. The tank did amazing for about 8 months, then the dinos struck. I fought the battle for 3 months, winning some weeks, losing others. In the end i had no fish losses but my coral were devestated from the fight. At the time we bought a house and moved out of the apartment. I set the tank up with 100% new water and removed sandbed, lost 1 fish in the move but the dinos had finally been bested. What coral survived started to recover and grow which was nice. Went on like this for a while, then growth stopped and everything just colored up and stayed as it was which i was happy with. Tank was on autopilot as life got busy and my doser kept dosing away.. until the resovior ran out. Lost some stuff with that and recovered. Left for military training for about 3 weeks and there was a large storm at home day 3 of being gone. Power was out at our house for 3 days. My girlfriend rented a generator and hooked it all up day 2 of power being out (we live in the city, so very strange it was out that long) and unfortunately the heaters brought the tank right back to the temp they needed to be.. in about 3 hours. Between the power outage and the rise in temp i lost my maxima clam, and the increased nutrients and stuff from that caused a slew of other issues with the tank before i got home from out of country. Shut the tank down and transferred everything to a RSM c-130 for temporary housing as i rebooted the reefer 250. Finally we are caught up to today! Sorry for the long read. I type a lot and my posts get wordy and (eventually) picture heavy.
  12. Bommie & Floating SPS Islands (Uwdanno)

    I do like mine, i was just looking to go larger. Its kind of now or never to go larger because im sure im only a few years away from having kids myself and then my hobby time will be drastically cut. plus ive never had a tank over 100 gallons, so i think it would be cool to try it out once
  13. Bommie & Floating SPS Islands (Uwdanno)

    Shes pretty darn cute so I'll give you a pass this one time haha Still, your little tank looks amazing. Im hoping to pick up a 120 fatboy and start fresh if i can find someone who wants my current tank lol
  14. Bommie & Floating SPS Islands (Uwdanno)

    It looks to me like you could use a bigger tank! Ive got a reefer 250 that would look great as a replacement