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  1. dirtrider225

    MetroKat's Reefer: Need About Tree Fiddy

    Looking good! Hope the transition went well for you!
  2. dirtrider225

    Roger’s Reboot

    Hey Roger, What is your plan this time around? Is this still at your parents place while you are in school or did you get one set up with you as well? Looking good though!
  3. dirtrider225

    Mark's 150 (NanoBox Retro)

    I love that palmers blue. Holy cow that is an amazing looking coral!
  4. I love how different your tank is. Not trying to shoot for designer corals or anything, just healthy corals, good color and cool growth!
  5. dirtrider225

    IM SR80 Build!

    Electronics mounted Tank in position Lighting (kind of) mounted Sand added Rock added Tank filled Biospira added Dr Tim's one and only added Cycled seed rock added Cycled siporax added Will let it run for a few days to a week and I'll add the first coral and a fish or 2! I have prodibio and zeobak ready for when the first livestock goes in And the first full tank shot!
  6. dirtrider225

    IM SR80 Build!

    Well, here we go again! After the disaster that was my last attempt at a larger tank this is attempt 2! After lots of searching and contacting manufactures about going custom again I stumbled upon a deal I couldnt pass up from a local reefer that wanted out of the hobby. 2 things: 1. I type. A lot, so be prepared to read through a lot if you are following along! 2. I also post lots of photos. Unfortunately they are cell phone pictures, and I do not take the time to edit them in photoshop/lightroom. Most turn out pretty good though! Display: Innovative Marine SR-80 (I may bust out the AIO compartments and drill the back.. will see!) Stand: Custom made from previous owner Skimmer: Picked up a Tunze 9012 DC for this build Lighting: 2 GHL Mitras LX7's Sand: Tropic Eden reef flakes Controlled with apex classic Flow: 2 Jebao dcs 2000 return pumps Flow: 4 mp40's (bought enough for a larger tank, might as well use them all at a lower speed) Tunze 3155 ato Eventually running apex dos with 2 ESV 2 part for consumption RSCP salt Occassional GAC from red sea, and brs rox.8 in a media bag (not reactor) Current fish moving to this build include: 1 Clownfish (9 years old) 1 SMALL purple tang 1 Starry blenny 1 Orchid dotty back Current inverts moving: 5-10 Rainbow Bubble tip anemones ( Have 10 now, Will likely give some away/sell some locally during the transition) 1 Sherman Rose anemone from Pieces of the Ocean 1 Black widow anemone purchased locally 1-3 Maxi Mini carpet anemones (Have 3, but have been unsuccessful in the past from removing them from rock/glass) 3-5 rock flower anemones (have 5 but 2 I dont think will make it) 1 anemone crab ~5 scarlet hermits Current corals include (but not limited to) Large hammer colony (20ish heads) Purple torch (4-5 heads) AoG zoa colony Gobstoppers zoa colony WWC Halle Berrey colony ORA Purple Stylo mini colony OG Tubbs blue zoas OG rasta's Cali tort BC Orange tipped albrolhosensis Teal hammer coral Multi colored splatter hammer coral ORA Tricolor Valida mini colony Sky blue Yuma The plan for this build is going to be a very mixed setup. Zoas, anemones, euphillia, ricordia/yumas and a few sticks will make it in. Ideally I will be able to run this display tank (or even drilled with sump and stuff) until I move (hopefully in about 3 years or so) and then upgrade to a custom size of 48"x30"x20". During this time, I plan on slowly moving towards more high end stuff. Will likely phase out the standard rainbow bubble tips and try to get a more ultra colored one. Hopefully the black widow and sherman will also thrive. I would like to eventually pick up a sunburst and or lemon drop as well. First things first though is zoas and palys. They are my SO's favorite thing in the tank, so as soon as this is up and stable after the transfer I will be on the hunt for a few nice ones (including WWC Purple monsters, RR Pink diamonds, CC Vamps in drag and so on) I have already contacted innovative marine and they did confirm that the back panel can be drilled, as well as removing the AIO components will not effect the integrity of the tank. So this is an option for me, and I will go that route if I have to. Ill be bringing the Tank home wednesday evening (august 8th) and will try to document the process as it goes!
  7. dirtrider225

    Roger’s Reboot

    How do the talbots behave? I would love a trio but dont want them to be little shits and mess with my other fish.
  8. dirtrider225

    WTB Tunze 9012 DC

    As the title says, looking to buy this skimmer. Would prefer used but Will buy new if no one has one available
  9. dirtrider225

    Ninja's Red Sea Reefer 350

    Like i said, it may do nothing but waste your time and salt but after 8 months with dinos off and on, this was what worked for me to get rid of them. Hope it helps and i am really sorry to see your tank like this, it was awesome looking. I am genuinely curious as to why so many people are getting dinos the last couple of years.. i dont remember this bing a thing even 5 or 6 years ago
  10. dirtrider225

    Ninja's Red Sea Reefer 350

    At this point you dont have much to loose, try a 100% waterchange. I know it is often times frowned upon, and who knows it may not help and youll go through a ton of salt but when i got rid of my dino infection it was when i moved from my apartment to my house. I used 100% new water, and removed the sand and never saw dinos in that tank again
  11. dirtrider225

    The Pickle rick custom 125 (pre) Build!

    I did receive my refund from Steve so All is good on that front!
  12. dirtrider225

    The Pickle rick custom 125 (pre) Build!

    Packaging seems not quite up to par. Hardpacked cardboard, on a pallet with some styrophoam inside teh cardboard. The box doesnt even say fragile..... anywhere. I am just ready to be done with this nightmare right now. There is a elos 120xl and a miracles tank locally i might take a look at but im likely not going to pay for the cost of a custom tank at this time if i even go through with upgrading to a larger tank at all. But i have all the equipment already for the build so im sure ill talk myself into it
  13. dirtrider225

    The Pickle rick custom 125 (pre) Build!

    This build is being canceled. Second display from SCAquariums arrived July 02 and it was also damaged .I will make a new thread IF/when i get a new tank as that would be easier than editing everything and such. Still trying to get a refund from SCAquariums as i am not waiting on a Third display to be delivered.
  14. dirtrider225

    Sunburst Anemone and Reef in Progress.

    What was the vendor? I would seriously dis agree with that being a sunburst. I hope you did not spend more than $200 or so on that. If you are 100% certain that it is a sunburst, and you trust the seller then ignore my post! I would hate to see you get taken advantage of and pay for something you didnt actually receive
  15. dirtrider225

    The Pickle rick custom 125 (pre) Build!

    Front left bottom corner! I'm in Minnesota so come pick it up! It's honestly probably fine but he's sending me a brand new one so I'll just wait for that one. Great customer service from Steve!