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  1. AI prime program

    Here are a few programs that are based off EcoTech AB+ settings https://1drv.ms/f/s!Akco_cmvvLNrgZdidaM1bosnUqv21g
  2. Harry’s Riddikulus Reefer 350: Hardcore 'reefin

    Ive been dealing with this exact thing. Its reallyl disappointing especially when you have mostly SPS frags. Good luck in the recovery
  3. BRS 2 Part

    Ok so it happened again. This time I dosed 2ml up from 7.7dkh and it went all the way to 11dKH. Maybe my test kit is jacked up
  4. BRS 2 Part

    I just watched the BRS video on 2 part dosing and they said you can test about an hour after the dose so I waited 2 hours and tested. The main reason I was confused is because I used the calculator one day and get a dosing amount of 7ml and it barely changed the numbers then I dose 5ml the next day and it jacks everything up. I tested again this morning and Alk is still around 9.3dkh. I think once I get it down to around 8.3dkh I will do that method. I normally do that as well I just thought I would test daily and adjust it... now I regret lol. Hopefully I don't lose and corals. Thanks Harry
  5. BRS 2 Part

    Hi everyone, I just have a quick question about a problem I had with BRS 2 Part dosing. I measured Alk yesterday around 5pm, it was at 7.3dkh and so I used the BRS calculator to get it to 8.3 and it said to dose 7ml. I decided to do 5ml, test and dose the other 2ml. When I tested again (about 7pm) it measured 7.7dkh so I added the extra 2ml's. Today I tested Alk also around 5pm and it was at 7.5dkh and I wanted to get it up to 8.3dkh only I used the calculator and it said to dose 5ml so I did and tested at 7pm again and the test came out to 9.3dkh. I use the salifert test kits and have a 10g Fusion, when using the calculator I estimated around 8.5g actual volume. Anyone know why the dkh value could have gone up even though I dosed less?
  6. Bowen's IM Fusion 10 - Pt. 2

    Havent posted an update in quite a while. Ive been having an STN problem and I have no clue why. All my parameters are steady right where I want them Calcium: 420ppm Alk: 7.7dkh Mg: 1400 NO3: between 1-2ppm PO4: 0.015ppm I wish I knew what was going on. Any suggestions are helpful!
  7. Urbanek's ADA Trio

    Forgive me if you posted this already, what does your light schedule look like?
  8. Urbanek's ADA Trio

    Do you tend to try and keep po4 at 0 or at least undetectable?
  9. HighCurrent's 14g SPS Forest and Zoa Garden

    Jealous of those mini colonies. Hopefully the rework works out
  10. Bowen's IM Fusion 10 - Pt. 2

    Just a weekly update. Water Parameters Calcium: 420ppm Alkalinity: 8.0dKH NO3: 10ppm PO4: 0.06ppm I'm suffering from higher nitrates right now and am dosing NOPOX and Aquaforest Pro Bio F to get it down. Hopefully they will work! Also I had some STN on the tips of 2 acropora and couldn't figure out why as my parameters have been fairly stable. Went to clean my MP10 and found out it had cracked and the magnet was rusting... oops. Emailed EcoTech and they are sending me a replacement so for now I just have an old Jebao in there. Feel free to ask any questions or make any suggestions!
  11. travoose's IM Nuvo 10: I'm back!!!

    Check your nitrates and phosphates. The cheato needs nutrient to thrive. What light are you using and where did you stuff that cheato? I'm thinking about using it To bring my nutrients down
  12. Vortech MP10 Cracking

    Yes I am running carbon. I emailed EcoTech and they are sending a replacement, hopefully it helps. For now Im just running an older Jeabo powerhead so if things improve thats probably the reason.
  13. Vortech MP10 Cracking

    Has this happened to anyone else? Do you think it caused coral loss? I am losing the tips of some of my corals and this is the only suspect as I don't have pests or fish that nip.
  14. Bowen's IM Fusion 10 - Pt. 2

    Thank you!