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  1. Jealous of those mini colonies. Hopefully the rework works out
  2. Just a weekly update. Water Parameters Calcium: 420ppm Alkalinity: 8.0dKH NO3: 10ppm PO4: 0.06ppm I'm suffering from higher nitrates right now and am dosing NOPOX and Aquaforest Pro Bio F to get it down. Hopefully they will work! Also I had some STN on the tips of 2 acropora and couldn't figure out why as my parameters have been fairly stable. Went to clean my MP10 and found out it had cracked and the magnet was rusting... oops. Emailed EcoTech and they are sending me a replacement so for now I just have an old Jebao in there. Feel free to ask any questions or make any suggestions!
  3. Check your nitrates and phosphates. The cheato needs nutrient to thrive. What light are you using and where did you stuff that cheato? I'm thinking about using it To bring my nutrients down
  4. Yes I am running carbon. I emailed EcoTech and they are sending a replacement, hopefully it helps. For now Im just running an older Jeabo powerhead so if things improve thats probably the reason.
  5. Has this happened to anyone else? Do you think it caused coral loss? I am losing the tips of some of my corals and this is the only suspect as I don't have pests or fish that nip.
  6. Thank you!
  7. Updated FTS: 4/21/2017 A little dark as the lighting in the room was weird but here it is
  8. Updated FTS: 4/21/2017 A little dark as the lighting in the room was weird but here it is
  9. Dang the orange and red are incredible. Love this build
  10. Just an FTS nothing too special. Water change tonight or tomorrow!
  11. I think your water level is a little high. The third chamber should be lower than the second baffle. I dont really know how to explain here is a link; Let me know if this doesn't make sense. I think the white strings are nothing to worry about right now but if it stays around mention something about it.
  12. Thank you! Glad to know you're here for the ride
  13. I know! Im really enjoying watching the colors change
  14. Random Acro