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  1. Updated FTS: 4/21/2017 A little dark as the lighting in the room was weird but here it is
  2. Updated FTS: 4/21/2017 A little dark as the lighting in the room was weird but here it is
  3. Dang the orange and red are incredible. Love this build
  4. Just an FTS nothing too special. Water change tonight or tomorrow!
  5. I think your water level is a little high. The third chamber should be lower than the second baffle. I dont really know how to explain here is a link; Let me know if this doesn't make sense. I think the white strings are nothing to worry about right now but if it stays around mention something about it.
  6. Thank you! Glad to know you're here for the ride
  7. I know! Im really enjoying watching the colors change
  8. Random Acro
  9. Thought I'd write a little more about the tank. Tank is obviously an Innovative Marine Fusion 10g. Over top is an AquaIllumination Prime (non HD). In the back chambers I have an inTank basket, Ghost Protein Skimmer, Heater, and stock return along with marine pure and Aquaforest Carbon and GFO. Currently raising my Alk to around 8.5dKH (currently 8dKH) and lowering nitrates to around 2ppm (currently 7ppm) Top Down and light schedule
  10. Before the sunrise
  11. Lights dimming down for the night.
  12. Favorite coral in the tank right now. Rainbow in Spain "Spainbow"
  13. Did a 6 liter water change today. Quick photo after the change I'm going to try to take photos daily just to keep up
  14. Im just using my iPhone. I've downloaded photoshop express (it's free) and I use the temperature setting to get a bit of the blue out. This is is the above photo without any temperature corrections If if you have a real camera, I think Dave Fason (nanoboxreef) has posted up a sweet thread about taking reef photography. Or if you follow R2R, d2mini has one for sure
  15. Thanks Teeny! I know lol I felt like such a doofus once I figured it out but oh well... Im glad I didnt overreact to the high Nitrates