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  1. I know teeny has had 2 clowns as well as 2 green banded gobies and a pink streak wrasse so I think you should be ok. As long as you think your nutrient levels are good. I would recommend getting a small pair though
  2. Sweet looking tank! If I didn't already have a Fusion 10 I was going to get this one for when I downsized. Will be following!
  3. My apartment is too small for anything lol. Once I finally graduate I will get something nice... hopefully haha Sweet thanks! Another question, what percentage do you run your MP10 on?
  4. Thanks teeny! What clean up crew did you order for your 10g? Looking to place an order with ReefCleaners
  5. Moved the majority of stuff over. Next is fish then it will be done
  6. what is in the photo? lol
  7. Do a rebuild so I can build with you again lol
  8. Are you running a skimmer now in the far left chamber?
  9. The only thing I would consider here is making an area for the return pump so it doesn't get gunked up with cheato or whatever you're going to put in the fuge
  10. Slowly transferring corals over. A few zoas and then a piece of red monticap. Probably going to transfer the bulk of my stuff this week then fish next weekend. Start of Zoa island.
  11. Yesss I love these updates
  12. Three weeks in...
  13. I dont know about the intensity... I would try to lower it down a bit first just to make sure you dont bake it. Hope the best for you
  14. following