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  1. No chemipure it has carbon in it. You can buy GFO. But you don't have too.
  2. Just be patient you will see it works after about 7 days stick to it for 14 days. Lower your feeding habit and you should be good. Keep GFO.
  3. If you want to go natural and not use meds. You have to take rock out scrub with brush and hope the GHA stops growing. Once it catches wind tho it just spreads. The spores it let's off when you touch and pull out just keeps making it come back and spread. Bryopsis does the same.
  4. 14 days tops. No biggie. Less feeding around that time. My Mexican turbos never touch GHA. I have 5 golf ball sized turbos.
  5. Keep it simple the more you move stuff in your tank the more problems you will have. I do monthly water changes on my 75g no issues. Bio pellet/ skimmer on 24/7. Cheato. I use the water in my 75g for my 10g as a water change every 2 weeks. I dose microbacter7 once weekly and aquavitro fuel twice weekly.
  6. No water changes during treatment it removes the meds. My fish inverts and corals were all fine. Remove the carbon keep GFO. Let it work it's magic. I tested once after day 7 and I didn't see anything spike up. It works wonders on bad algae.
  7. I don't need to. Just my mushrooms have taken some real estate.
  8. Yeah. Christmas is rough on the pocket lol. But Im on the prowl again to pick yo some more Acans for the 10 gallon. I need to frag some of the stuff in my 75g I'm just lasy and seems like alot of work lol
  9. I haven't I have a LFS that sells Acans for a good price with good assortment s of colors. I should be getting some red next week.
  10. Your welcome. Don't let it get out of control otherwise you have to dose for much longer. Stuff spreads like wild fire especially when you try and pull it out. I had some sprout a couple weeks ago and I had 1 pill of reef flux left mixed it in and all gone in about 4 days.
  11. The fluconazole treatment may kill all the algae problems you are having. It cleared everything up that I didn't want growing in my tank. I would start it now before it gets worst. My cheato grew faster probably due to the higher nutrients from the die off of algae.
  12. Share away. We are here for you to vent and we will listen. Prayers.
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