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  1. jdmcbuilt

    Horrible AI Prime HD experience. Kessil A80 is amazing

    Lol yeah. He has a lot to learn. We all thought we knew it all cause we read everything we could. But 5 years later I'm still learning and I now can say I feel like my tank is the best its ever been... This guy seems new to hobby and doesn't like getting advice since he is the "Know it All" type of person. Unfortunately he will learn the hard way. And I'm sure he has burned his bridges here. I'm willing to help but some people just can't be helped lol.
  2. jdmcbuilt

    Horrible AI Prime HD experience. Kessil A80 is amazing

    Bud, just because a light that you don't technically have enough competence to figure out. Doesn't mean it's a bad product. I have 2 AI hydra HD on my 75g and they work great powerful and very user friendly. I also have a micmol on my IM10 that works for me and is a bit difficult to set, but that doesn't mean it's a bad product. Your advice is not advice. You bash on something that has no VALUE to other users. Your experience with this product is user error. Kessil is great and so is the AI. Kessil less functions to turn on than the AI. (That is user error) lol
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  5. jdmcbuilt

    FS:IM Ghost Skimmer desktop

    What was wrong with it, that you decided to go with another brand
  6. jdmcbuilt

    Want to trade Jebao SW-8

    I have a RW 4 I could sell you? $25.00 free shipping. fairly new. I ended up buying a gyre pump.
  7. jdmcbuilt

    So you win a huge aquarium and now what?

    Lmao. This thread is pretty funny. I also wouldnt know what to do with a big setup. Lol my wife would probably have a heart attack. I entered her in tje contest so hopefully she wins so she can make the choice lol
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  9. jdmcbuilt

    75 gallon build

    4 month update. Everything is growing pretty quickly I must say.
  10. jdmcbuilt

    Extra equipment

    Anything wrong with it?
  11. jdmcbuilt

    Extra equipment

    Do you have picture of gyre wavemaker?
  12. jdmcbuilt

    Future Acan garden

    About 6in. I dont like alot of light bleeding off the side of the tank.
  13. jdmcbuilt

    Future Acan garden

    Dawn/Mid day/Dusk 20/50/20blue 10/20/10 white 5/15/5 special I have 1 coral in there right now that I bleached i think when I was running higher percentages. With the current setting acan is looking colorful and puffing up again.
  14. jdmcbuilt

    Need opinion on MicMol Smart LED light

    i was planning on it. once i start to place some corals in there to show there reaction to the light.