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  1. Hey everyone, It's a sad truth, but Just the Tip has been taken down. We are having the house tented and with my current work schedule, I am unable to give this tank the attention it needs. I want to thank you all for your kind words and support through this adventure. Happy reefing, Xavier
  2. Was planning on upgrading my nano, but this tank is too big. $200 Nuvo 20g 24x15x13" (Like new, no scratches) Wavepoint Led (White and blue) Unknown LED (came with the tank, also white and blue) Screen top for fish safety
  3. I got 4 new fish today! Im up to 16 fish in the 45g, thank God for big skimmers, Algae Turf Scrubbers, Chaeto, and Mangroves! New additions today were a pair of target mandarins (not really a pair, I just saw two that looked lonely and tried to play matchmaker, we will see if they actually pair up), a melanarus wrasse, and a very small leopard wrasse that I haven't seen since it was put in the tank. Surprisingly, no one seems to be getting beat up (unless thats why I haven't found the leopard wrasse yet), and the melanarus wrasse and one of the mandarins are already picking. I got them all in hopes of eradicating my new enemies, zoanthid eating and montipora eating nudis. I already had a leopard and a yellow tail damsel to try to keep the infestation from happening, but they are lazy and wait for me to feed frozen food. Anyway, we will see how they fit in with everyone else in the next couple days
  4. Probably about 6 pounds, if that. The key is to get pieces that aren't that dense. Light, and shapely pieces are my favorite. in a small tank its easy to just fill the whole thing with rock, its a lot harder to do tunnels, caves, and cliffs. Post a pic when you get it up
  5. Changed some corals around, got a couple new ones, and got new light bulbs. Finally got around to snapping some pictures and post them. I have been working nonstop and haven't been home to enjoy the tank as much. And just for fun, we upgraded the seahorse tank from a 16 to this Cardiff! As always, thanks for looking and happy reefing!
  6. These are some pics from earlier this week. I actually cleaned the glass and figured I would get some pics up a bit closer. Thanks for visiting
  7. It's pretty great. I found a larger sump that would still fit in my sump so I don't need it sitting around. I would like to get 80 bucks for it, with you picking it up from my place in Aventura, FL. It has sealed sections for 3 dosing fluids and a large ATO reservoir, as well as the main sump. Saves a ton of space and allows for a clean look under the sump. Dimensions are 22x21x18. Ps I'm cross-posting this so first come, first served.
  8. Thank you. It definitely cleared up some room.
  9. Did some serious rearranging to get the anemone out, still have one left but I buried her pretty deep in the rock and I think she will pop out the back side this time around. Added a couple more pieces and moved some stuff around. I owe this thread a bunch more pictures (I will try to photo dump soon) because there have been a lot of changes in filtration and livestock. anyway here is a picture from about 12:00am this morning.
  10. 70g

    nice tank!