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  1. Thanks and Happy B-Day!

    welcome hope it goes well for u
  2. Alternative Topoff Water?

    If the school cared about test results in chemistry at all, it would not use copper pipes to contaminate its distilled water loll
  3. Dude that is just beautiful I wish i had your diy ability
  4. bubble algae/ emerald crab?

    torch coral has longer thinner and pencil looking polyps frogspawn has these little paw like polyps. my emerald ate bubble algae, but only when i moved him there caues he's an idiot
  5. Camera for sale

  6. stocking for a 10g, need some advice.

    "If you've ever had an injection, IV or an implanted medical device, you owe your health to the Horseshoe Crab" I'm not quit esure what that means. Elaborate?
  7. Cycling 37gal smelly water 3 days in...

    from that pic, your tank looks radioactive. whoa 8 on the ammonia. seems like some heavy ammonia. I would do a water change, because I like to have more stuff living at the end and so the smell could hopefully be removed. yuck!
  8. Centerpiece Fish for 10 gallon?

    I like the Royal gramma's color. May not have the most personality, but cute nonetheless. or if lots of people come over, stick to the clownfish, so people can say ' ooo Nemo! ' and proceed to fall in love with you. I went both routes and put both in my ten gallon ><
  9. Zoo eating nudi

    So I ended up yanking the nudi with the help of a needle, taking him off the zoo with only one leg or something like that removed. It was in the middle of laying eggs, so I took out the sticky eggs too. Hope that does it. Any suggestions? I also have a picture of it, but I'll have that posted later.
  10. icenine's nano

    By the way, The pack I got w/ith the nudis was the first one you got, the one with the candy cane and pink red zoos I think.
  11. Zoo eating nudi

    Hey i just discovered that my long standing colony of zoos has a brownish nudi looking thing on it, causing the entire colony to close up i am almost 100% positive this came from a fragpack I bought from B16A2NR recently, and I ended up losing two of the frags in that pack (never thought about nudis- thought it was just poor water quality on my part) how do i get rid of it? there is only one nudibranch at the moment. I do not have lugols or anything specially formulated for a dip. I am thinking about stabbing it with a needle (cause it's only a few mm large) and pulling it out How do I look for eggs? ugh. thanks, will be back later.
  12. Lily & Jerry's 12gal 1 week old nanocube craziness!

    watch out for the flame scallop they have a notorious reputation for dying in aquariums.
  13. Wtb Yellow Tang (nyc Only)

    yeah fish town ALWAYS has tangs ever time I go lol
  14. My zoas are rolling around....

    They let go by themselves. I had a 25 polyp frag of these nice red zoos, and slowly, they broke off and went roaming around the tank. Sometimes they attach themselves to new rock elsewhere, othertimes they just..die.
  15. Snail w/o shell 2

    looks like a stomatella snail.