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  1. Algae, any idea what kinds?

    The tallest in the picture that is sectioned like hexagons is of the Halimeda genus. The other algea could be of the genera of Halimeda or Cymopolia. From that picture it is hard to tell exectly, but both of those genera are sectioned. Hope this helps.
  2. FS: 70w MH complete nano set-up w/ 2 bulbs

    LxWxH is 7"x5"x3.5" Still for sale.
  3. FS: 70w MH complete nano set-up w/ 2 bulbs

    Would you like to know cord length, size of the pendent, or something else? Define what exactly you would like the size of and I will let you know.
  4. FS: 70w MH complete nano set-up w/ 2 bulbs

    If you would like more pictures sent, please include your email in the PM when you request them.
  5. FS: 70w MH complete nano set-up w/ 2 bulbs

    I also have a heavey duty timer that I will throw in for free with this packaged offer.
  6. I am upgrading tanks and decied to sell the MH that once hung over my MB7. I am selling a set up of a 70w electronic ballast made by Aromat, A mini regent fixture/ socket/ reflector, and 2 bulbs. One bulb is a 10,000K the other is a 20,000K. The 10k bulb has only about 2 months on it and the 20K only has about 2 months on it as well. I am asking $150 shipped OBO. It is completely wired and ready to go. I would just like to sell this so I can buy different lights for my new 20L set-up. If you want to do a local pick up in Jacksonville, IL, let me know and I'll knock some off of the price. I will take paypal. Email me for details or offers @ bravosp@gmail.com or on AIM @ "BravoRIP".
  7. Salty Fiddler Crab

    I just snapped a quick picture of it before I put it in the tank.
  8. *** Illuming.com ***

    I just ordered a 70w MH ballast from Dr.Lamp. I hope that is arrives soon. Pending on the past comments, I have faith. I will post my happiness or lack of once I recieve it. I am looking forward to it very much.
  9. College reefers?

    PM sent to ya. I think a hunting cover scent such as fox urine shall do. And besides it should be on clearance this time of year. Other thoughts are to ###### on a dixie plate then smear it on her car winshield. ALSO this time of year it is freezing cold out so a good ole egg smashed on the wind shield would be a ###### to chip off. Post other ideas to help me get even.
  10. 70w MH Ballast, Brand new!

    I would pay via Paypal but I am not going to race and throw money at you. I don't like that idea and that is how people get ripped off and that is scummy when people do that. Why do you just go with the first PM sent to you??? They have a timestamp on it. I would like the ballast, but if someone sent a PM before me, they have the right to it first. OVERALL, is it still up for sale or what? Sorry for the forwardness and vulgarity if it was a applied a lil too thick above =).
  11. 70w MH Ballast, Brand new!

    PM $ent~
  12. WTB 70w ballast

  13. WTB 70w ballast

    I had a WPI 70w ballast that died on me and my tank needs a new one. I would prefer something a little more quality than WPI. I miss my MH as I am only running PCs at the moment. I have paypal and would like to get one soon as possible. If any offers, email me @ bravote80@yahoo.com. Thanx
  14. new 70 wt mh 20 k bulb

    PM sent
  15. Shrimp and Fish Symbiosis combo's

    haha @ avatar