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  1. I just snapped a quick picture of it before I put it in the tank.
  2. Wheeee!
  3. Looks like good ole' Hair Algea to me. GL getting rid of it.
  4. That looks like my computer =) I love my 4 blue LED 80mm fans, but it sux when 1 of the 4 LED dies...
  5. 25

    Let there be light!
  6. FOR SALE!
  7. I will be adding 2 80mm fans. Its a project in the works.
  8. MiniBow7 with 70w 10,000k MH & 32w 50/50. Title says it all.
  9. Broken!
  10. Awesome picture, I have heard of them hosting with any coral nearly; even Brains...
  11. I love those colors. awesome~
  12. aauuhh???
  13. Tightness!
  14. Great pic, those are some sexy legs...
  15. and Blue! Feel those low wavelenghts, wheee