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  1. Is this paly dead???

    Hmmm gotta get some Lugol’s. Would bayer dip be an acceptable substitution?
  2. Is this paly dead???

    Haven’t seen it open up for like 1-2 weeks now. Some other corals aren’t doing too good in the tank either, even though the anemones are happy as ever. Not sure if it’s dying and releasing paly toxin? theres like a shiny coat of plastic on the heads. When I picked up with my long tweezers it kind of scratched that coating off.
  3. Fluval Evo 12/13.5 Media Basket PreSale now OPEN

    I haven’t done it, but resting it on egg crate in chamber 2 should work. I beg to differ on the skimmer being POS though. I have the aquatic life 115 which is what the Fluval one is based on, and it has been skimming fine for me.
  4. Secrets to zoa?

    My zoas are temporarily housed in my 29G that I keep rather clean. I got lazy and didn’t do water change for the past month and it seems like they’ve perked up a bit.
  5. Secrets to zoa?

    When my 5G pico was running my alk would drop from 10 to about 9 everyday. That was a SPS dominated tank though. If your tank is zoa only it probably won’t drop very much.
  6. Microbacter7 = ammonia + stuff?

    If the ammonia is the "lure" to wake the bacteria up, why wouldn't the bacteria wake up already when in the bottle? Why wouldn't they have chewed up all that ammonia already?
  7. Microbacter7 = ammonia + stuff?

    Level of tank after dosing to about 5ppm. I didn't know there has been a confirmation on what it contained. Did someone do a gram stain/culture etc?
  8. Ammonia processing rate of established tank?

    I just received my seachem ammonia test kit. Let's repeat the experiment: Day 0: dosed to ~5ppm left: control 0ppm middle: some other stuff I'm doing please ignore right: test aquarium sample
  9. Anyone who has read my previous thread regarding my stalled cycle should remember I tested microbacter7 for ammonia with my API kit. Results were surprisingly high in ammonia. I just bought a different ammonia test kit and first thing I did was to confirm the results. For comparison I've attached test results of 0ppm control (second picture left-most) and newly dosed water 5ppm (second picture right-most)
  10. Ammonia processing rate of established tank?

    Your post reminded me of a professor in my microbiology diversity class in college. He once asked the class "where does bacteria not exist in this world?" And we messed with him by answering "in a can of food" "in the blood of a healthy animal" "in an environment so hot >187°C where ATP breaks down (ATP is the fundamental energy currency in life on earth)"
  11. Fluval EVO 13.5 advice needed

    How about putting some felt pads under the legs of the tank? May have to wait till the next water change to do it. have you tried adjusting the water level slightly also? Maybe the vibration is resonating with the natural frequency of your tank? A far stretch but easy to test.
  12. Ammonia processing rate of established tank?

    This is a big ask, but it would be really interesting if you could hold ammonia dosing in one can for a few months, and continue dosing the other can. At the end we can compare the rates of the two. I'm glad this thread is really turning into something interesting here.
  13. Secrets to zoa?

    As far as I know alk and calcium aren't big concerns for zoa
  14. Ammonia processing rate of established tank?

    Would you amuse us by doing a nitrate test as well. Just curious if any nitrifying bacteria managed to grow in there.
  15. Ammonia processing rate of established tank?

    Was going to ask you for it coz I couldn't find it.