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  1. It is a very common misconception. Electric current only kills you if it passes THROUGH you. That’s why birds can land on power lines without getting electrocuted. If they put one foot on each power line that’s a different story. That’s why wearing shoes with thick rubber sole protects you from electrocution as well: electricity passes onto you from the point of contact, but it never gets through to the ground because of the shoes. Merely having a heightened potential is fine, just as standing on the edge of a cliff is 100% fine too. It only kills you if you fall off the cliff and hit the ground.
  2. Maybe some of your equipments are leaking current. The grounding probe just completed the circuit and killed your fish. Remove your grounding probe. It’s only needed when you put your hands into the water by diverting current from passing through you. Grounding probe is for protecting YOU.
  3. I still get a lot of snail poop and what not in the BB tank. Shit comes out when I pour new water into the tank after a WC, so it'll never really look bare bottom
  4. dandelion


    Looks like bryopsis. I'd do manual removal plus spot-treat peroxide. Water changes to lower nutrients, maybe add a fuge. You could resort to chemicals (fluconazole) but it may just select for other algae.
  5. It seems to be doing good I think you’ll be fine.
  6. Every time I try to put some snails in there they die of starvation. I think now I have just one giant astrea snail left. Rock is pretty much algaeless. That said my tank is mature enough that my phos is 0.02 even without running carbon or purigen. I do have an ac50 converted fuge with a red grow light.
  7. They’re pretty hardy, yea they’ll can probably survive.
  8. Good stuff. One hitchhiked into my t and so I don’t need a cuc anymore.
  9. dandelion


    They make such things?
  10. I have one just in case, but I don’t think I’ll ever use it. Hate dealing with salt creep.
  11. Can’t believe the scammer is trying to play victim. If you don’t want to deal with him just refund your money. You have time to post bs here a[patently you’re not busy at all.
  12. Try testing for copper
  13. Wow distilled water sure is expensive in your area. But then this is an expensive hobby. Like everyone else said you added too many fish too fast, and ro/di or distilled water is almost a requirement. My tap water measuresabout 100ppm. My ro/di unit was damaged once and I used the water that measured 10ppm for top off and water change and I had algae outbreak.its not hard to imagine how 10x that would be how bad.
  14. Buy bottles of distilled water from your local grocer. Just over a dollar a gallon here.
  15. The freezing process separates salt from water. Once you thaw it it’ll mix back, but why not just figure out how many tablespoon of salt you’ll need for 3.5 cups?
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