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  1. Yes, I have a youtube channel on how to have good results, in tanks, just keeping things easy, inexpensive and basic. This is my goodbye photo. I am in the process of selling this tank and replacing it with something smaller. Thank you!
  2. I know I have not been on this forum in a very long time. Life gets very busy sometimes. 🙂 But because I often send people to this forum for information and this thread to see the build of my tank, when asked about my tank... and I have decided to sell this tank and start up a smaller one, I wanted one last photo of it on here before it is sold. As I feel this will probebly be my most favorite tank I have ever had the pleasure of owning. So for the purpose of showing what a tank can look like after all the ups and downs, prayers, money spent and time invested in enjoying this wonderful hobby..this is what a tank can look like after four years. Blessings and Happy Reefing!
  3. Awww..He was just as beautiful then. He looked smaller too but maybe just because he was in a taller tank. And Wow...you did have him with you a long time! Are those your same clowns?
  4. I am so very sorry. A big hug from me here in the North Georgia Mountains. He was gorgeous and I always enjoyed seeing your stunning photography of him. He lived in one of the prettiest tanks I have ever seen. You take great care of anything you have. We will all miss him with you. You will be in my thoughts.
  5. I love their colors and they do look cute side by side. All I have is a phone to take pictures with. I can never get a good picture of my fish unless I catch them perfectly still. They are not doing very well. I figured out I had them in to high flow so moved them a few times to try to save them. They are happier but still not great. The white one I fragged off all the dead so now I have more options as to where I can put it. I am hoping to find their sweet spot soon. I like them so much I hope they turn around.
  6. Everything looks great! The colors are amazing. I like the placements you have as well. The color scheme is very nice. You have one chubby tail spot!
  7. Bta's look really nice together! Are you going to keep the baby? That was your best picture yet of your clown with your chalice. Very pretty. Your little urchin is sooo cute next to your clam. Very sweet. I wish I could find some that small. My urchins are one of my favorite things to watch. Always carrying around different items. Wow, that is some good growth on the double D's. They look happy.
  8. Wow! you have been very busy! It really looked great last picture cant wait to see it now!
  9. Aww..to cute! From the underside it was hard to tell.
  10. Loved the video! Your tank is looking great! It looks like it has hit its mature and full stride. Very nice...What was that little fish on the glass at the end of the video by your fox coral?
  11. Sometimes my mushrooms look puny for a day or two and then look great again. Some times it is because they are expelling waste.
  12. The kitties are all grown up and as cute as ever! Poor Pinky...I am so glad he was ok.
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