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  1. Yes, I have a youtube channel on how to have good results, in tanks, just keeping things easy, inexpensive and basic. This is my goodbye photo. I am in the process of selling this tank and replacing it with something smaller. Thank you!
  2. I know I have not been on this forum in a very long time. Life gets very busy sometimes. 🙂 But because I often send people to this forum for information and this thread to see the build of my tank, when asked about my tank... and I have decided to sell this tank and start up a smaller one, I wanted one last photo of it on here before it is sold. As I feel this will probebly be my most favorite tank I have ever had the pleasure of owning. So for the purpose of showing what a tank can look like after all the ups and downs, prayers, money spent and time invested in enjoying this wonderful hobby..this is what a tank can look like after four years. Blessings and Happy Reefing!
  3. Wow! unique, well thought out and artisticly done. A piece of living art!
  4. Wow! unique, well thought out and artisticly done. A piece of living art!
  5. FTS 3-27-16 I love the hobby of keeping fish tanks. It is amazing what one can do with a glass box and a puddle of water. I have had fish tanks all my life. I also had a 30 gallon reef tank for many years. I had to give up having a reef tank because of our busy lifestyle. My husband and I take in and adopt special needs children and we had a child with a trach and g-tube come into our home. I felt guilty anytime I spent money on my tank and had little time to devote to it anymore. I decided to sell it. For my birthday this year my wonderful husband said I could get back into the hobby. I did a lot of research and things have changed in the 8 or so years I have been out of it. I had PC's and upgraded to T5's just before leaving the hobby. Now I can get LED's for a nano that don't cost an arm and a leg or that I have to build. It was exciting to see all that is available this time around. I decided upon a 20 long to keep costs down on the whole project, make it low maintainance, and to limit my spending as to how much I can spend and put into my tank in the way of corals and fish. The tank has been up and running for several months now. I am enjoying my self so much. I will share the pictures I have taken along the way. I purchases a 20 long tank and painted the back with a flat black spray paint. I then placed an order with Reef Cleaners for some of their base rock. They were great! I told them I was setting up a 20 long and they chose pieces that would work well for me. The rock was light and porous. Very good rock for a reef. I ordered 30 pounds. Played with it a bit on a piece of newspaper the size of what my aquarium foot print was and used about 20 pounds of it. The children need me. Will post more progress later!