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    0.9g AIO

    Thank you! Yup, getting close to one year with the nem in there
  2. Nickmcg

    0.9g AIO

    Some recent pics
  3. Nickmcg

    0.9g AIO

    Haven't updated this in a long time. In the spring we had a power outage that lasted 4 days. I ended up loosing 90% of my coral and fish. So this tank was started over with a Condy anemone. Been running like this for about 5 months. Nem seems to be doing good. Also have some dragons breath in there. It's pretty maintenance free, just top off every few days, feed nem a few time a week and water changes every couple weeks.
  4. Haven't updated in a while but I got some more gsp and two more nems. Everything seems to be doing good so far.
  5. First nem. Not the best colors but it was cheap at petco.
  6. Thanks! Hopefully stocking soon. Finally got the light on. Also got a glass lid for it.
  7. Very cool idea and I love the rock work! Looking forward to seeing this tank progress.
  8. Filled it up! Lights coming today so should have Pics of that later. Same vase above, used to have succulents until they all died. Once I get the cords and lighting figured out they'll be side by side on that mantle.
  9. Super tiny is the way! Thanks! If it works out how I'm hoping I think it'll be pretty neat. It's a 12oz bottle. I think it's around 3/4 gallon of water volume. I'll measure next time I do a water change. That's a good idea. I'll probably do that until I come up with a glass one. Seams make me a little nervous, hopefully they'll hold.
  10. Think I'll probably make a glass lid and then probably just daily top offs. Going to go with black sand for this Pump in
  11. I started reef keeping with a 3g Pico tank in a lemonade jug and currently have a few Pico tanks running, so this contest is right up my alley! For the contest I'm going to be using a rectangle glass vase. I have a small ebay power head which I have used in past picos, they're cheap and small. I'm going to try not using a heater in this tank. My current 1g Pico aio stays around 76 degrees with just the power head. Lighting will be a coral compulsion par 30 18k led. Stocking plans are green star polyp on the rock work surrounded by rock flower anemones. Possibly some sex shrimp later on as well. Equipment : -14 x 5 x 3.25 glass vase -eBay powered -coral compulsion par 30 18k led
  12. Nickmcg

    0.9g AIO

    I try to do them daily. Sometimes every other day.
  13. Much more flow in the 3g. I frequently have to trim back the xenia. I'm trying to keep it on the right side only, the stuff grows like a weed.
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