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  1. I've noticed some local reefer club coral raffles on Facebook. Anyone have the patience to explain how they work? I'm too dumb to figure it out, never gambled before. One guy puts a frag up and calls it a ten spot main. They you buy your number/place picking one through ten for say 2 bucks. Then here is where I get lost. Once one through ten slots are full.....a drawing takes place. The winner gets to choose one of ten spots. Once that is full, then we do another drawing for someone to win the frag. Thanks in advance
  2. There are hand raised ones trained to eat in a jar. But I don't remember what type of food. It Might be an idea if you have the time to feed that way. I had a link to a vendor but can't find it. I'd go with an expert vendor like that.
  3. Another interesting project ”My estimation is that this chiller is able to cool 20 liter of water to about 6 degree below ambient" http://www.shine7.com/aquarium/chiller.htm
  4. Based on this study : http://www.seachem.com/downloads/articles/Aluminum-Solubility-Toxicity.pdfIt's OK to use Aluminium with pH higher than 5.3.But I'm not chemist, I may misunderstood.
  5. Naekuh, do you know of a waterblock that is not ALU which would be reef safe for saltwater? Thanks
  6. Any updates or mods to your cooler? thanks
  7. Looking here also hotdrop.....
  8. https://www.aquariumcomputer.com/products/ghl-cooling-technology/profilux-temperature-control2/ GHL is saying release date of Q2 2019 I agree it might be very expensive
  9. Its hard to tell but The aquaDG link photos if it's a metal waterblock, I wonder if that is ok or would leach off for a reef tank? The 1/10 hp chiller on Amazon , the manufacturer says in the Q and A....... Yes, a small water pump (recommended rate of flow is 132-396GPH) is required to circulate the water through the chiller. Ghl said they were coming out with a chillsolutions type https://aquanerd.com/2018/09/ghl-profilux-temperature-control-2.html
  10. Thanks Curtis appreciate it, yes I've had the odd LED made in china in the past that put out warmth. Glad to hear these are cool. I was thinking about your setup for an office tank so I'd want to be very careful not screw up is the reason for asking. Keep the ole boss-man happy. Thanks for sharing all your info here it's looking great
  11. No need to adjust anything here, great photo, thanks for the update.
  12. Examples why business is so tough https://youtu.be/w8B1lZp0ULM
  13. Curious if this closed loop system made it or has been taken offline, thanks in advance.
  14. On these inserts and sump kits. Do you have to be careful of acrylic expanding and cracking the glass? I read about a guy with a glass sump. He put in acrylic baffles and the acrylic, after being in the water, expanded and cracked the glass. Since there are different types of acrylic and I don't know what type you use I though I would ask. Do customers have to be mindful of allowing clearance for expansion when ordering? Thanks in advance.
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