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  1. I actually just sent it in to Dave and had him retrofit a mini tide m with a bluefish controller onto the nanotuners heat sink. I’m terrible with electronics. Yours looks pretty damn good. Looking back I should have gotten a duo retro.
  2. @Reefkid88 well this might be overly detailed, but.... I'm trying to control exactly what's going in my tank. The plan is to use Caribsea Life Rock and Fiji Pink live sand, then cycle using Red Sea's Mature starter kit. From there I'll start stocking my CUC with: Indo Pacific Sea Farms 5 Mini stars 5 Bristle worms 5 Strombus Maculatus Snails Reef Cleaners 5 Dwarf Cerith Snails 5 Dwarf Planaxis Snails 1 Emerald Mithrax Crab (if necessary) Algaebarn 5 Nassarius Snails 3 Trochus Snails 1 Jar of 5280 Pods (Tigriopus, Tisbe, and Apocyclops) 1 Jar of Clean Chaeto I know this seams like overkill, but I plan on feeding Rod's Food Herbivore Blend to supplement the algae eaters once the algae is done. After that I want to add only captive bred fish, but I'm not sure what I want. I can't put a lid on the tank with the skimmer in there, so I don't want any jumpers. I don't want to overstock the tank so I'm leaning towards a goby or something. Suggestions are welcome. As far as coral goes I plan on starting with Zoas from a predetermined list: Zoanthids & Palythoas Blondies Blue Hornets Cat Eyes Fruit Loops Rastas Sunny Ds Twizzlers Utter Chaos LPS Yellow Splatter Highlighter Branching Hammer Jawbreaker Mushroom Ricordea Mushrooms Black Torch (Legendary Corals- I love it) Bizzaro Cyphastrea Rainbow Acan This is as far as I've thought it through, but once I feel everything is stable enough I will dip my toes in some SPS (for the first time ever).
  3. So..... After many years and many attempts to start anew tank, I've finally decided "Enough waiting just make do with what you have". I walked into my shed and piecemealed a tank. So far I have. 5 gallon tank (from Petco) Oceanic biocube protein skimmer Aquaclear 20 (Refugium) Nanocustoms/Nanobox Retro (I had planned a Fluval Edge Build last year but that fell through) Custom Light Stand I'd like to add. XP Aqua sumpless ATO Neo-Therm 25w heater Caribsea Life Rock and Fiji Pink sand I'll go from there I guess?? Stocking Plans : Mixed Reef with a Yellow Clown Goby I'll be posting more details later but I have one question: What do you think of my refugium light? is it too much? I used the lights that came attached to the lid of the tank...
  4. Quick question for you Nuvo 20 owners... Can you place a minimax reactor in the center chamber without any problems with the return lines?
  5. Ruby red dragonet, Tanaka's pygmy wrasse, Toby puffer, Flame prawn goby, or something more common like clown gobies.
  6. Nice tank! I'm following along, I love the dimensions BTW. How thick is the glass?