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  1. Of course the background should be prioritized! Since I re-read the manuaI several times think my request is BS anyway. the moon cycle setting does exactly that by using all channel settings of the night level as max and dimming with that. Please someone correct me if I am wrong. I just got confused since I never had it activated and now I use the new custom schedule feature. I don't know how it works with that one...
  2. This is a feature request I just came up with, but maybe there us another way to do it that I am not aware of... users with no dedicated moon channel who use for example blue a 1% for moonlight can't make use of the natural moon cycle. Right? So the idea is to create a virtual moon channel that consists of one or more real channels and what you would set is the dimming level max. For example 100% moon is in reality 3.5 % blue and 2% uv. Then use this virtual moon channel for the natural moon cycle setting.
  3. Do the natural sun settings work for this? Or does it make no sense...
  4. All good! Dimming below 1% and the colors work just fine. Thanks Spencer.
  5. It is fixed for the graph, but still not carrying over to the sliders for me. Another thing that does not carry over is the "Display Channel" set to OFF setting, they still show. for example I only use 4 channels, but all six show... I just tested and it will write a zero, also the light is off. If you could add those super cool + and - buttons for fine tuning would be great for stubby fingers like mine. maybe above and below the sliders. But entering text is fine too. these are minor tweaks, but all in all this is great. Awesome new feature indeed!
  6. Super! Thank you spencer To make it perfect IMHO would be an import export feature for the schedules for easy sharing and swapping. Oh, I just found out it doesn't show dimming values below 1%, even if I enter manually (I don't know if it saves it though). It would be nice to set lower values like in the default settings. I use 0.4 % for moonlight for example.
  7. very cool. am I right that I can now define a moon phase with for example the blue channel only being at like 1% for a few hours and then shut all channels off completely?
  8. sorry to hijack, but the SWC section is gone from this forum?
  9. The fan pwm is hardwired to the white channel ch1 pwm. So if you lower the whites the fan should also lower the speed accordingly. unfortunately the systems is very delicate, so if you had some voltage spikes in your power mains or some water in the light connector you may have damaged the controls. try using another bluefish port / channel and test if that is still OK. If not the driver may be the issue.
  10. Yeah that is right, but I was referring to the solution strenght wich is mentioned. So if I want to thin out the vodka with water to get lower dosage, the baseline for calculations is 100 % solution is 40% alcohol 50% solution is 20% alcohol ... ?
  11. Hey guys, I have been reading the vodka guides here and just want to make sure I don't get screwed in my calculations by different international standards and number conversion. For the calculations, 100% solution strenght mentioned in the guides equals 80 proof / 40% vol. Vodka? So if I have a 35% vol. Vodka at home, this would equal 87,5% solution strenght? Right? Or does the solution strenght mentioned already refer to the % alcohol value?
  12. mpad

    Excellent Support

    Yeah. Great support. Needed replacement part and Spencer was most generous. Thanks again.
  13. mpad

    Polarcollision's Nuvo 24: Triton water test

    Hey, just love your tank + photos. About the spiraling - fun is, I just read about this in a German forum before I came to this thread 10 min ago. Consensus for growth pattern was like that: low flow = vertical + thick (spiral) high flow = horizontal + thin. Also placing them low seems to ecourage the vertical growth pattern. No proof at all, bu maybe that helps.
  14. mpad

    reefin on the edge

    putting everything together ... getting the pump down there in the mp3 was a nightmare and made me realize that my arms are just too thick with muscle. fortunately my gf helped me out with her child-worker like hands. neat not so neat let there be light
  15. mpad

    Laybackk's Fluval 6 Edge Reef thread

    hey, just setting up the 12g edge. following...