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  1. Mostly ready for the new light that should be coming next week! Curing some flat rocks for some last changes to scape. Would like to build another shelf for either zoos or something else. Have had a pretty annoying week with the tank. Was in the middle of raising my Mg levels and started seeing what appeared to be precipitation all over the tank. Checked all of the parameters and they were good. Someone suggested a coral may have spawned based on the spherical nature of the white balls. Andddd it ended up that my purigen bag tore open! Refugium was a mess and the sand bed is now littered with them. Then I was getting all kinds of GFO dust accumulating everywhere so had to quickly change that out. Not sure what happened there- I always change it every 2-3 months and haven’t seen the GFO really degrade like that. But anyways- tank is healthy after almost overdosing kH. I got rid of the large chalice and never adjusted my dosing so I think the kH was creeping up until is was pretty high. No effects on appearance of corals but glad I caught it. New frag rack- started cutting back my one type is zoos and the trumpet corals. Hoping to trade for some other goodies.
  2. Ha, well at this point I had to just fit all of the corals back in the tank but didn’t want to glue anything until I’m happy with the rock work. Also, I may cure a few pieces of rock I bought awhile ago dry and hence this may take a lot longer than I’d prefer!
  3. Can you drop a snail in there as a CUC? I have a Aquaclear 110 converted into a Fuge and one snail in it keeps all algae at bay on the plastic walls while the Chaeto grows like crazy.
  4. Ugh that does sound messy ha. I suppose strange nosies from the tank are never a good thing.... What type of filter bags do you usually use? I may try different ones since this recent one got shredded.
  5. And I’m an idiot- the bag of purigen broke open!
  6. Ummm I think I found the culprit... I’ve had chaeto in a small refugium for about a year. Is it spawning? I thought Caulpera could spawn but I’m not familiar with Chaeto doing it?
  7. Whoa that’s a lot of stuff in the water column! Did your water get cloudy after spawning? All the corals look good still but my water just got cloudy today, two days after the balls showed up. Not sure if I should do a water change tomorrow or just keep changing filter floss daily until it clears up.
  8. Whoa I wouldn't have even thought of that! I just googled coral spawn and the balls look exactly like this- crazy! Does anything ever become of the spawn?
  9. I’m pretty sure it’s not the sand because the only things that are in the water column are perfectly shaped spheres, not non uniform shapes like the sand would be. And the spheres are really buoyant and take a long time to settle. I use reef crystals- last water change was two days ago and didn’t see the precipitation then.
  10. Haven’t seen this happen before as I’m having an issue with precipitation. Would love to hear any suggestions. Magnesium was on the low side, around 1200ppm- so I’ve been dosing magnesium (Kent tech M) every other day with a maximum increase of 20ppm as they suggest. I dosed last night and didn’t see any precipitation occur but this morning there’s little precipitation balls (you can see them in the pictures) all over the tank. I’m guessing it must be the Magneisum since I did not not dose two part yesterday but no way to know. Any thoughts?! Maybe a pH issue? I can never decide what the PH measurement is- I feel as if it never matches any of that colors in the chart. KH- 8.2 calcium- 420 magneisum- 1320 salinity 1.025
  11. I purchased the Nanobox duo two weeks ago, just awaiting its shipment. I am currently running a current marine LED setup.
  12. Thanks for suggestion- I may have pulled the trigger on the Nanobox last week.... ha. Can't wait to see it in action since it can put out about 3x more wattage than my current LEDs. Hoping that my acans start to plump up more, have my elegance make some babies and get my zoanthids spreading. Oh and the spectrum and blending should be a vast improvement over my current setup.
  13. Ya awhile back I heard that the name had changed but it's confusing when reefers and reef stores still use Acans/micromussa to mean the same thing! So from my understanding Echinata is still an Acanthastrea though? The importance is coral on coral crime! Generally people place lords in close proximity without issues but Echinata can be aggressive I think...
  14. Hmm- you can probably ask them to order you one if it's something they generally don't carry all the time.
  15. Absolutely me too! He looks angry but he is all talk. He doesn't really bother any other fish. Once in awhile he will stand his ground but actually my larger clown will chase him off during feeding times. Any thought on getting a shrimp to pair with him? I've always wanted one but just haven't done it. Not sure if a pistol shrimp would be ok with a coral banded shrimp in the tank...
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