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  1. holy carp

    Best AI Prime Signature Settings for Mixed Reef??

    Where do you download the profiles? I found a few online in random places, and the one I use works well, but I'm still surprised AI hasn't created a repository/forum to host them for sharing.
  2. holy carp

    Cast your votes🗳

    Who's been walking around that rock in the past. Looks like a pedal laceration baby. Was your rhodactis ever near the rock? I've had Yuma's move an inch or two for a day, drop a bit if foot, and then move back to where they started. Maybe rhodactis do something similar.
  3. holy carp

    Cast your votes🗳

    I'll put $100 on Yuma.
  4. holy carp


    Beautiful tank. Congrats, teeny. I can't believe it's already been two years. Happy belated tank birthday! BTW, how did you get your clownfish to wear lipstick?
  5. holy carp

    TeenyReef's 10g Fusion - New Scape

    Speaking of puffers, what are you feeding to keep his teeth ground down? It sounds like their teeth growing long is a common problem in the aquarium where they get mostly soft food. Yet there is very little information online about what works well for avoiding dentistry. I'm starting to worry about buck teeth, so trying frozen krill now...
  6. holy carp

    Distilled water is reef safe or prove me wrong

    Someone send a sample of their distilled water for a Triton ICP test and we'll know if there's anything else in it.
  7. holy carp

    PhotoBucket can kiss my bASS- $399!

    Great news, though they will never regain the trust they once had.
  8. holy carp

    Some sort of encrusting coral (or sponge)

    Definitely leptoseris, and very nice looking. As it matures it will develop more 'texture' on its surface, and it will possibly also plate out in areas where it needs to extend to reach the light. Those plates will make for easy fraggin'. IME, they are quite forgiving to large range of light and flow intensities. However, I have noticed the sweeper tentacles come out more in areas of high light and low to moderate flow. In my tank, the Jack-O-Lantern is way more likely to put out sweepers than the Tangerine Juice variety. Also, the skin seems to grow thicker in low light, though it encrusts much more slowly. It's one of my favorite types of encrusting coral. Enjoy!
  9. holy carp

    Anemone plus Timelapse

    Only use saltwater for water changes. Freshwater would dilute the salinity. Preferably distilled or RODI would be best for topping off evaporation. If the salinity is too low it would kill the anemone. You probably should keep it close to natural seawater salinity.
  10. holy carp

    Anemone plus Timelapse

    That level of Ammonia is deadly. You can't cycle anything like this with live animals in it. You will need clean saltwater (newly mixed or from an established tank) and some media that is already populated with the bacteria you need (a sponge filter currently in use, a decent sized piece live rock, or a few pounds of sand) The stringy stuff in the picture is probably the anemone trying desperately to protect itself from ammonia with mucous. What else is in this tank? That little thing wouldn't produce much ammonia, so there must be other animals or a lot of feeding...
  11. holy carp

    Anemone plus Timelapse

    get some rock or a sponge filter from an established aquarium to manage any ammonia. Your bioload should be small, so it would be enough like setting up a temp QT tank. Feed it a little something. Given its color, it doesn't look photosynthetic. I'd try spot feeding some cyclops or similar. I'd go for frozen, but small .5mm pellets might work. If it's shrinking the trick will be getting it to eat. good luck!
  12. holy carp

    Anemone plus Timelapse

    How big is it? To me it looks very much like the anemones the pom pom crabs carry.
  13. holy carp

    Sleeping with the Fishes [a pe(s)t project]

    Since @Doggiefish doesn't have a build thread up yet, I'll post this little teaser of her build here:
  14. I'm using the IceCap ATO. Like the AutoAqua, it uses an optical sensor, but has a second optical sensor as backup to cut off the pump and sound an alarm. It has a very small profile in the sump relative to the Neptune or Tunze. The device housing and buttons feels a bit cheap and plasticky, but it works very well. I did mount the backup sensor separately to allow for more sump fill level variance when I shut off the return pump for maintenance like water changes. I think it's going for $125.
  15. holy carp

    Orchid D Back and a cleaner shrimp?

    I have an orchid dottyback and have had peppermint and candycane shrimp. That fish has never once expressed any interest in the shrimp. I used to have a blue coral banded shrimp as well and the dottyback shared a cave with it. Now one of my two pom pom crabs lives in the cave with the dottyback. I highly doubt you'd have any problems, but nothing is guaranteed in this hobby.