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  1. holy carp

    Pregnant Macroalgae!

    Very interesting. Thanks for sharing. Is it the same thing with nuisance algae?
  2. holy carp

    Sleeping with the Fishes [a pe(s)t project]

    I'm pretty pleased with the plumbing. I don't have the drilling measurements handy, but I'll see if I still have the old plywood template I used. Things I like: It's extremely silent - most importantly at a pretty wide range of flow rates. Small Footprint in the tank. Don't have any powerheads taking up additional space Things I don't like: Water level in the tank drops by almost an inch when the pump is off, which is more than I'd like I can't get my glass scraper all the way to the corner next to the return and drain bulkheads My water level is just a tad higher than ideal, so I get some salt creep (especially in the dryer wintertime) around the edge of the cover If I were to do it again: I would probably consider moving the return and drain in another half centimeter from the glass to make it easier for my glass scraper to fit into the corners. I have thought about having the center 1" bulkhead a bit lower so I could slightly lower the water level to avoid the salt creep. I might be able to fix this with a different screen cover, but haven't explored that yet. I'd probably use a wet-side slip bulkhead instead of thread for the 1" so I could more easily remove and adjust the elbow. However, this might risk it getting stuck, so I'm not sure it's worth it. I would leave the bulkheads full length on the outside instead of sawing them shorter. It thought having the plumbing close to the glass would look sleeker, but it really interferes with magnetic glass scrapers Here's some older comments if you missed them in this thread. Plumbing: Light (I have the original orbit marine and like it better than the Loop version):
  3. holy carp

    Sexy Shrimp and Emerald crab

    IMO small emerald crabs are safe. Larger ones are risky. I had one that attacked healthy fish. I no longer have him.
  4. holy carp

    How big are your water changes?

    I'm impressed how many people are keeping up the weekly schedule. I started out with weekly but it eventually drifted to twice per month.
  5. Tell us about your water changes. How much do you change and how often do you do it? If you use Triton Method or similar no-water-change-method, please select less than 3 gallons and less frequently than every three months.
  6. holy carp

    HELP!!!! Sand on coral

    Ha ha. That's true. Those bulldozer shrimp will bury corals.
  7. holy carp

    HELP!!!! Sand on coral

    As long as it isn't buried under sand, it will be able to shed the sand itself. A hammer can easily do this and the sand won't harm it in the meantime. It is probably better to let it do its thing rather than risk blasting into the mouth with a pipette, syringe, or baster.
  8. Good eyes... that one looks super tiny. Make your color predictions now.
  9. holy carp

    Let’s see some hungry corals

    Reviving some oldies:
  10. One of the interesting things about RFA's that I read is that their offspring can be totally different in color and pattern from the parents. So even the ugly ones might produce spectacularly colored offspring... https://www.reef2rainforest.com/2012/08/27/ugly-duckling-anemones-in-a-new-light/
  11. I'm pretty confident that I've had asterina starfish eat baby RFA's. I had a few babies last year and each of them mysteriously disappeared shortly after I spotted asterinas nearby and approaching. I didn't see the starfish actually consume the RFA's, but I did later see them in the exact spot where the RFA had been. So it's not confirmed beyond a reasonable doubt that they ate them - the RFA could have just been dislodged by the asterina, but I've been plucking those starfish out of the tank ever since.
  12. holy carp

    Muraki's Mr. Aqua 22 Long

    I'm still using tinypic mostly, since it requires no account, and postimage as my backup | TinyPic | PostIMG
  13. Spotted the first baby RFA on 10/30, so it seems gestation was only about a week to 10 days. That was faster than I expected. Now I have to be on Asterina patrol so they don't eat the babies like last year.
  14. holy carp

    Film on surface of water

    I imagine it shouldn't hurt corals and fish as long as it's filtered. Soluble stuff is not what's collecting on the surface. Slightly larger alternatives to the Eheim might be the Tunze Comline or the Hydor Slim Skim - both skimmers that take water from the surface instead of from the water column. Unlike a filter, what they get out won't potentially decompose or pollute the tank, however, they may not be quite as effective at capturing the particulate stuff like dust.
  15. holy carp

    Killing Coral or eating dead coral?

    @Cannedfish I've always had the harmless kind of flatworms. And unless the microscopic things in the second video look like mini flatworms, I have not been able to see any visually on any corals. But I agree it looks like it's getting eaten. To me, those things almost look more like protozoans of some sort, but I'm no biologist. @OPtasia I was hoping they were good pods, but every image I searched had really large antennae, and these seem to have none. I got concerned it might have been a different type.