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  1. everything is very happy this morning after a 5 g water change. Skimmer cranking away, params holding steady. Red goni is still angry. why?! In other musings, I feel that this tank has really undergone a rebirth in the last few months with the new scape and gear upgrades, etc etc. Perhaps a new name is in order? I don't have any anthias. It's more a wrasse-and-tang tank than an anthias-and-tangs tank (autocorrect is responsible for the current name) Overall, I go for movement. That's kind of the theme of my coral picks.
  2. Live Aquaria actually does really well with fish- but if you can, order the largest size you can accommodate. Larger fish seem to handle shipping better than the little guys.
  3. Is the indo-export ban still in place, and did it apply to fish? I've noticed this happening myself, actually.
  4. Yes!! I got my Nitrate and Phosphate readings back up as well, not sure if that was directly related, but certainly a sign of better balance- which i think is key. I think perhaps most tanks have dinoflagellates, the key is to keep things in balance so they don't get the upper hand and grow out of control!
  5. good to hear!!!! There are still tiny bits of them here and there but barely even noticeable anymore. it's hard to say what exactly knocked them out- i think making conditions unfavorable for them through a number of approaches really did the trick though- 1. I moved my lighting spectrum a little dimmer and bluer, 2. switched to RO/DI for water changes and top off, 3. boosted my Mg levels, 4. increased my biodiversity with different live sand and bacteria. 5. I pulled the macroalgaes out of my sump. so- funny that boosting yours did the trick. 6. started running filter socks- tried to blow the dinos off the rocks and sand and into the water column to be collected when pulled into the overflow and then into the sock 7. re-seeded my tank with pods and phytoplankton- and I am continuing to dose phyto and see pods all over now- this seems to have REALLY helped.
  6. he's great! really resilient little guy! the springers damsel went after him when he first got in the tank- chewed his whole tail off. Royal gramma grew the tail back, stood his ground- and actually spends a ton of time out in the open- i know a lot of people say they tend to hide in holes (they do)- but he seems to find it fun to swim in and out of them more than just hide. He's probably my favorite fish. 🙂
  7. gonis are still pissed, everything else is happy- no Dino’s!
  8. Happy to report that after this mornings 10 gal water change with RO/DI water, dinos have not returned! However, the goni's and elegance now are a bit retracted... unsure as to why- but no more snot or dino film or dino bubbles irritating the red goni. Turned the flow down a notch, upped the light intensity back to around where it was before.... knock on wood! 🙂
  9. interesting- that chalice looks like hollywood stunner to me- or in my experience, hollywood stinger I took it out of my tank back when I had it a few years ago- sweepers were insanely long at night and totally nuked whatever it could touch.
  10. RFA>pocci Hairy Mushroom > maze favia Hammer > Rainbow Montipora Tube anemone > Goniopora Tube anemone > blastomusa Red goniopora > green goniopora Frogspawn > green toadstool leather
  11. I've got several maxima and crocea clams that have had mushrooms and GSP grow all over their shells without issue. If I notice the mantle on one isn't extending all the way (seems like a mushroom is tickling it, keeping it from extending out all the way) I'll grab an old toothbrush and scrub that mushroom off, rinsing the clam shell in salt water before returning to my tank, just to get the dead mushroom gunk off there. I'd imagine zoas would be the same. I'd make sure the rock you let it attach to is a rock you don't mind it being stuck to forever- I've seen clam hammocks but i also have made little putty pedestals for mine, making them easier to move around. If your clam doesn't like where it's sitting, it'll re-adjust itself (or try to), such as jumping off the rock, changing orientation with the current by turning around, etc. Generally they like straight up and down, but mine are every which way and happy.
  12. interesting! This also speaks to the value of your biodiversity approach. oh no! well, hopefully you'll keep them under control. dosing phyto for more pods seemed to really knock them out for me- plus the addition of a filter sock (which i normally don't use- but seeing how nasty they get after a day or so, I'm a bit disgusted with myself that i never used them before). Will be curious to see how they react to the limited light.
  13. Good luck! Will be waiting and hoping it turns out well!
  14. You know, it didn't occur to me that since I am dosing and am skimming, the need for weekly water changes is drastically reduced both for parameter stability and nutrient export. No wonder my nutrients dropped so much. Also, adding macros into my sump I'm sure didn't help that scenario. Overall the tank is running a bit more smoothly without them- though I've definitely increased my biodiversity and added a bright well brick for more surface area for bacteria as well- but again, that's nutrient export. I can take it easy on the water changes- hooray!
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