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  1. ReefSafeSolutions

    Water change volume question

    I do 5 gallon water changes once a month on my Lagoon 25...my actual volume of water in the tank is probably closer to 17-18 gallons, so I never say any kind of percentage when I talk about changing my water. The Home Depot buckets make it pretty easy to measure.
  2. ReefSafeSolutions

    Dosing question

    It's my understanding that you should always dose the same amount of both parts of 2-part. I'm currently dosing 10ml of Calc and Alk...I have a lot of Euphyllia and other LPS which really struggle with Alk swings.
  3. ReefSafeSolutions

    Coral related PhD

    I'm not exactly sure this would fit the bill, but Scripps Institution of Oceanography here in San Diego (I believe it's part of UCSD) is very involved in all things ocean related. Might be a jumping off point, they may be able to point you to other schools as well.
  4. ReefSafeSolutions

    Hammer coral looks off

    I've had SEVERAL Euphyllia either die or shrink up and stay shrunken due to alkalinity swings and/or really low alkalinity. It's been my experience that if you don't catch and correct the alkalinity problem quickly, they stay in that weird shrunken state even when your parameters return to and stay normal. I think you are within the "safe range" where it'll come back, assuming alkalinity is indeed the problem. I'm on my third tank restart and finally got it through my thick skull to dose 2 part every day to maintain consistent alkalinity and calcium. Magnesium I don't worry about so much, since it is consumed at a lower rate and water changes keep it regular. I always thought I could get away without testing and dosing but for me, it's crucial for a healthy tank. Others have been able to pull it off...definitely not me.
  5. ReefSafeSolutions

    LPS all closing up around the same time every day...lighting?

    I think the corals were under much higher light at the fish store so I wonder if that had an impact on my corals when I put them in my tank. Time will tell with this new setup!
  6. ReefSafeSolutions

    LPS all closing up around the same time every day...lighting?

    Sorry for my late replies all the time, been busy. I applied your settings to my system (about 60-70% of your percentages) and my corals are looking pretty good. I don't know if it was just a weird funk for a week or if you have the magic touch on your settings, but things are looking much better. If anything weird happens in the next day or two I'll update here, but I am hoping we are in the clear! Thanks!
  7. ReefSafeSolutions

    LPS all closing up around the same time every day...lighting?

    To be completely honest, I just set these settings all based on look. I'll have to mess around with the settings again tomorrow. What are your settings? I'll go through the AI Prime thread as well and see what I can find in there.
  8. ReefSafeSolutions

    LPS all closing up around the same time every day...lighting?

    I've uploaded a screenshot of my schedule and percentages. I ramp from 8am-12pm and then from 4pm-8pm. My percentages right now are mostly just a guess and check type of thing. I brought the levels down quite a bit a few days ago just to see what happens. I don't really know what to even set my percentages at right now to see what will help!
  9. ReefSafeSolutions

    LPS all closing up around the same time every day...lighting?

    Right, my bad. The main culprits are my frogspawn (8 heads) and duncan (25+ heads). The old torch seems to do alright, and the new torches I bought off a guy last week...eh, I think I got played a little bit. Not worth the story, but they weren't quite as advertised. I have a 4 headed hammer but I'm not too worried about it because low Alk screwed up that guy from my last system. I've had my lights a little lower the last few days, with more emphasis on the blues. Not sure it is making any kind of difference, other than I don't think the corals have enough light because they all seem to reach upward towards the light.
  10. ReefSafeSolutions

    LPS all closing up around the same time every day...lighting?

    I'll give feeding a try...I've tried feeding them in my previous system but they don't seem to eat anything. But maybe they only need a little bit.
  11. ReefSafeSolutions

    LPS all closing up around the same time every day...lighting?

    I do use wavemakers...I have an MP10 that pulses in wave mode, and a Jebao on the opposite kitty corner of the tank that is set to random. But, the flow on the corals is all indirect. I've been actually meaning to adjust my flow because I'm finding dead spots and detritus build up. But, I've watched the corals, and even when the flow gets a little heavy, they don't shrink up from it. Last night I did a 5 gallon water change (17 gallons of water total) and moved some corals around. The lights are just now starting to ramp on so we'll see how it looks today. I'm mostly frustrated because all my parameters are spot on! My pH was 8.2 yesterday, so I'm not worried about pH. The only thing I can think of is lighting, because the corals were under different light while being babysat, but they all looked great for the first week or so back in my tank. Odd.
  12. ReefSafeSolutions

    LPS all closing up around the same time every day...lighting?

    That's an interesting idea, I hadn't consider pH since my alk has been fairly consistent. Tank has been up for close to 2 months, cycle finished up 2-3 weeks ago. I added 1 clownfish about a week and a half ago. The two turbo snails and 5-6 crabs were added maybe 3-4 days ago, around the same time as this weirdness started. I'll give the pH a few tests tomorrow and see what shows up. In the meantime, I'm hoping this is something that will sort itself out. I also thought it could be maybe not enough food in the water for the corals so I've been feeding the fish once a day and letting the excess food float around and get caught in my sponges. Probably time to change my filter floss!
  13. ReefSafeSolutions

    LPS all closing up around the same time every day...lighting?

    Mine were doing that...I start to ramp down at 5pm or so. But now they're closing up around lunchtime! Has me baffled.
  14. Hello team, I started my tank over and things are looking really good. Except the last few days, my corals all seem to close up at the same time every day. I don't know if that's due to lighting, crabs, or water parameters, so I thought I'd see if anyone has a similar experience. My light is the AI Prime. My blues and whites are at about 60%, 12" above the tank. Parameters are as follows: Mag: 1360 Alk: 10 Calc: 440 Ammonia: 0 Nitrites: 0 Nitrates: 5-10 Phosphates: <.03 As far as numbers are concerned, these look perfect. My dad is starting his tank over so we dumped all his snails and crabs into my tank, so I suspect they might be irritating the corals a little bit. But usually by early afternoon, the corals get tweaked and close up to maybe half their normal size, maybe even smaller. It's driving me nuts, I can't figure it out! Could it be lighting is too strong? Should I try cutting my lighting in half, or focusing on blues for a little while?
  15. ReefSafeSolutions

    ReefSafe's Lagoon 25: Lots of Euphyllia!

    I had to start over due to a huge cyano outbreak! I will update with some pictures later, I kinda fell off the bandwagon as of late with keeping this thread updated! I cleaned everything out, and put about half the amount of rock in. I'm dosing 2-part to keep alk/calc constant, and I'm running the IM Ghost Skimmer this time. So far, mostly good. I'm having a few issues with my corals all closing up in the afternoon, roughly the same time every day. But I'll ask about that in a different thread. Stay tuned!