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  1. nano box: BAD

    my opinion here has zero influence on you in any way. you've proven that. why are you asking me?
  2. nano box: BAD

    yeah right. he would have reached out to me if there were any ongoing issues. i even told him to do so. the vast majority of my customers don't come from any forum. again, nice try.
  3. nano box: BAD

    i'm not saying none of that isn't true. i was just expecting a different response because i have purchased from you before and it was a very different experice.
  4. nano box: BAD

    correct. but people can find me other ways - they always do. yup made a new one for him and as far as i knew he was perfectly happy. nice try though.
  5. nano box: BAD

    and if that were true, i'd make it right with you. simple as that.
  6. nano box: BAD

    i re-did it and gave him a MASSIVE discount. and i didn't even have to. but i did, why? good customer service. BOOM!!
  7. nano box: BAD

    i'm ok with that. my customers are not here.
  8. nano box: BAD

    wrong. not only did you miss THE email from me, you missed THREE. then you mysteriously reply to one of them two months later??? AND you claimed that you sent the paypal invoice multiple times. how is it that i did not receive any of them? like i mentioned before, i send and receive paypal invoice almost on the daily with ZERO issues. my blatant outrageousness in demanding a lower price was with a specific intent. not to actually get them for $40, but to see how you handled the situation. all you did was fall back on the same excuses - i don't know why i didnt get your emails, i don't know why you didn't get the paypal invoice. huh. email and invoices work just fine on my end. someone else mentioned this was fishy, he's right.
  9. nano box: BAD

    this is perfect. these are the replies i was expecting to get from this group, and you came through. my review has nothing to do with any of you. just because you have a different opinion on the situation than i do, it does invalidate my point. and of course the usual suspects resort to name calling. lol. wouldn't expect anything less.
  10. nano box: BAD

    sure. why should i pay full price when he doesn't know how to run a business properly?????? please explain how i am the "douche" when it was dave who didn't reply to my emails and lies about sending paypal invoices? please explain in detail to back up your claim.
  11. nano box: BAD

    update..... 2/12 - sent an email to rapidled advising them of the situation, just asking if they could just sell me two heatsinks. they replied the next day (hey image that!!!) and said they would get in touch with dave. 2/19 - dave finally replies (to an email i sent him on 12/17!!!!!! wait, but he told me he didn't get any of the several emails i had sent him since dec?????) with excuses - didn't get my emails, blah blah, but would send a paypal invoice. 2/22 - i email dave and advise him that i still have not received a paypal invoice as he promised. i told him to send it again but this time for $40, instead of the agreed upon price of $56. dave replies the same day (oh, now his email seems to be working just fine!?!?!?!) and said he will add the product to his website but inquires as to the $40 price i requested. what follows next are a few back-and-forth emails about the price. my stance is that it is HIS responsibility to make his customers happy and simply to do his job right. he failed in both aspects on this deal. i told him that i run an actual reputable business and i use paypal invoicing every day. works for me!!! i tried to explain the finer points of customer service but he just doesn't get it. i also explained that is was HIM who should have offered a discount - i shouldn't have had to request one. i had no choice but to tell him to literally go pound sand.
  12. nano box: BAD

    12/1 sent an inquiry via dave's website about two heatsinks for a biocube32. he responded with a price on 12/2 but did not give details on how to go about ordering them, which i needed since they are not listed on his website. i sent three follow-up emails with ZERO replies. still need the heatsinks but now leary because of the poor communication.
  13. no, the big box stores won't cut acrylic for you.