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  1. Matt@octoaquatics.com
  2. no, the big box stores won't cut acrylic for you.
  3. Question about an acrylic AIO

    When you're using one of the various acrylic thickness calculators, the dimensions you input are just the display area and just the dimensions that the water will fill. does that make sense?
  4. Silicone?

    I used to build glass tanks. the best silicone is momentive rtv 100 series. you can find it at graingers.
  5. WTB ATO Unit (Non JBJ)

    Pm sent
  6. Aqueous Sealant

    It takes at least a week for silicone to fully cure. that aqueon stuff is comparable to GE 1. probably the same thing but repackaged. the only silicone I use for tanks is momentive rtv 100 series. sorry I couldn't answer your question directly.
  7. Are the hep ballasts electronic or dimmable?
  8. maxspect gyre xf130

  9. maxspect gyre xf130

    Less than a year old. Comes with an extra set of A and B rotors and cages, extra set of bushing assemblies and an extra set of rubber covers for the internal magnets. I also have the original box and manual. $170 shipped.
  10. Close

    Would you do $200 for the regulator?
  11. Only need the module.
  12. FS: Apex Package (Jr w/ PM1 Etc)

    Let me know when you're ready to split it up. interested in the bob and probe holder.