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  1. Easier to fabricate on my end.
  2. To be honest, ALL plastics can warp. But some are less prone to warp.
  3. Not necessarily!
  4. Just to set the record straight, I started making plastic lids over seven years ago - way before anyone else. I've tried four different types of plastics and different designs. I've found a combination that seems to be solid. it is proprietary so don't bother asking. And yes, I am in the legal process of defending my ip.
  5. Boom!
  6. Let’s face it – bristle worms are ugly. They can also annoy your corals and fish. Yes, they do eat detritus and leftover food, but they also create detritus themselves! My trap is a sleek 5″ x 1.5″ which makes it easy to place in nano tanks. These are great for fish clubs to purchase and lend out when needed. Shipping will be combined on multiple products if possible, and you will receive a partial refund. Most of my products are made to order and BY HAND! Please allow a week for fabrication time (longer for Octo Lids™) Shipping prices listed are to the contiguous U.S. Please contact us if you live elsewhere and want a shipping quote. $16.99 shipped. Order HERE.
  7. 15% off all checkout items. expires 5/15. use code: nowirehangers
  8. when i started making these back in 2010, i didn't realize just how popular they would be come. i ship several of these per week to all over the country!
  9. The fish were feeding from the bottom, so they were out of view. The fish will eventually gather around the feeder waiting for food.
  10. Get your orders in before the introductory price ends on Easter! the price will go from $30 to $39.99!
  11. 7 years of making these and I still love seeing the end result.
  12. It's like a puzzle!
  13. Here's one for my nano peeps... Coralife biocube 29g Comes with two cable cutouts and leaves access to the back chamber. $100 plus shipping.
  14. Fabricated out of 3/8" clear acrylic, these skimmer stands can be any size and height you want! I can also make them adjustable (photos coming soon). Please contact me for a quote.