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  1. The fish were feeding from the bottom, so they were out of view. The fish will eventually gather around the feeder waiting for food.
  2. Get your orders in before the introductory price ends on Easter! the price will go from $30 to $39.99!
  3. 7 years of making these and I still love seeing the end result.
  4. It's like a puzzle!
  5. Here's one for my nano peeps... Coralife biocube 29g Comes with two cable cutouts and leaves access to the back chamber. $100 plus shipping.
  6. Fabricated out of 3/8" clear acrylic, these skimmer stands can be any size and height you want! I can also make them adjustable (photos coming soon). Please contact me for a quote.
  7. revised my pricing structure. hit me up for a quote!
  8. ALL cut-outs are now FREE!!!!! need cut-outs for power cords, overflow box, light mounts, etc? i got ya covered....for FREE!
  9. i have used three different types of plastic ever since i started making these in 2010. i believe polycarbonate is the best choice for most situations. polycarbonate has a lower flexural strength, but it absorbs less water since it has a higher water content than acrylic. btw, all other companies making these totally copied me.
  10. Neoprene keeps them from sliding.
  11. Time to get busy!
  12. My magnets themselves can hold up to 1" thick glass. obviously less depending on load bearing weight, but 3/8" is no problem!
  13. I use N52 neodymium magnets. Rare earth magnets are not reef safe on their own, so I fabricate custom acrylic pods that encapsulate the magnets and keep them away from your water. Please visit the magnet warning page for more information on these magnets. My Octo Pods™ now come with neoprene rubber attached to the dry side. This will help protect your tank from scratches, and it will create more friction to add even more holding power! These are perfect for your own DIY project, or if you need to add some extra holding power to your existing equipment. Shipping will be combined on multiple products if possible, and you will receive a partial refund. Most of my products are made to order and BY HAND! Please allow a week for fabrication time (longer for Octo Lids™) Shipping prices listed are to the contiguous U.S. Please contact us if you live elsewhere and want a shipping quote. $15/pair, plus $7.50 shipping. Order HERE.