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  1. Looks more like hair algae than Dino to me.
  2. I really like blennies for their personality. Tailspot or Midas depending tank size.
  3. imho a fuge that small really isn't worth bothering with.
  4. Nothing I'm aware of. Maybe some macros? Also they won't care one bit about being on an isolated rock if they decide to wander.
  5. I personally think skimmers are overrated. As long as you aren't having algae issues and you can keep you parameters in line, don't bother.
  6. What size is your tank? Tail spots stay under 3" if I'm correct. That pictus must be tiny... As far as blenny/goby compatibility, I have kept multiple of each in several different tanks with no issues. Blennies and gobies typically occupy a different area of the tank, so usually there isn't an issue. You shouldnt have any issues with your ywg and either of those blennies unless your tank is exceptionally tiny.
  7. The dottyback will kill the firefish. They are known to be very aggressive in smaller tanks (minimum tank size is recommend at 30 gallons btw) and especially towards fish that have a similar size/shape.
  8. Oh come on now. You know good and well this could have happened to you on any of the major reef forums. I recently had something similar happen over on r2r so don't try and take it out on NR.
  9. I don't quite understand this... I've sold stuff for years online and have had countless people back out of deals for one reason or another. A deal is never a deal until you have payment in hand period. If this upset you, be sure not to try to sell anything on Craigslist lol
  10. Bump, open to any offers
  11. Have you tried contacting the company that owns intank.com? I like intankaquatics.com as well. intankreef.com? gfyintank.com could also work
  12. I clearly wasn't advocating for not having a QT setup. I just think a best practice, and absolutely necessary are two different things. But I realize I'm just splitting hairs at this point so I'll just move on
  13. A wise choice? Sure, but absolutely necessary may be stretching it. Especially given that the vast majority of reefers don't do it (not that they shouldn't, just that they don't). And that just goes for QT, preventative medicating is a whole other can of worms..
  14. Bump, got pics up
  15. BRS Dual Reactor with MJ 1200 - used about 1 year, everything works perfect, reworked my sump and no longer had room for it. I do have 2 brand new pads to keep the carbon in place and some accessories for the MJ. Asking $75 shipped including PayPal fees.