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  1. billdeluz

    Chaetomorpha - source concerns

    Read a little also i never said ich is not a fish ONLY issue if u read you would understand it can be transferred from live stock water for example you buy snails from a ich infected system and drop the snail in your system with water from the ich infected system youy can develop ich i dont know why you won't research this before telling me and others that im wrong these are proven facts that are there for you to read also why do i have to treat with medicine i use hypo for all my qt and my inverts go into a frag system and they will rest for 2 weeks minimal time without adding outher thibgs which starts the cycle again and what floats my boat is that people do research before being dicks also people do have multiple qts must suck to be on your first venture thru the hobby but ich cyst can live up to 10 weeks which could be on one pf your frag plugs snails etc or even in the water from the fish store but you used a net to grab your snails now transfering it to you system research research research before saying someones info is false because others on this forum look for info that can help them not info that might work like your good day chap!
  2. billdeluz

    Chaetomorpha - source concerns

    "while ich does not "live" on hermits, snails, or coral...it can be introduced to a closed system(aquarium) through the introduction of any contaminated foreign water. This is why it is best to QT "everything", including corals, CUC, fish and any new additions. while the chances may be small at best, if you have invested a serious amount of time and money into your tank, there is no reason to take the risk. A QT is fairly easy to set up and get running when you need it."
  3. billdeluz

    Chaetomorpha - source concerns

    Snails can cary ich into your tank just like any frag or macro just one drop of water can transfer a parisite i dont have time to mess around but untill u have to disassemble a huge system to save your live stock it wont make sence to you but ich can transfer just from using the same pippete or net etc.... So tru
  4. billdeluz

    Chaetomorpha - source concerns

    also i recommend you qt everything including snails but thats me just preventing past mistakes
  5. billdeluz

    Chaetomorpha - source concerns

    That's why i said 99.9999 pest free nothing in life is guarantee except death
  6. billdeluz

    Chaetomorpha - source concerns

    Pricey but grows fast and also eliminates any chance of pest from someone's chaeto just my .02
  7. billdeluz

    Chaetomorpha - source concerns

    Just saying they are looking for pest free solution thats the one lol only issue i have with chaeto is not the life on it thats welcome its all the aiptasia thats usually comes with it for the extra money you get clean chaeto free of pest similar to why done people chose to start with dry rock
  8. billdeluz

    Chaetomorpha - source concerns

    Just buy from algaebarn 99.99999999% clean chaeto https://www.algaebarn.com/product/cleanchaeto/
  9. +1 on @Oceanbox Designs
  10. When does the next contest start lol I'm so impatiently waiting😂😂😂
  11. billdeluz

    Wtb nemastoma algae

    Hey guys I had some of this and lost it I got it from a fellow member on the forum but he lost his as well anyone have some I'm looking to buy some thanks in advance
  12. billdeluz

    IM 25 Lagoon SPS build

    Looking good
  13. billdeluz

    NAAkids - SPS IM Fusion 20

    Following along
  14. I so want to die how did I miss this omg I was away from the forum for a bit life got a little hectic and bam fun stuff pops up I so want to enter in this but i hope i there is another one after this have fun guys good luck !!!!!!
  15. billdeluz

    Fluval spec 3

    Ordered thank you im happy It comes with the surface skimmer as well what a great deal thanks again as always!!!!