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  1. The Mad Science Experiment

    This is cool! and I like the skimmer idea would have been cool to see it bubbling up!
  2. Joe's Icy vase

    Halloween Update Added a Catalina goby about a week ago. Unfortunately he likes hiding behind the rock work however he is eating and doing well ( I had to peel back part of the plastidip on the back to see him I was worried he died). The anemones have settled down a bit I'm excited to see how this tank progresses the next few months.
  3. Nickmcg pico Creative Container Contest

    ^ I agree top down view is very cool on this tank.
  4. Nickmcg pico Creative Container Contest

    ^ I agree top down view is very cool on this tank.
  5. Joe's Icy vase

    Here is a pick with some anemones moved over. A green surf anemone, and bunch of aggregating anemones, and a small starburst anemone. I have a Beadlet anemone I thought about but I want to keep a pacific northwest type tank. I have 2 margarita snails in there as well. The sponge was pulled from the other tank to help seed the bacteria. Everything was recently moved so once it settles ill try to get some good pictures. I am thinking I might need to do a Catalina Goby for this tank. I have not had one yet and I relay like them. cnseekatz I love the strawberry anemones however I cant find any! I think there are some restrictions on collecting them witch makes them difficult to find.
  6. Joe's Icy vase

    Tank has been moved to the basement. Temp has been 65 up to 70 a bit warm but it should start cooling off here soon. It is stocked with tide pool critters as well so this temperature should be fine. ( tank above has been holding some of the anemones I am using) . Light is a cheap 5 dollar par bulb off ebay, these anemones are photosynthetic but don't require much light.
  7. This may be my favorite container nice find
  8. Joe's Icy vase

    well guess i missed that well my basement gets cold through the winter in utah so don't count me out!
  9. Joe's Icy vase

    I might be pushing the rules a bit but it doesn't say not chillers specifically. If so I'll toss it in a wine cooler or my basement for the contest as someone else suggested.
  10. Joe's Icy vase

    I currently have some I got from Cold Water Marine Aquatics when they were up and running i'm going to transfer over, Also checking with Matsu Collections to see what they have.
  11. Joe's Icy vase

    just going to use some different temperate anemones. Green surf and Aggregating for sure maybe some more if I can get my hands on some.
  12. Hey well I created a tank to enter. Check out the build thread its a sub gallon temperate vase.
  13. Nickmcg pico Creative Container Contest

    I really like this setup cant wait to see it stocked up!
  14. Joe's Icy vase

    picture with back painted and pump, paint idea designt, rock work added.
  15. Joe's Icy vase

    Hey everyone pico reefs are one of my favorite aspect off reefing. I love how simple and unique they can be. When I saw this contest I had to enter. For my entry I decided to mix it up and do a temperate tank (I know using a chiller instead of a heater isn't on the equipment list but it still just controls temp). Anyways I located this nice flower vase and decided it would be a good tank. This vase is made of acrylic which helps insulate better then glass. I added a 12 volt pump and have attached some acrylic water block to the back to allow the chiller to work. The chiller is going to be another DIY peltier chiller similar to the tank i brought to Kuwait. With the acceptation that it is directly attached with the pump inside the vase not exterior and plumbed. For life in this tank I am going to add some green surf anemones, aggregating anemones, some inverts and maybe a Catalina gobey and keep a pacific cost type biotope. Temp should be around 55 to 60 and regular water changes will be the only filtration. As far as light the anemones dont need much and I will rely on a par bulb placed further away. **** Edit no chiller instead this tank will be placed in my basement over winter to maintain mid 60' temp hopefully. Thankfully Utah gets pretty cold. ****** Current Tank Shot Current StocK Fish - Catalina Goby (Lythrypnus dalli) Inverts Snails- Margarita Snail 2 Anemones- Green Surf (Anthopleura Xanthoframmica) Aggregating Anemone (Anthopleura elegantissima) Starburst Anemone (Anthopleura sola) Vase with some peanut butter and a shot of the chiller attachment point.