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  1. Doesn't quite look like a coco. Tube doesn't look hard, and the fan is slightly different. Deffinately not a normal FD worm though. I would treat it as if it were a coco though, i.e. better feeding. Very nice either way =)
  2. You can get the growth with PCs, but the coloration is the hard part. Good growth on that!
  3. Lilreef, no one "got told" by your childish comments so quit trying to act tough on the internet. If you kids refuse to learn proper husbandry and care of your tanks and the livestock within, then find somewhere else to spew your ignorance. This site is all about the proper care for nano-reefs, and that includes restraint in your selection of corals and fish properly sized for these smaller tanks. The only reason a tang or similar fish should be in a nano is if they're juvies who will be moved into a bigger tank as they grow.