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  1. Best compliment ever I’m going to refund the OPs money if he’d stop with the threats I don’t respond to threats I’d rather go to jail then be threatened
  2. Being a narcissistic sociopath is super ####ing fun god I want to jerk it now i love when ppl call me names it really honestly gives me a rush!!
  3. Such a compliment I’m really loving this to the point of erection right now
  4. You do know how to flatter somebody on their birthday don’t you LOL You see here’s the thing about me I don’t respond well to threats and statements like immediately. You’ll get your money back. Now everybody have a merry Christmas or happy Hanukkah and end the stupidity
  5. I told you to call the police I do love and appreciate our brothers and blue and I am not scared at all
  6. You will get your money back and we will both be filing harassment reports in the morning just to protect ourselves from ppl like you You’ll have your money by the end of the week. And don’t ever come at me like this again especially on a public forum you POS
  7. I was willing to refund you because it’s the right thing to do and because I didn’t send you what I said I was going to but now you decide to be a child and get people’s families involved in something that has nothing to do with them and everything to do with you and I? You can go to hell
  8. You have no right to send my mother anything and how dare you get my family involved in a 35-year-old adult man’s life. You’re a child and now you can take it up with your bank
  9. Trying to use my past transgressions that I fully admit and take responsibility for against me even if they were dismissed as well as trying to bring my mother into something that is only going to upset her is not a way to get me to do anything except make my mother afraid and me angry
  10. I’d be glad to however I’m not really keen on how to add screenshots here However I will be filing a police report in the morning or if he’s really that concerned he can just file a charge back at his local bank. I publicly acknowledge that I would not be upset about this
  11. I think things got confused especially when mr victim here started threading my family and looking into my past to try and shame me I don’t take kindly to that as I told him I’ve been busy and will return his money in a timely fashion however threaten someone’s family or use my past transgressions to try and publiclly oust me and I won’t respond very quickly except with a police report