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  1. fishfreak0114

    Fishfreak's foxy BC29: Update at last!

    I must seem crazy chasing a fish around with a turkey baster or sometimes a skewer and cursing. All so I can flip something over Your kids would definitely love them! So long as they don't stick their hands in the tank
  2. fishfreak0114

    The Fools Reef *NOW A 2 GAL CUBE!

    Very cool!
  3. fishfreak0114

    Fishfreak's foxy BC29: Update at last!

    Thanks! I love the clowns too, although the female is really nippy!
  4. fishfreak0114

    Fishfreak's foxy BC29: Update at last!

    In sad news, I think polka dot the fire shrimp has passed away, I believe due to old age. I also think that Steve the serpent star is no longer with us. A couple months ago he was starting to look really rough like he was deteriorating, and I haven’t seen him at all. I’m honestly surprised he lived so long. He never was fully intact, right from the day I bought him from total pet (or partial pet, as some affectionately call it if that gives you an idea of the conditions). In happy news, all the new frags look great! The donut has really gotten poofy, it’s honestly pretty huge! It was only thirty dollars too, so I’m stoked! And the Zoas are all open and pretty. The cyphastrea also has polyps oit. I was worried since softies do best in my tank, but so far so good!
  5. Looking good! The dendro certainly looks happy and fluffy.
  6. fishfreak0114

    Fishfreak's C.C. Coffee Pot Pico: Quick update!!!

    Thanks! Maybe DIY led could work? I need to look into that. Me and electrical stuff should not mix. I got a rapid led kit once and that thing is so shoddily put together. It took me ages and the wires still come apart if I move it too much
  7. fishfreak0114

    Dawn's multi-level seahorse garden.

    She’s absolutely beautiful. Happy to see the ponies doing well as always 🙂
  8. fishfreak0114

    Fishfreak's foxy BC29: Update at last!

    Your tank might not be ultra low maintenance, but it’s so amazing! I couldn’t keep a single piece of SPS in here, so kudos to you 🙂
  9. fishfreak0114

    Fishfreak's foxy BC29: Update at last!

    Is there anything I can do to try and bring them back around? They did so good for the first little bit, and then they crashed. And thanks! I figured people might like to be able to actually see what’s in the tank I’m 99% sure they sent me a blast I instead of war coral.
  10. fishfreak0114

    Fishfreak's C.C. Coffee Pot Pico: Quick update!!!

    Thanks! I was pretty stoked when I found cacti. Turns out they grow pretty fast! This might be the easiest tank I’ve ever maintained! The pipe organ is one of my favourites so I’ve been really happy to see it spread 🙂 I’m curious to see if it’ll try to grow right on top of its neighbors?
  11. fishfreak0114

    Fishfreak's C.C. Coffee Pot Pico: Quick update!!!

    I fell off the face of the earth! OMG the last time I updated was April. Sorry! The coffee pot is alive and well, things have just been busy for me lately. I'm sort of taking a wait and see approach as far as coral. I'm curious to see what will rule the tank. The pipe organ and Japanese leather are both growing very well, so my money is on them. I haven't done a water change in forever, but things still look good! I finally cleaned the glass so I could take a couple quick pics. I switched out the plants for cacti, which is what I originally wanted. I found some at a greenhouse when we were plant shopping 🙂 Yet again, the cheap LED bulbs burnt out. I have the compact fluorescent over it again until I figure out what to do. Things don't mind the CFL. IMG_1888 by orb1915, on Flickr IMG_1889 by orb1915, on Flickr IMG_1890 by orb1915, on Flickr IMG_1891 by orb1915, on Flickr
  12. fishfreak0114

    Fishfreak's foxy BC29: Update at last!

    Well, here goes! So the tank has been on ultra ultra autopilot. I didn't even realize it could handle so much neglect. I scrape the glass once, maybe twice a month. I change the filter floss once or twice a month. I mostly have been feeding flake, but I'm trying to get going with frozen again, and focusing on target feeding coral. I haven't done a water change since the caulerpa went sexual, but things are doing great! It almost seems like the less I do the better things get. The yoda palys are growing fast, as are the red death. The rasta, which used to look like it would melt, has popped out two new heads! And the blue hornet is finally growing new heads too! The two baby plates that survived are growing really fast. They're so big now that they are tipped on an angle pressed against each other. They really like to eat! The dendro hasn't done its weird flesh bail out at all. I keep expecting it to happen, but it looks better than ever. I guess it likes the dirty water. The green polyp toadstool is finally putting its polyps out. I recently reorganized the coral a bit, because the top was just too full because the Japanese leather has grown a lot, as has the finger leather. I put the finger leather down to the right, and the Japanese leather at the back more. It still hasn't opened. If it doesn't puff up within the next couple days I'll put it somewhere else. I can't tell if it's pissed because I ripped it off the rock, or because the flow is a bit different. The blastos that seemed like they were dying recovered. I'm honestly so happy with how the tank is going. The only things that come to mind that are not doing well is the gonioporas. Unfortunately, both seem to be on their way out 😞 My lazy reef keeping ways have taught me that a mature tank doesn't necessarily need lots of water changes, especially when it's mostly softies. As such, I'm considering selling my RODI (which I never did get around to testing ). I don't mind buying 16L of distilled water every few months. I enjoy just letting the tank be. I intervene if things go awry, but for the most part I'm just watching nature unfold. It's beautiful. Last weekend I spent a bit of time tinkering. That's when I moved the corals. I also changed out the carbon and filter floss, and took out the Sicce and gave it a good scrub. And I used a razor on the glass. Wow, does it ever make a difference! It's like a whole new tank. I never have been one to clean glass regularly in any of my tanks. Once a month is pretty generous Without further adieu, pictures!!! IMG_1882 by orb1915, on Flickr IMG_1866 by orb1915, on Flickr IMG_1867 by orb1915, on Flickr IMG_1870 by orb1915, on Flickr IMG_1871 by orb1915, on Flickr IMG_1872 by orb1915, on Flickr IMG_1873 by orb1915, on Flickr IMG_1874 by orb1915, on Flickr IMG_1875 by orb1915, on Flickr IMG_1876 by orb1915, on Flickr IMG_1877 by orb1915, on Flickr IMG_1878 by orb1915, on Flickr IMG_1879 by orb1915, on Flickr IMG_1894 by orb1915, on Flickr IMG_1895 by orb1915, on Flickr IMG_1898 by orb1915, on Flickr IMG_1902 by orb1915, on Flickr IMG_1903 by orb1915, on Flickr IMG_1904 by orb1915, on Flickr IMG_1909 by orb1915, on Flickr IMG_1910 by orb1915, on Flickr IMG_1920 by orb1915, on Flickr IMG_1921 (1) by orb1915, on Flickr
  13. fishfreak0114

    Fishfreak's foxy BC29: Update at last!

    I just got them all dipped and acclimated, and they look good! I think they may have accidentally sent me a blasto instead of a war coral though? I need it to open up.
  14. fishfreak0114

    Fishfreak's foxy BC29: Update at last!

    New corals!! (and I took some photos last night of the tank) Now that school is ending, and I have a few days before I start my new job, I’m hoping to give all my tanks a little TLC, fresh and salt. And I’ve been absolutely awful at updating, so a nice thorough catch-up is in order!