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  1. I really like it
  2. Awesome pictures! I love snorkeling pics. My parents wouldn't let me snorkel beyond the reef flat when we went to Hanauma Bay, but I did see some beautiful stuff. I recognized your pic of the bay right away, I took one from roughly the same spot
  3. Thanks Weetie, that means a lot coming from you I definitely have more to learn about lots of things, dosing in particular. And I'm trying, but sometimes the only way we learn is through our own mistakes. I just hate seeing my animals doing poorly. I think I have been getting lost in everything that isn't going the way it should, it's so easy to look into the tank and only see the bad. So I'm going to try and focus on the good things happening. The baby plates are all growing, the St. Thomas mushie is happy, and grape caulerpa is growing like a weed Pics may not happen until tomorrow, I'm playing Baldurs Gate on PS2 with my mom No matter how many times I beat the game, it's always as fun as the first.
  4. Well alk is now at 9ish. So my math was right. Now to just maintain the same dose for a while and see if it keeps alk where it needs to be. It is frustrating, especially since it seems that my attempts to right the alk over the last two weeks or so has done more harm than good. But stability is key, so that is my goal for now.
  5. Well I just recalculated my dosing amount because it seems like the corals are consuming closer to 0.4dkh per day. That leaves me dosing 8.3 ml (that should be fun) a day. I mixed 30g of reef builder into 250ml of water, and if my math is right (which I'm questioning) that would last me 30 days. I don't even know if that's how I'm supposed to do it, but I thought so. I just dosed and I'll check in a while to see if alk is up to 9. I'm sad to say that I just tossed my mint trumpet. There was barely any tissue left, and none of it was the right color. And now my red lobo is receding and getting pale patches I hope I can turn this all around. My blastos continue be unaffected (thank god!). I'm really worried about the whole dosing thing. I'm only with the tank half the time, and as much as I'd like to stop by everyday to check on things and dose, I know my dad would get very irritated (I don't know why going to my other house for 20 minutes day is a problem, it really shouldn't be, but it is). I may have to ask my mom to dose when I'm not there, and I can look into investing in a automatic doser in the fall when I'm working again. Ugh, if my 2nd tank idea is approved, it'll be put on hold. And I would make it softy dominated to avoid a repeat of this whole dosing debacle. One more note, I epoxied around the pink Duncan because there were a couple deep holes that I thought vermetids might be hiding in. I'll try to get a couple pics up later. Not great ones, but they'll get the point across.
  6. Alk is at 8.6, going to dose and try for 9.
  7. I can't wait to see it filled up! Any plans as far as livestock?
  8. Wow, your tanks are incredible! I love how clean the design is, it really does look like one system divided into 3. Your room is very nice also, I'm always impressed when someone's room is decorated and organized neatly, because my house is kind of a mismatched chaotic mess.
  9. Thanks for dropping in! I've been meaning to hang it on the wall since I set up the tank nearly 2.5 years ago. As of this morning it's off the ground! I was mostly worried about damaging the powerhead, because when I unplugged it last night there was some sizzling kind of noises. I left the power bar upside down and unplugged over night because there was water in the sockets It does a have a surge protector and GCFI Now to check if all my other tanks do as well...
  10. Nice FTS! I'm glad that you got those fireworms out! Happy RFA's
  11. Well I can't speak for others, but I'll read just about any thread no matter whose it is. I actually am often deterred from the more active tank threads because of their sheer size. It can be daunting to catch up on. I just started following @stellablue's thread very recently, and @metrokat's this morning. And it took quite a bit of reading. I often find myself gravitating towards the threads of new tanks, because reading one or two pages is easy. As for my thread, well I blame the lack of activity on my rockwork. Although it's now covered in corals, the first thing someone sees when they click on my thread is a current FTS and the not so great scape. A big ol' pile of rocks But I like it.
  12. Norbert
  13. Well I'm happy to say all equipment is alright. I'm just a little shaken up. Time to get the powerbar off the floor next to the tank. Thanks for the advice I have begun dosing to try and keep it higher, but I was aiming for 7. I will try to keep it at the levels you mentioned. I'm still getting the hang of the whole dosing thing. Alk makes sense as the source of the dendro troubles, I couldn't find anything else that could be bothering it. Maybe alk is part of the Duncan irritation as well (Though vermetids are definitely a contributing factor, smooshed several more nearby).
  14. My mom said everything looks alright. I haven't plugged things back in yet. That freaked me out so much.
  15. Oh god. I was crushing vermetids a minute ago wearing a dish glove and I pulled my hand out of the water and water went all over my power bar. I unplugged it immediately but I'm so scared I might have electrocuted my reef or fried my equipment. I'm too scared to check right now so I'm just sitting outside crying. I'll go in in a minute I think.