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  1. It sure is perplexing. I'm hoping it bounces back again, but I'm leaving in less than an hour until tomorrow night so I can't do anything further to try and help it. I did attempt to feed it a few minutes ago, but because it has no tentacles thingies out it couldn't grab on.
  2. No idea what happened last time, one day it was happy and puffy, the next it was almost a skeleton. I fed it a couple days ago with a couple my mysis shrimp.
  3. I'm kinda worried about the dendro. Around midday yesterday it retracted, so I assumed something walked on it. But this morning it's still retracted and it's paler, almost like what happened last time is about to repeat itself. Literally nothing has changed to spark this response, so IDK what to think. Hopefully it's just angry. Its mouth is gaping. I just did a short iodine dip in hopes that helps.
  4. I don't think it would make it any worse, I'm not sure how long the sand would stay white once stirred though.
  5. It's a beauty. $75 seems like a decent price, definitely good if in Canada. How big is it? That would be cool if you could use the old moonlights, they're so nice and bright. I do miss them.
  6. Love the RFA!!! It took me all day to install my NB retro, I can't believe it only took you three hours! Too bad about the non-working led's Mine doesn't have specific moonlights, I just run blues very low. Certainly not the same effect as the stock moonlight. I also didn't add the bc29 fans. I couldn't figure out how!
  7. I continued looking last night and found a place, crazy for corals, that sells RFA's cheaper. Of course they're on sale now when I can't buy any, but regularly they're $90 which isn't too bad. I might get 2. And then I think, do I really want to move a kajillion corals while they find a place they're happy? The last one was quite the wanderer Did your ball nems multiply? That was my first thought, but I googled it and it is definitely a ball nem. Glad to hear your winning the battle! I've been lucky enough so far to not encounter any aiptasia.
  8. So this morning I looked in the tank to make sure everyone was happy in there when I noticed what looked like little white dots hovering near some zoas. Further inspection revealed that it was a ball nem! Its tucked in a little crevice. I've always hoped one would turn up at some point, they're neat. Awful picture, but I think the orange acan is growing a little baby I guess regular feeding is paying off The hammer has really grown to be massive. I still remember when I bought it as two heads for $18.99 from Total Pet when they still carried saltwater stuff. This is the dendro as of this morning Little spots of coralline are already appearing on the zoa island. I've noticed an increase in coralline growth lately, I suspect scraping the back wall off helped spread it around some.
  9. ^that's what I do. And if they walk away I take the plug out.
  10. I haven't had much luck with ricordea Florida, they all shrunk and most have melted away regardless of where I put them. Think I'm down to two tiny ones. However, I have two ric. Yuma doing great. Both have moved a ways away from where I put them, unfortunately they're now out of sight somewhat.
  11. Stunning nems @JLynn! I'm so jelly of all you owners of beautiful RFA's. I only have a brown one Might have to change that!
  12. I'v never seen that type of hermit before, it may not be reef safe. If you think he's damaging your GSP and it's not worth the risk of further damage to you, I'd pluck him out and take him to the LFS or give him to someone else.
  13. If the have ich they'll need treatment in a separate quarantine tank. Your options for that are hyposalinity, copper, or tank transfer. Leave the main tank fallow for 8 weeks to give the ich time to die off in there so your fish aren't re-infected.
  14. Wow that's a nifty shrimp! Is it a pederson's? Now I'm tempted to get one!
  15. Yep we don't have nearly enough stores! Once in a while I browse a US store but that just makes me sad. VIP Reefs has such nice RFA's! I really want another, but if I want to get a brightly colored one it'll probably cost >$100. I want something colorful like this