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  1. fishfreak0114

    PhotoBucket can kiss my bASS- $399!

    Oh I’m so excited!! I never did finish replacing all my photos. It was just too confusing and time consuming.
  2. fishfreak0114

    Midwest Industrial CC Pico Reef - Upsized Pico Now w/Sexy Shrimp

    I’m glad the transfer went well! Everything looks happy in its new home 🙂
  3. fishfreak0114

    Fishfreak's foxy BC29: Update at last!

    Haha all good. I know you’ve been busy! I hope you figure out what to do about your tanks. Sometimes getting rid of one or more is just the way to go. My mom and I just broke down our 45g fresh because neither of us was finding the time to give it the care it deserved. So much less stress now. And thank you! 😄. I’m sorry to hear about your blasto. I don’t really know what’s going on with those couple of mine. Most are super puffy so...
  4. fishfreak0114

    Fishfreak's foxy BC29: Update at last!

    Oh my, I haven’t been doing a very good job updating! I mean, there really isn’t much to update. Both this tank and the pico have been on the back burner while I focus on school. I keep a close eye on things, intervene if needed, feed, top off, but that’s about it. Everything was fine after the caulerpa went sexual. The tank was quite clear by the next day. As far as inhabitants go, I still haven’t got anymore fish or inverts. The guy who was supposed to be getting them in still hasn’t. I’m not in a rush, but it would be nice to get them soon since I don’t know what will become of the tank when I grad next year. Steve the serpent star seems to be on his last days. He never was the healthiest, but it makes me sad. I’m hoping he can still recover. A couple of the blastos have died or are receding and I don’t know why 😞 Everything else is happy and growing though. The tank has taken on a bit of a wild appearance with the lack of my attention. Macroalgae all over, and coral that needs readjusting. Now, FTS time!! I don’t know why the iPhone made a bunch of the pictures so dark. Oh well. You can see what you’re looking at :)
  5. fishfreak0114

    jacks cube -an unfinished story

    I just couldn’t stop looking at the guy on the bench next to them. I was wondering if he was gonna join in the fun...
  6. fishfreak0114

    jacks cube -an unfinished story

    What did I just watch....
  7. fishfreak0114

    The Fools Reef: (2 gal cookie jar) photo dump

    Wow, upgrade!!!!
  8. fishfreak0114

    Fishfreak's foxy BC29: Update at last!

    The feather caulerpa went sexual. What a nice way to have woken up this morning 🙄. I did a 32l water change and everything seems alright. It’s a shame though, it was looking so nice!
  9. Great pictures!! I’ve gotta say, I’m jealous that you get to do that!
  10. fishfreak0114

    Kyle's 60g Shallow Reef

    Awesome!!!! We need pics!!
  11. fishfreak0114

    The Vermetid snail debate is over

    I like to crush them to smithereens myself.
  12. fishfreak0114

    Teenyreef's IM40 Not-So-Teeny Tank - New pictures

    I’m so sorry to hear about your loss teeny
  13. fishfreak0114

    Fishfreak's C.C. Coffee Pot Pico: Quick update!!!

    Sorry for the lack of updates!! Life and school has kept me busy lately. I’m still waiting for the new par bulb to arrive. I expect it will be here shortly. The corals have gotten a little dull in color with the weak compact fluorescent. The pipe organ continues to grow though!! It’s really incredible to watch it spread. Also, the Japanese leather I added attached to the rock! It kind of hangs in front of other things which is annoying but it’s so pretty it doesn’t bother me too much I took a really quick, sloppy fts on the way out the door this morning. I’ll try to post some better pictures soon!!
  14. fishfreak0114

    Dawn's multi-level seahorse garden.

    I’m sure you’ll do great!