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  1. fishfreak0114

    Hi Dave

    If you sent me once since you posted this I didn’t receive it.
  2. fishfreak0114

    Hi Dave

    Hey Dave, are you getting my PM’s?
  3. fishfreak0114

    Fishfreak's C.C. Coffee Pot Pico: Quick update!!!

    Thanks ☺️ I really love the coffee pot, even though it has zero elbow room. My solution? Never do anything inside of it 😂 I did enjoy seeing everyone’s upgrades though!
  4. Don’t give up on that dendro! Mine has looked worse I think. It’s actually in a downhill bout right now and it might not come back this time. You can still do iodine dips, but put it in a Tupperware upside down and put just enough water that it doesn’t cover the whole thing so that the worm is safe. And try your best to let frozen food rest on it. I don’t know if it actually does anything, but it seemed to help mine in the past.
  5. fishfreak0114

    Fishfreak's C.C. Coffee Pot Pico: Quick update!!!

    Thanks! I haven’t been pruning the macro too often, is growth ha slowed with the pc too. I should probably be trimming once a month? The cacti are pretty good! I’m amazed that I haven’t managed to kill them tbh.
  6. fishfreak0114

    Fishfreak's C.C. Coffee Pot Pico: Quick update!!!

    Thanks! Yes it does, just gotta flip a switch
  7. fishfreak0114

    Fishfreak's foxy BC29: Update at last!

    Well, your tank looks freaking amazing. I don’t know how the heck tanks like yours can be low maintenance. SPS would run in fear at the sight of mine I’m glad I’m not the only one doing minimal stuff to tanks though. And thanks!
  8. fishfreak0114

    tubes appearing all over rock

    Vermetid snails can be a real pain. I tend to smush them as I find them. The mucus strings they send out can irritate coral, and they're kind of sharp.
  9. fishfreak0114

    I.D please

    It's some sort of sponge. Harmless, but it can be a little annoying if it happens to try and grow onto a coral. Fairly easy to remove though if that happens.
  10. fishfreak0114

    Please help me identify what this coral is

    It looks like a chalice to me, but it is mostly skeleton so kind of hard to tell. Try to make sure no hair algae or anything grows on the skeleton that could prevent it from healing.
  11. fishfreak0114

    Fishfreak's C.C. Coffee Pot Pico: Quick update!!!

    Alrighty! So time for an update. No pictures atm sadly, I'm at work. The pico is alive and well. For most of July the glass was so algae covered I couldn't see much. But I recently cleaned it off, ripped out a lot of grape caulerpa (which was starting to smother things), and did a partial water change. I don't even feed the pico. The pod population is strong, and I see Raymond scooting about still. The corals are growing to some degree. Not nearly as much as before due to the fact that I still have a cheap PC over it as I'm undecided about the light situation. Thus far I have managed to avoid killing the cacti! I never realized how easy saltwater could be. Literally all I do to this pot is flick the light on and off, and squirt in some water every couple days! I hope to give y'all some pics in the near future. I need to clean the glass on both my tanks, so none today. But maybe Friday or something.