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  1. I think we'll be going with 1/4" holes. Thanks for all your help!
  2. Ok, I think that will work Why does the water level drop even though there's openings near the bottom already? Is there just not enough water going in?
  3. PVC is a good idea, I'll bring that up to her. She doesn't like how the overflow looks either. There's a few inches of space on both side of the tank, it's next to a window so there had to be room for a curtain to squeeze by. Here's a couple pics of the set up I realized I was wrong, there's two holes in the bottom, one for the intake and one for the return The return goes all the way to the top of the tank, but the intake is pretty close if not directly at the bottom
  4. Thanks for the replies! I now realize I should have mentioned what it's like back there. There's a hole drilled in the bottom of the tank in the overflow, the only hole, which is used by the canister filter. I've mentioned an ATO to her, but she said she doesn't want to spend the money, and she doesn't trust one to not overflow the tank when we're away. So if extra holes were drilled in the overflow to water would go back there quicker, the water level would remain constant between the overflow and the rest of the tank? Right now, the water level in the tank stays constant and the overflow drops (which I assume is how it's supposed to be). My mom first thought to remove the entire overflow, but then she realized that the fish would go down the filter, or get stuck if it was covered with needlepoint mesh And the sand would go down.
  5. I just tested the water, and I'm surprised at how little the numbers changed. Ca tested at 425 again, and alk tested a mere 7.7! Now I'm kind of worried. Because I'm not sure how dosing could work with me having an odd schedule, I was thinking, could I put the smallest amount of kalkwasser in my top off water? Like just enough to give a small boost?
  6. Hi everyone. I'm posting this for my mom who has a 92g corner tank. It's freshwater, not salt, but it was designed to be a saltwater tank, hence it has an overflow. She hates the overflow because it needs daily top ups. Because of that she feels chained to the tank, and isn't really enjoying the hobby anymore. So the question is this: Could the top 1/5 or so of the overflow be cut off? So that the water level doesn't drop back there? And then glue needlepoint grid stuff over the top so the fish wouldn't go down to the filter? Or if anyone has a better suggestion to make the water level remain the same as the main tank, I'm all ears. Thanks
  7. After flipping through the thread, I thought it'd be fun to post the evolution of this tank. So here's pictures from the last 27 months. This morning I was telling my mom about mantis shrimp, and she said, "Could one go in a five gallon?" I said I thought so if it was a smaller type, and she said she would consider letting me convert a fw tank to a salt for a mantis. Just no additional tanks! So the gears are turning, and I'm thinking if I can afford to convert a tank, if I even want another salt to maintain, and where would I even get a mantis shrimp?
  8. So I just tested the tank, because I've never really done one right before a water change. I'll test after too to see how much the numbers change phos. 0 -guess I'll stop using phosgaurd for a while Ca 425 -not bad after 2 weeks consumption I think alk 6.5 ish. Maybe I effed up, the first time I got 6, the second time 7. Is that too low? Everything seems happy. I guess I'll have to see how much it jumps post-water change. RSCP is supposed to mix up pretty high. I hope I don't have to start dosing, I don't know how well it would work out, because I'm only at this house half the time. I guess I could dose every couple days? We'll see. I hesitate to change anything with my tank care routine, because "if it ain't broke, don't fix it."
  9. I would toss them. If you're already running a filter sock for mechanical filtration, the sponges are likely just causing problems.
  10. 1. Should I put my acans in high light so they'll keep their bright colors? 2. Will a torch and frogspawn be happy next to each other? 3. Will leathers attack each other if placed in close proximity?
  11. Sponges are nitrate factories, so personally I would stop using them. The crap just gets too deeply lodged inside to get out when rinsing. I would cut down the feeding, when I feed my fish if I'm using flake, I just drop in a small pinch or two.
  12. Yep, I guess if I dislike the appearance I can just take it out.
  13. The watermelon favia is stinging its neighbor again great... to be dealt with tomorrow. I was thinking maybe a small piece of plastic to block the sweeper tentacles? Like at brandon429 mentioned on a thread at some point. No sure how that would look, maybe if I glued zoas to it it would be not too noticable?
  14. Fallow periods suck. I barely made it through mine lol, I kept wanting to buy stuff!
  15. To the best of my knowledge, you're not supposed to add anything while its fallow because ich can come on anything introduced to the tank, fish or not. Guess you may have to start your fallow period a little later.