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  1. This looks like it's gonna be an awesome tank! Following!
  2. Once in a while when I'm bored I turn white to 0% and blue to 100% and wow does that look crazy! I do like to look at it like that once in a while because it looks unreal (especially the GSP) and it's fun to see what pops and what doesn't as much. Do you have a build thread for your tank?
  3. Thanks! Currently it's running at the levels below. Every once in a while (I usually remember every couple months lol) I bump them up by 2% Morning length 270 min ramp 60 min Blue, royal blue, cyan 31% lime, white, violet 31% Midday ramp 90 min Blue, royal blue, cyan 33% lime, white, violet 50% Evening length 180 min ramp 90 min Blue, royal blue, cyan 36% lime, white, violet 26% I like my lights fairly white because it seems natural and reminds me of how it looked snorkeling in Hawaii
  4. There's no way other than fishless quarantine that I know of. Any treatments used to kill ich kills corals also. I think a cyst could also come on the plug. I had ich break out from seemingly nowhere in my tank, so I can only assume it was brought in by a piece of coral or a snail at some point.
  5. Both my clowns had similar black spots appear out of nowhere, I think they tried to snuggle up with some coral. They faded within a few weeks and I haven't seen any since.
  6. So happy Ruth's doing good! How are the new ponies?
  7. That sucks! Is the tank alright or is everything pissed now?
  8. Awesome, happy 16th birthday NR! 🎉 This forum is such a great place to learn, I'm always amazed to see how many great people offer up their advice and kindness everyday, and how much work Christopher Marks puts in to keep this place running smooth. I spend so much time here, if I ever stop I think I'll have symptoms of withdrawal!
  9. Looking good! Do you have any ideas of what you might want for a fourth fish?
  10. I haven't seen one like that either. I like it!
  11. Disneyworld?!!!! Have fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  12. Thank you Lula! The lobo is poofier today, I think it'll be covering the skeleton in no time! Thanks Weetie! Both of you are too kind
  13. I've never seen a yellow pineapple sponge before. Neat!
  14. The new lobo is looking good! I fed mysis to the tank, so I covered it with a 2L bottle top and basted a bunch in. It ate a fair amount so I'm happy. I hope it ends up as puffy as my other one. I'm so happy I got that thing, it's been in the back of my mind since I first saw it, and when I moved the acans and planned to put a lobo there, I was hoping to find a similar looking one because I was sure this one (which I really wanted) would be gone by the time I made another trip to Kelowna. But nope-it's mine! It's quite large. I plan to move it forwards a bit, but I thought the shadier the better at first because who really knows what their lights were like at the shop. Top down. I wonder if I can position the hood differently to minimize the light splotches? Will have to play with that another day. And a quick angle shot. I was in a bit of a hurry, I forgot to close the blinds! Oops.
  15. Thanks I ended up stopping by check on the tank, and took a couple pictures of it in the daylight. Will get them up shortly.