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  1. When did this happen? I dont remember this being under discussion
  2. From the angle id say a blasto, if its more mushroom/dome shapedn like an acan. Or trumpet if its more of a cone and extends from the skeleton. My trumpet pictured.
  3. The ac motors I have, have a o-ring to seal. If its just a same drip from the motor where it connects to the filter id check that first. I flake of paint, tape, paper, anything. Could cause a little drip.
  4. People always want mp10. You might have it listed for a month. But itll sell
  5. Well... delay in rock. The weather isnt favorable to gather rock, so we'll figure out a time to reschedule
  6. Those are fresh water fish. But I would do a waterchange, vacuum the gravel. As close to 100% as you can. And leave fish in the tank. The bacteria to protect the fish is in the gravel or surface of decor. So switching the tank wont help.
  7. I live in the PNW, and there are laws about removing driftwood, rocks, etc... Ive never had intrest looking into the laws.
  8. My main tanks is a rimmed 20 long. And im setting up a 25 lagoon. But ive had nuvo 8, biocube, 20H as well.ko
  9. I will recalibrate everytime i check and if i believe the result is "weird" ill check calibration again. I just the red sea refractor and two fishs accurasea calibration fluid
  10. Added 1ml ammonia, 04/07/19, that should have raised ammonia to 1ppm. Ammonia alert and salfriet ammonia test kit shoulded up yesterday, 4/11/19. Ammonia tested at 0ppm, added 1ml ammonia. Waited 30 minutes retested, ammonia alert registered ammonia, test result 0.5 ppm This morning ammonia alert registered 0.0. Will check nitrate tonight. KP Aquatics 25# live rock is planned for deliver 04/18, trying to have a mostly cycled sand bed upon arrivial.
  11. @spectra where are you? I need your zen rake. Ill include an 18'r of cooers lights. Im going for a meteorite in the desert sandscape. The InTank basket showed up today from @MaineReefkeeper. Thank you. Its already wet.
  12. Clearing up. Ato installed. Heater "set"
  13. Splash down... 60# of Caribsea West Caribbean Reef sand wet. About 20 gallons of water, just letting it settle. Trying to arrange live rock delivery for the 18th
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