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  1. Digging through my photobucket i found a picture of the screen as i was building it to glue onto the float switch of the tunze 3152
  2. I just realised I have a link to my Nuvo 8 in my signature, but here is where my Caribbean Biotype originated
  3. Make sure its something your system can support and thatvits something you actually like. They biggest mistake, in my opinion, is getting something that easy, beginner, pest to "test the water" I personally like zoas, but only keep the ones I like. This was my first zoa rock. It started as 1 or 2 heads of different zoas
  4. This silly hobby. I have my ATO "screened" with plastic canvas #7 from Michaels. Glued to sheild. A tiny snail got past the screen and its shell got stuck with the float in the up position. The first time this happened it got on top of the float and emptied the ATO into the sump. This time my return was blowing micro bubbles. Over a gallon low
  5. Those dont look orange to me
  6. Baby bull shark preordered. Hopefully the tank will be cycled before July. Looking forward to this unique stocking opportunity
  7. Glad to see you're keeping up with @spectra... he has to carve his pictures in rocks
  8. You need to find another LFS. I spend a far amount of time talk to the guys at my LFS and seldomly about aquariums. What I've witnessed is the people genuinely asking questions are treated decent. The people trying to "argue" about what they read on the internet are often treated poorly. We have developed a repor that we say hi they leave me alone until i ask about something or just start bs'ing with them. If youre asking questions they should share their experiences and knowledge with you. Thats their job and they should earn your repeat business
  9. 5 sticks... and maybe if you take that one out of your ass youd have a better day, boo-baer
  10. This is an awesome thread! Personally, my RODI and 44gallon brute can has been the best thing I've done for my tank along with a refractor, I use red sea, and a calibrating fluid everytime I use it. Its hands down cheaper and more convenient. I would hit the LFS every Friday for 5 gallons of rodi ($0.50/gal) and salt ($1/gal) $7.5. But I'd look and bullshit and ask questions and typically find something else to buy. $25 a week was normal for me. The looking around and talking to people and the the employees can be valuable information and can be misleading. So at $25 a week it was easy to buy spectrapure "aquarium special" and now I can fill my two 7.5 gallon RODI jugs (about 2.5 hours each) and my brute (with a float swith) over night (8hrs.) So my life doesnt depend on getting to the LFS and since I go less, I spend less. I mix enough salt water for a month and typically I get 5-6 months worth of salt (1 box) about $50. My wife wasnt happy about me spend that kind of money either. But its been 3 years and I'm will to bet if you added everything up Ive spent about $3000, thats 3 different systems and live stock, total less than $100 a month. We spend that on gym memberships we dont use and useless crap. But i still have my original clowns, some of my original corals and enjoyed this more long term, than the other crap.