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  1. As soon as i seen it i tossed him in the sump.
  2. Yes, but I found it on the sand in the morning. Upside down with a decorator crab picking at it. Kinda pissed about that.
  3. It's a maxima. Not sure if it's suppose to be slightly on it's side like in the pic or if the point is suppose to be strait down. Place it in the sand bed with something hard under?
  4. CSalt's 20l part 2

    Half the Chaeto was decaying. Not sure if it was due to lack of nutrients or issues during shipping. Getting a lot of algae growing on glace in fuge, so that's good. The mesh in the overflow was trapping air and almost cause the display to overflow twice. Ended up removing it.
  5. CSalt's 20l part 2

    Duncans are loving the t5. Sunny D zoas are still closed. Hammer coral isn't as bushy as it used to be but all the heads are splitting. Not sure if it's because of this or a light/ flow issue. Not much flow on the one side of the tank. Have an Icecap gyre 1k coming, should help. Wish I had a par meter. Have Coral+ purple+ on for 4 hours, blue+ actenic 7 hours. Had Caulerpa but was afraid of it going sexual so replaced it with chaeto. I'll get around to a FTS eventually.
  6. What did you do for your reef today?

    Water change.
  7. Does it need sand for the roots, or is it fine just floating around in a fuge?
  8. Return bulkhead too low

    Looks fine to me. Use the line loc and you can raise up the return if you're worried about flooding the sump when the power goes out.
  9. CSalt's 20l part 2

    So much more room for activities.
  10. CSalt's 20l part 2

    Some sexy t5 pics I like the last one. They have a hint of blue in some spots but the camera isn't picking it up. Would like some with red though.
  11. Wonder if I could claim to be a farmer and write off everything in the tank as livestock? They do government subsidizing for this?
  12. The maintenance is the cheap part lol. Filter floss, RODI filters and salt isn't bad. It's the, "dang, that skimmer and some new lights would be nice" is what gets you. It's really not all bad compared to other hobbies. No regrets.
  13. 12w ABI Tuna Blue PAR values in a 5g tank

    Wow that's crazy. Would never have guessed 6" from surface would make that much of a difference.
  14. CSalt's 20l part 2

    Been getting patches cyano lately. Even though I clean the sand every week and still only feed every other day. Didn't really start to happen until I bumped up the GFO a little and cleaned the algae off the back glass a few weeks ago. It's just out competing the rest I guess.