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  1. What Salt Brand Do You Use

    Marinemix Reefer. Only been 3 months but no complaints so far.
  2. Salinity keeps lowering

    Using tank water to thaw food?
  3. Dont know how much this will help you but i have a 20" cube with the super nano con dientes overflow. Powerheads are a jabao pp4 set on random and korallia 425gph. Can get away without that korallia. Flow is pretty good, bounces off glass.
  4. CSalt's 20" cube (former 20l)

    Noticed a lot more Asterina starfish too.
  5. CSalt's 20" cube (former 20l)

    Added a couple frags and an old Koralia 425gph to the tank. Took some coercing to get it freed up. Monti looks like a florescent red under blues. Thinks he's being sneaky.
  6. CSalt's 20" cube (former 20l)

    The regular reef salt. Some people have had good luck with it, I was not one of those people. Make sure you test the salt though. I had high calcium(over 500) and mag was on the lowish side. The carbon dosing and additives wasn't helping my situation either I think. Probably not enough bio load, even with only dosing half recommended. There's some great looking tanks on the aquaforest FB page though.
  7. CSalt's 20" cube (former 20l)

    How about a long overdue update Currently using Marinemix reefer salt from BRS. I like it. I'm actually getting some growth. I think i'm finally getting some sps growth but not sure. Getting coralline growth also which is great because I haven't been able to do that ever. The hammer coral looks like a hammer now and not some blob bubble/hammer crossbreed. I can keep zoas and not melt and I get growth with gsp after having zero since the first piece was added. I also bumped up mag too which would have something to do with it. I've always had lowish mag in my systems. Also clean my sandbed too now. The BTA is looking good again. Was kinda not doing good during the aquaforest period. Stayed shrunk up near the bottom of the rock. Sometime when it warms up some I'm going to make a larger stand so I can use my old 20l as a sump and have room for a refugium. the bad. Used aquaforest salt for awhile (10kg worth0 didn't like it. I tried their dosing regiment and it was all bad. Was getting cyano, bacteria and algae blooms on the rock, was all bad. Not really any growth. Lost the Duncan coral to brown jelly. Was only able to save 3 heads. Lost a blenny and wrasse to a large male emerald crab. I'm 100% convinced it was the crab because the fish would sleep in the rockwork and guess who else hung out in the rocks? He was also very aggressive. Algae and bacteria blooms pretty much took out the purple pocillopora colony and ended up having to frag it all. Skunk shrimp died about a month ago. Felt kinda bad, not sure if it was age related, had him since almost the beginning. He was acting kinda off a day or two before he died. I'd like to try some more sps eventually. Maybe move the hammer to the rockwork and either get a clam or elegance in it's current place. Everything just seems to be going good.
  8. WTF IS THIS!!

    Just spit balling here. Stomatella snail?
  9. best way to kill single aiptasia

    Kalk slurry and a syringe. Or clip off the piece of rock its connected to. Works on mojano nems too.
  10. Best way to move a bta

    Piece of ice around the foot. Slowly lets go of the rock.
  11. Do you have to be signed up for their pals rewards for it?
  12. Going to build a sump

    Just make one from a standard 29g or 20l. Doesnt cost much. Home depot sells the glass for baffles. Ive made two out of 10g tanks.
  13. Show off your Freshwater!

    Plantedtank.net maybe.
  14. Show off your Freshwater!

    I knew they were bad but not THAT bad. Here he is horkin down some grass
  15. Show off your Freshwater!

    Feeder goldfish are not planted tank safe. Uprooted and ate all of the dwarf hair grass and just caught him munching on a ghost shrimp.