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  1. Well Water and Septic Tank

    I added a di inline with the house ro water.
  2. Anyone here with a xenia garden?

    Been in the tank for about 1.5 years. There was a month or two where it stayed closed up tight. Some got lost during a tank switch and I've thrown some away to keep it from spreading. It'll detach itself to spread.
  3. Anyone here with a xenia garden?

    Wouldn't call it a garden. Started with a couple small stalks.
  4. Well Water and Septic Tank

    Have well and septic. Have a water softener and RODI. Using a 75gpd membrane as enough pressure. Think i have 40-50psi water pressure, id have to check. Only thing I don't do is dump saltwater down the drain. I heard it could be bad for your septic, but i dont know for sure.
  5. This a decorator crab?

    Thanks for the replies. Ended up putting him in the sump for now. Might go back into the display until he gets too big. No idea how he hitchhiked .
  6. General has a faster response time compared to ident. Found this with lights off. No idea how it got in the tank. About the size of a dime and has sponge on him. This a good crab or bad? Thought it was a teddy bear crab at first.
  7. What lps grow on vertical rock?

    Vertical and shaded. Ordered a frag pack from Ebay a couple weeks ago. $99 for 9 frags shipped. Going to go lps. I have bad luck with sps. Took the pic the day after adding them. The goniopora has good extension now.
  8. Have some vertical rock face and would like to know if there are any lps that will grow on it. I think blastomussa will. Anything else?
  9. Had a pp4 in a 20l. Speed 4 Mode w Like 6 notches up from slow on the dial. Seemed good
  10. Central Ohio Shops

    Mattscorals. Reefs to rivers.
  11. Secrets to zoa?

    Zoas do not grow in my tank. They actually did the best when the tank was new and not matured.
  12. Topless Tank – Will Snails Escape?

    Yes. Nerites are bad about it.
  13. What do you guys/gals do when you have other algae types other than your macro growing in your refugium? Do you clean it out or just let it grow since it's not in the display tank? When I was growing macro in my sump I would get some other green and reg algae growing on the glass. Would clean it out once a month. I guess it wouldn't be much different than an algae scrubber.
  14. CSalt's 20l

    quick update SG 1.025 Nitrate 0 maybe 2? Slightly darker than 0 but nowhere near 5 PHos .03 PH 7.8 (lights out) KH 8 Cal 450 Mag 1300 water change due tomorrow Probably a week or two after switching new tank I lost half of the pocillipora colony, Acro is bleached (probably gone). Lost the monti after moving it halfway up the rock work. Last week birdsnest lost flesh. I turned down the lights back to stock settings thinking it was bleaching the coral reflecting off the new sand. Seem to have some die off with the Macroalgae. Other than that..... everything else is good.
  15. Digitate hydroids. I have a couple in my tank. Some say they are harmless, others say irritate corals.