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  1. I had been less active on the forums but getting back into it. Seems pretty quiet though 🤷‍♂️
  2. Congrats, excited to see what you do!
  3. Anyone still running a CAD lights tank? I have been lazy and not on the forums much, but motivated to make some changes to my 18G II. Anyone have luck with a refugium or filtration setup they love?
  4. AFI

    Cad Lights 18g Nano Reef

    Nice! Are you still running this tank?
  5. Thanks, I know on the MP10!
  6. Looks good. What did you end up doing for filtration?
  7. Any update on the CAD 18 now that the 34 is out?
  8. I love my Cadlight 18G so far
  9. Sorry, that sucks. Glad to see you caught him. Hopefully there aren't more.
  10. Congrats Dave - can't wait to get my Nanobox!
  11. Can't wait to see some pictures once you get it set up
  12. They look really cool, I just couldn't wait any longer...
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