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  1. dferrari13

    Drew's IM 10 Gallon Mixed Reef Tank

    Thanks Dave....I'm thinking my next tank will have 2 nano box lights on it....so we will be in touch lol
  2. dferrari13

    Drew's IM 10 Gallon Mixed Reef Tank

    Thanks, It took 4 years of patience, passion and a little bit of obsession oh yea and 4,000 dollars lol
  3. dferrari13

    Can someone provide me with information on hammer coral?

    Euphyllia corals can pack a punch.... watch out for long stinging tentacles.....(hammers, frogspawns and torches can usually be placed close together)... currently my hammer is at war with my trumpet coral
  4. dferrari13

    Oops! Ricordea Yuma ripped in half!

    Mushrooms are almost indestructible Pics?
  5. dferrari13

    10 gallon mixed reef

  6. dferrari13

    Drew's IM 10 Gallon Mixed Reef Tank

    So I think I may have MTS.... 2 Gallon Fluval Spec Betta Garden 37 Gallon Fresh Water Planted 10 Gallon Mixed Reef 55 Gallon Turtle Oasis 20 Gallon Freshwater Planted
  7. dferrari13


    Great tank!!
  8. dferrari13

    Drew's IM 10 Gallon Mixed Reef Tank

    First FTS of the new year. Everything is looking great! The new royal grandma and the tailspot blenny seem a little skinny.... but overall in good health and active. Also added an aussie duncan... the only problem with that is it's tentacles are so large they are brushing up against the acan next to it, which is pissing off both parties lol
  9. dferrari13

    TeenyReef's 10g Fusion - December FTS

    So glad everything is doing well....I frickin love this tank and I've been following for years ...but I gotta say......I usually hate bare bottom tanks but this tank looks great!!! Glad all the corals are bouncing back.
  10. dferrari13

    Rory's fusion 10: tank is 1 year old today!

    Been following....great tank.....congrats on one year!
  11. dferrari13

    Drew's IM 10 Gallon Mixed Reef Tank

    Not really sure what caused the mass die off in my tank....but I've done multiple water changes and testing with no real answers. Well the new gramma and TSB will be here on thursday....so we shall see how that goes...
  12. dferrari13

    Drew's IM 10 Gallon Mixed Reef Tank

    I havent tested yet but I guess it doesnt really matter cause I will proly do another water change tomorrow....so why test....seems stupid Thanks 😞 .....so pissed at myself
  13. dferrari13

    Drew's IM 10 Gallon Mixed Reef Tank

    When I found the tank like this I immediately took out all the dead fish and quickly did a 25% water change.....and I will proly follow up with another 25% water change tomorrow too. So far all the inverts and corals are fine and the clown is ok but pissed off.