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  1. Yet another IM10!!! Nice!! Slow and steady wins the race!
  2. I have heard a lot of people complain about ATO systems failing and getting stuck in the on position... so a long time ago I decided I am going to put my ATO system on a digital timer and only allow it to stay on for 1 minute per day.... well this paid off because after four years of not cleaning the ATO sensor, the float got stuck in the down position causing the automatic top off system to remain on for 1 minute..... which definitely threw my water parameters off a little bit but surprisingly not that much.... I was able to take about half a gallon of water out, an add a half of a gallon of saltwater to balance it out ( basically my tank got slightly diluted with freshwater)
  3. Have you tried using purple up or maybe use some kalkwasser in the auto top off water?
  4. Huge growth in 4 years!! Nice...Mine is probably just as old but not nearly as big....and I didnt really feed my corals for proly the first 3 years
  5. That trumpet colony is ridiculous!! Looking good!
  6. FTS.... now that the corals are fully opened up, I'm so glad I made the decision to removed two heads from the hammer Coral.... it was really attacking my Candy Cane Coral
  7. So I was getting tired of seeing my candy cane coral taking a beating....so I decided to frag the hammer to cause some separation between the two....mission successful.
  8. Freshwater planted 20 Gallon Long. I think it's coming along very nicely, only a couple months old.....I'm cautiously optimistic that I've got this whole husbandry thing down lol
  9. Nice....thanks......I use phosguard and I recently realized that my phosphates are super low.....so I'm thinking about taking out the phosguard but I'm also starting to feed and dose amino acids more frequently so I'm not gunna remove it just yet...well see how it goes. With a tank so small, most of our nutrient export is via water changes....so it almost seems crazy to run any media at all....but I always like overkill and redundancy.
  10. What media are you currently running in the tank?
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