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  1. Fluval Evo 13.5 - first post

    The replacement pump I used was the Lifegard 800 quiet one series and it is very quiet.
  2. Mixing Saltwater 1st time

    doing weekly water changes and am mixing the amount needed for the changes plus extra couple of gallons. Since I am doing weekly changes I pulled ps2 skimmer out of fluval 13.5 gallon tank and parameters are holding up fine
  3. Mixing Saltwater 1st time

    It is for current water changes mostly, Usually day after mixing
  4. Mixing Saltwater 1st time

    Since last post i dumped all the water and thoroughly cleaned the barrels. I set up my mixing station using 1 20gal barrel for ro/di and 1 for mixing water I used a lifegard 4000 (1022gph) to tarnsfer the water and then ste plumbing to use pump as mixing pump I put in 18 gallons of ro/di water and added 9 cups of reef crystals Started pump and put in heater and let cook for 24 hours Bought refractometer and measured water The specs: Temp 78 SPF 1.026 Nitrate 0 Phosphate 0 PH 8.4 Calcium 520 (tested 2x with 2 different test kits) KH 11 Ready to use the water
  5. Mixing Saltwater 1st time

    I've read on forums and articles that rubbermaid brand brute containers are good to use because they don't leach. After mixing was complete spf of 1.025 I took out the pump and the cord felt a little slimy so did the heater. Does the container need to be sealed to mix or vented?
  6. Mixing Saltwater 1st time

    not organic but almost like warm plastic also the smell is going slowly away
  7. Mixing Saltwater 1st time

    It is a nsf rated barrel and I did clean it first
  8. Mixing Saltwater 1st time

    That's what i was wondering
  9. Mixing Saltwater 1st time

    It could be I have not done this before so no real frame of reference
  10. Mixed my first batch of salt water and I have a question. I mixed 16 gallons in a 20 gallon barrel and it smells a little strange. I used reef crystals and 2 power heads a heater and ro/di water. I left the lid closed on the barrel. Got reading of 1.025 at 78 degrees My question is why does it smell funny?
  11. GFO for a nano reef

    I was thinking about a gfo reactor for my fluval 13.5 gallon. Went to BRS calculator and it said the amount of GFO was 1 tbsp? I am not familiar with gfo and fluidized reactors and this sounds like a tiny amount. My question is will this be effective on my nano reef or is it overkill. Putting a lot of time and work into this tank and hoping for great results
  12. Nano Skimmer

    I need a good nano skimmer for my fluval evo 13.5. Best if it fits the chamber but may switch to hob if needed
  13. Spectra Pure

    Final solution with ro/di. Spectra Pure tech very helpful with diagnosis procedure. Flow restricter was only about 1.5 inches long (not cut to size) Through trial and error we established correct product to waste ratio by using a ball valve then replacing it with needle for better accuracy. Pressure was an issue due to water temp 40 deg so gauge is at about 42 pounds at this point with a yield of approx 40 gpd. So tech was good, product works and learned alot about ro/di units. Happy Ending!
  14. Spectra Pure

    thank you
  15. Spectra Pure

    Pressure tested water line for ro/di it has 85 pounds at faucet and 85 pounds at inlet ro/di is this too much and any suggestions where to find 1/4" pressure regulator. Looked at Home Depot and Lowes and no luck