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  1. Final solution with ro/di. Spectra Pure tech very helpful with diagnosis procedure. Flow restricter was only about 1.5 inches long (not cut to size) Through trial and error we established correct product to waste ratio by using a ball valve then replacing it with needle for better accuracy. Pressure was an issue due to water temp 40 deg so gauge is at about 42 pounds at this point with a yield of approx 40 gpd. So tech was good, product works and learned alot about ro/di units. Happy Ending!
  2. thank you
  3. Pressure tested water line for ro/di it has 85 pounds at faucet and 85 pounds at inlet ro/di is this too much and any suggestions where to find 1/4" pressure regulator. Looked at Home Depot and Lowes and no luck
  4. what do you like
  5. House water pdessure on the line i chose is typically between 70-80. The DI cylinder is filling ridiculously slow. I will look for flush valve Thanks
  6. My usual procedure is to heat and stimulate water surface for 6 hours with the premix I use
  7. I just got my 90 gpd 4 stage system set it up followed instructions added water and after at least a half hour I've got no pressure reading. I have water from waste lin none from product line. The empty DI chamber has only got 2 " of water so far. The feed line is 12'. The waste line and product line are in a bucket. Does anyone have any thoughts or is this just the normal set up
  8. Thank you I have been doing some reading since my post and most of what i read says people prefer to mix as needed. Also I discovered that you can overkill a simple thing, thanks for the advice on the powerheads
  9. I have been using Petco filtered seawater but I am struggling with my calcium levels. They are always low at @320 turns out the water I buy is around the same. I am either a terrible tester or I need to mix my own water. That being said I got a Spectra Pure 90 gpd ro/di and I am ready. I planning on mixing the water in a 32 gallon nsf quality trash barrell My question is what pump/powerhed(s) should I use to get the best results. Assuming I get good results I am going to make a lot and put in in 6 gallon jugs for storage. Do you think this OK Thanks for input ahead of time
  10. i must be dumb as a live rock, just noticed you got the 13.5 evo pennisula tank. I got mine about a 2 months ago and it has been cycled for 3 weeks. The only mod i made so far was the eggcrate media basket. I have chemi pure in the bottom and matrix carbon next and purigen last. I also added a koralia 425 gph power head. I have 15 pounds of live rock a 2-3 " live sandbed and an indigo dottyback who is loving life
  11. good idea about rubble and i will take a look at brs salt mix thank you
  12. I have an aqua fuge 2 from cpr on the tank with a sand bed some live rock rubble and chaeto and there is a huge pod colony going in there and I started dosing calcium this week but no great change yet. I have been using petco filtered seawater and m wondering if this may be the problem. I tested the water before and the calcium was low there as well. Bought a spectra pure 90 gpd refurbished ro/di system and am waiting for delivery this week. Can't decide what salt to use yet
  13. nitrate is 2ppm and phosphate is .16 calcium still a little low at 380 and dkh at11
  14. good thought, I have to wonder if I am being excessive because my tank is in good shape spec wise and it is 4 years old so it is relatively stable. I am searching for great water chemistry in order to grow show moderate to difficult corals. I think i have the lights for it all set with 2 mini tide plus m from nanobox
  15. thank you for the input i also see that as a problem. one of the thoughts i had was to make a manifold to hold 2-3 reactors each with individual flow control in and a shared out to feed back into the main tank