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    I have had that tank for about 1 year and I love the display aspect of it. Stock lights are fine so far but I upgraded the return pump to a Lifegard Quiet One 800 and it make sfor better flow across the tank. I tried Fluval ps2 skimmer and it did not work, switched to Aquatic Life 115 skimmer and it did not work. So now I do a 10% water change weekly and I put aaa Chaeto reactor in chamber 2 also with a Lifegard 800 pump. I added a hydor water pump for circulation at the opposite side of the tank (425 gph). Put an intank basket in chamber 1 with chemi pure> Water is holding staedy within recomended ranges for about 3 months.
  2. StevieGF

    Fluval Evo 13 mods!

    I used a ps2 skimmer way too touchy with very little results. Then I got the aquatic life 115 skimmer and got the same results. I dumped the skimmers and put an intank basket in chamber 1 with chemi pure blue and filter floss. I switched to a lifegard quiet one pump model 800. Definitely better results. I am using the space in chamber 2 to plumb in an external chaeto reactor. I will post on results. Also I love the AI Prime and am deciding between that or a nanobox mini tide plus m
  3. StevieGF

    Reactor Chaeto advice

    Hi, I am attempting to do the same thing with an Aquamax Biopellet Reactor that I got used. I am planning on putting it under the tank which will increase the flow rate needed. I am using an old skimmer pump Atman ph1100 some where around 325 gph and i will restrict the flow as needed. The way I understand it is that you put the chaeto on the bottom plate and let it grow to the top. I have seen led strip lights used in some cases. One being a red blue combo 4 red 1 blue sequence. I have also read white or grow lights. These can be bought on amazon and you wrap the body of the reactor and secure strip with tie wraps. They are not too expensive. I think it is a fun project for low dollars and it could help with nitrates and phosphates. Good luck
  4. I want to put a fuge on my 13.5 evo. I am not sure the glass can stand the weight of the hog about 2 gallon capacity. Any suggestion or thoughts
  5. StevieGF

    FLUVAL EVO 13.5

    lifegard 800 works fine
  6. StevieGF

    Fluval Evo 13.5 - first post

    The replacement pump I used was the Lifegard 800 quiet one series and it is very quiet.
  7. StevieGF

    Mixing Saltwater 1st time

    doing weekly water changes and am mixing the amount needed for the changes plus extra couple of gallons. Since I am doing weekly changes I pulled ps2 skimmer out of fluval 13.5 gallon tank and parameters are holding up fine
  8. StevieGF

    Mixing Saltwater 1st time

    It is for current water changes mostly, Usually day after mixing
  9. StevieGF

    Mixing Saltwater 1st time

    Since last post i dumped all the water and thoroughly cleaned the barrels. I set up my mixing station using 1 20gal barrel for ro/di and 1 for mixing water I used a lifegard 4000 (1022gph) to tarnsfer the water and then ste plumbing to use pump as mixing pump I put in 18 gallons of ro/di water and added 9 cups of reef crystals Started pump and put in heater and let cook for 24 hours Bought refractometer and measured water The specs: Temp 78 SPF 1.026 Nitrate 0 Phosphate 0 PH 8.4 Calcium 520 (tested 2x with 2 different test kits) KH 11 Ready to use the water
  10. StevieGF

    Mixing Saltwater 1st time

    I've read on forums and articles that rubbermaid brand brute containers are good to use because they don't leach. After mixing was complete spf of 1.025 I took out the pump and the cord felt a little slimy so did the heater. Does the container need to be sealed to mix or vented?
  11. StevieGF

    Mixing Saltwater 1st time

    not organic but almost like warm plastic also the smell is going slowly away
  12. StevieGF

    Mixing Saltwater 1st time

    It is a nsf rated barrel and I did clean it first
  13. StevieGF

    Mixing Saltwater 1st time

    That's what i was wondering
  14. StevieGF

    Mixing Saltwater 1st time

    It could be I have not done this before so no real frame of reference
  15. Mixed my first batch of salt water and I have a question. I mixed 16 gallons in a 20 gallon barrel and it smells a little strange. I used reef crystals and 2 power heads a heater and ro/di water. I left the lid closed on the barrel. Got reading of 1.025 at 78 degrees My question is why does it smell funny?