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  1. they do, you're right!!! And that's good about the grape. I saw your post and freaked out
  2. Ok, I don't want to scare you. I have berghias as well and saw what I thought was a berghia on my glass. And noticed some on a rock. Smaller and skinny, so I figured baby berghias. Guess what? They were monti-eating nudis- check the bases of your montipora. The shape of the tentacles and the spacing on the back looks like monti-eating nudis to me. And believe me, they are an absolute BITCH to get rid of. I currently have all my montis in my macro tank while I'm hoping that whatever I can't see in my reef tank dies off. I have to dip the montis at least once a week. Their eggs are really hard to see and even with brushing, I'm still finding some. Ha ok, I didn't read far enough! Whew. Eating aiptasia = berghia. Sorry for the freak out! Both look very similar!
  3. And I would've said portieria - I think we need a closeup of the branches/leaves
  4. Nah, not too crazy. You have experience and that counts. You know that heavily exporting will be the best bet. I wouldn't recommend to a beginner, but I feel like you'll do fine. Teeny has done an amazing job with his 10 gallon Fusion.
  5. Cut out the piece where the aiptasia is. Take the chaeto out, put it in some clean/fresh salt water and inspect it for other hitchhikers.
  6. Looking good, @sabrefencer! I think the cords look fine!
  7. I run an NYOS Quantum 160 skimmer in my reefer 250 and love it. It's not cheap but it is a beast. I would also get rid of the ATO (pretty useless IMO) and set up a fuge like @Berlibee did. Lights: I would go with a nanobox hybrid, flow I would do vortechs....
  8. i hate those ####ers. What about a grouping of greenbanded gobies? @genaand @teenyreef got theirs from someone on eBay. I think they come as a grouping of 5. And I think they are from around Florida ...
  9. It's little Sammy. Boys are gross after all 😂
  10. Someone was selling one for $200. I'll see if I can find the post. It might help also if you indicated what your idea of a steal was.....
  11. Get a handheld TDS Meter (around $20). When your TDS starts to rise, it's time to change the filter in the RODI
  12. Well, I'm being an overachiever again and posting my FTS early for week 3. I'm gone all next week in Vegas for work and I don't want to forget. I haven't mounted the octospawn yet so that's it sitting there on the ground.
  13. Ninja!! Damn you and the no shipping!!!
  14. That is freaking awesome