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  1. looking good! I love the little flame!
  2. yeah, like @Lawn said, they already went nuts. I made the mistake of trying a majano wand. All it did was make the big apitasia turn into millions of tiny ones that are turning into millions of big ones But I just added a crapload of berghia to wipe them out.
  3. Congrats, Arce!!!
  4. That photo is AWESOME!! I'm totally snagging it by the way
  5. Oh NOOOO! How is he now?? The Buzz Cure-all!
  6. And check alk. Xenia does NOT like low alk levels.
  7. Great thread!!! I don't have bryo but I'm thinking of buying some of this in the event I do get some!
  8. I vote Harry too! He's got a good mix of things going on and it truly is a mixed reef (a bit light on the softies ). He's done a great job getting stuff to thrive!
  9. haha! Been crazy busy. And dealing with aiptasia. And painting zoas.
  10. I'm here! I'm here! .... maybe.... But making it too! painting up a storm!
  11. I wouldn't tell too many people you went out in search of Girl Scouts - creeper!
  12. No notifications for you!
  13. that just made my day
  14. Them's fighting words, Buzz....
  15. Looks like a porites possibly? Not sure. Sps of some sort