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  1. ReefWeeds

    New cycle question

    Not a stupid question at all!!!
  2. ReefWeeds

    Scolymia as first corals?

    I have a few scolymias in my tank now and I would say they aren’t the most forgiving. Once they start to recede, they’re very hard to turn around. Just my personal experience with them. Also, they like lower light and lower flow so you want to keep that in mind as well for placement. They do not like fluctuations in alkalinity or magnesium which is when I lost a couple. Once I corrected the issue, I couldn’t get them to come back.
  3. ReefWeeds

    New cycle question

    Agree with the others. Add some ammonium chloride with your bacteria. Bring it up to no more than 2 ppm. Once you’re processing 2 ppm in 24 hours, you have established somewhat of a biofilter and can add a fish. I would make sure it’s processing ammonia from 2 to 0 before adding anything though. You want to make sure you see a spike
  4. ReefWeeds

    Scolymia as first corals?

    How old is your tank? What is your flow and lighting? What are your parmeters specifically: calcium alkalinity magnesium nitrate phoaphate also, what kind of fish do you have? Personally, I wouldn’t start with scolymias as while they aren’t terribly difficult, they don’t do well with fluctuating parameters. Possibly try an easier LPS - Duncan, Acan. Or start with some polyps like Zoas. Mushrooms and Zoas would be much better Corals to start with to see if your tank is ready.
  5. ReefWeeds

    Total noob in need of advice

    When you say all levels are awesome - what are you testing and what are the levels? Specifically: calcium alkalinity nitrates phsophates magnesium you have a few different types of Corals here and it’s hard to identify the problem without those parameters.
  6. ReefWeeds

    Total noob in need of advice

    This was probably said at some point, but Diamond gobies need an established tank to thrive as they sift sand and eat organisms out of it. Personally, I think a 14 gallon is way too small for a diamond goby.
  7. ReefWeeds

    Stange brown water and mysterious fish death

    It may be unusual for the LFS - but they’re in a new environment with another clown so not unusual. My male - and female - are both very territorial. And not spawning.
  8. I totally need to find it - it was you for sure!
  9. ReefWeeds

    Stange brown water and mysterious fish death

    Also, looks like you’ve got a bacterial bloom going on. Most likely you need better filtration including a high quality carbon, better flow and surface agitation and more frequent water changes.
  10. ReefWeeds

    Stange brown water and mysterious fish death

    I highly doubt your clowns are spawning in that short of time. Most likely he is protecting his mate from the other clown and other fish. Agree with others about steam distilled. Walmart sells it for around $1/gallon. Start using this for topping off. You should be doing water changes 10-20% weekly which includes siphoning out the sand bed, removing water and adding newly mixed salt water in. When you say you’re sorta doing water changes by topping up, what are you topping up with? Salt or fresh water?
  11. Yeah but you said something weird about kids and candy lmao. It was a couple years ago and I remember thinking that guy is messed up 😂😂
  12. That’s what your momma taught you. I still remember you wanting to take a creepy white van to the elementary school to pick up the demon.
  13. Didn’t your momma ever teach you if you can’t say something nice, what you should do?!?
  14. I’m an instagram junkie! Instagram name is same as on here as well and my website is www.reefweeds.com - post up some of her stuff! I would love to see it!