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  1. I learned my lesson about keeping anything with a haddoni. I often contemplate adding it to the peninsula, this was confirmation that's a bad idea! The GSP was a sacrifice for the rest of the coral collection! Some of it got on the rock when I didn't take care of it for a week, and I'm still trying to kill it off with epoxy. It has already been replaced with zoa frags that should start to grow out in it's stead. Good eye, @Christopher Marks! I use the basters for spot feeding, and the tweezers for moving things around without putting my hands in the tank, which they usually are anyways. About a decade ago I bought a baster pack from a local LFS. I'm fairly sure I sold/gave away most of them since then, but this small one always kept around. I'm pretty sure this is it, and if my memory serves me right, that was the price of the whole pack of 4 that I bought at the time. The tweezers came from a local reefer who was moving, around the same time.
  2. Love it. Do you suspect it’s bc the algae scrubber is starting to kick in?
  3. The purple is a real treat, treat. Vibrant colors, and lots of grazing. The yellow was very shy. It will not be long before it needs to be moved into a bigger tank, which is something else that I'm in the process of working on. The GSP was great, but it was too much work. It was dangerously close to spreading onto the rock, and that's a deal breaker!
  4. Couple changes since my last photos. I did remove the GSP. That's been a relief. The coraline is already taking to the floor under where it once lay. I did get a baby purple tang to replace the yellow. Moved the yellow into the frag tank this morning, was promptly eating by the carpet anemone in less than 2 minutes. Lesson learned (the hard way.) New additions healing for the tank: TGC Cherry Bomb PC Superman BC Battlestag SC Orange Passion UC Pikachu I guess if I had really bothered, I could have moved the frag rack out.
  5. Look up Herbie overflow. These are designed to be run as such. The gate valve is optimal if you want to run it right, or else there are little means to control the water. I’d suggest a gate and not a ball valve as well, you will notice the gate valve is much more expensive, but for good reason. It reduces the amount of back pressure and should last forever.
  6. The Eshopps kits are fairly straight forward, they come with a drill bit, a guide, and the the boxes themselves. I was worried about my water line being super low, as I heard that was an issue, but I think it came out just right. This is coming from a guy that drilled his tank in the bathtub, so what the heck do I know?! $5 local is a great deal. Even Reef Cleaners sells them for $6, and you can only order 5 I believe, I'm not sure why the shortage, or max? I hope they've just addressed the aiptasia problem. Unless some found their way to the sump, or the overflow, which they probably did. <Sigh.> I fancy myself quit the over lord, and when I feed the tank, I feed over the anemones, so whatever doesn't get caught by the fish, get's caught by the nems! I'm going to try and keep their appetite alive by continuing this method, even if it works or not! I put some of the CUC into the frag tank, but no peppermints. The frag tank is coated in a nice green algae on the sides, but when you look down inside, the tank is crystal clear. There are millions of pods, as it is fishless at the moment. Still almost no flow because of the sea cucumbers, but they are doing work!
  7. Thanks so much, so is yours though! im a hop skip and a jump from both those areas, and I would be tickled to do a swap! We’re both gonna need a bigger boat.
  8. ROFL af the dungeon masters! New scape looks awesome, I agree about the leather being large enough to create the negative space. Tanks looking really great, didn’t even have to beg for photos!
  9. Its a WD. Don’t look for colors that you see online. Everything’s looking great, I wouldn’t chase that dragon. I’ll see if I can get an updated shot of mine, which also I “cant pull the same colors I see online” either, but not enough blues and editing on my part.
  10. Thanks for checking it out! You can follow the plumbing closer to the beginning of my build. I detailed everything along the way! The overflow should have cone come with a standpipe, which I presume you are using. I’m also assuming that you put a gate valve closer to the end of your full siphon? You should be able to close it a bit (tune it) so that you raise the level of water in the external box, until it’s just trickling down the emergency standpipe. this will give you enough water height as well so the water isn’t cascading from the internal basket into the external box. The box is designed to be setup as a standard herbie overflow.
  11. Well, I got my Reef Cleaners order. I don't think I could have made a wiser decision nipping some of the problems in the bud right away. It took the weekend, but the peppermint shrimp have demolished every single invasive aiptasia that some how recently hitchhiked into my reef. 3 emeralds went into the 22, and 1 into the frag tank, and they are cleaning out the crevices of bubble algae that was starting to crop up as well. For anybody that looked over the order, you might have noticed I have the lettuce nudi's on there. There has been some algae in the frag tank that I'm not 100% sure what it is, and they seem to be taking care of it. I might have to pay them forward when they are done. I have also had to turn off the MP10 in there to make sure they are comfy, nothing seems to mind with just the return pump lightly moving the water. OH, and in biggest news, I removed the floor patch of GSP! It was approaching the rock way too fast too often, so that's one less thing.
  12. I know, they're so good to everybody, really one of the best businesses I deal with (just in general, not even reef related stuffs.) That'll be OK if I get some extra, as I also setup a frag tank, I can't remember if I shared that here or not: It's only 10 gallons (less?) but it's housing all my BTA's and a blue carpet nem which I've become particularly fond of. And now a bunch of zoas recently added this week. It finally finished it's cycle a few months ago, but it doesn't have any fish, so I'm on a lookout for some clowns to host all those nems. I'm also battling just a little algae still, so here's to extra CUC! I'm happy with the tank, sans all the mentioned problems above, I'm hoping that the 4 (I was only able to order 4, there was a limit...) peppermint shrimp get the job done on the aiptasia. I'm finally seeing some of the growing pains I expected, and having to trim back corals to keep from stinging each other now, this will be the next phase of the tank.
  13. Thanks for continuing to check it out! Cheers!
  14. Been a while since an update. Not a lot happening other than growth. I did lose the Copperband, which I chalk up to my hubris. It has been replaced with a baby yellow tang. I do, however, have bubble algae and recently somehow acquired aiptasia. I've been debating what to do here, and this Friday I have a Reef Cleaners order coming: I'm hoping I didn't go overboard! Oh well, everybody likes pictures, so here's a few before lights out tonight: An nice mini chunk of reef: JF Homewrecker, Speckled Kraks, WWC Purple Monsters An eye of Space Invader Pectinia, a nice gift from a local reefer - this has been on my list for a long time, but I've never pulled the trigger on account of its long feelers I cant quite get a good photo of these yuma. They are baby blue/turqouise with yellow orange and green speckled inside of them, they are stunning: Borderline LTA, rainbow BTA which is just gigantic:
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