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  1. YHSublime

    Coraltopia - The beginning !

    Doubt you'll need to worry about dosing on this, water changes will most likely be the best way to keep things stable! Speaking of which, get some water in there!
  2. Very cool, glad to see it's still going!
  3. YHSublime

    Harry’s Reefer 350

    I would swap to a CARX if you can afford it. Expensive up front, with a bit of a learning curve, but I think it'll save you a lot of headaches. I use ESV bc my tank is super tiny, and honestly, there's not a lot of consumption right now (about 15ml a day of each, give or take 30 gallons of water.) I also like that it takes care of the mag, but that's the lazy reefer in me. Alternatively, like markalot mentioned, you could use the BRS 2 part, which would be considerably cheaper. You can always mix up 5 gallons of each solution at a time if you have the space.
  4. YHSublime

    Harry’s Reefer 350

    If it keeps up you might be better of getting a Calcium Reactor.
  5. YHSublime

    Living Room Nano Peninsula

    Yeah, surrounding corals are fine, including the sensative red dragon. Who knows, the pocci is usually my canary with alk. Just letting things grow in now, I’ll have one more addition, to replace the old Jedi colony, don’t know if it’ll be a zoa or acro!
  6. YHSublime

    Living Room Nano Peninsula

    Well, my alk fluctuations from the dosing incident seemed to have not done any favors for the Orange Passion, which slowly has STN'd over the past 5 days or so. Part of the top is still there, so I'm hoping that it'll bounce back, but not hopefully. One piece out of all the many is not too shabby though. Everything else is exploding, just taking my alk into consideration daily, until I can finally get it balanced out again. I was able to move out a mini colony (large large frag) of forest fire digi, and accidentally broke off the chunk of setosa. I used the new construction opportunity to chisel off the Jedi Mind Trick colony that was approaching all my acros, already starting with the PC Rainbow. This involved removing the whole rock, a flat head screw driver, and a hammer. While the rock was out, I also took a razor blade, and scraped back all the GSP that had started a network structure under the rock and was starting to spread on the other side! I didn't bother cleaning the glass, and it's been a hot minute since a water change, even though I've got the water made up
  7. YHSublime

    2G Cube [Casa Del Zoa]

    Team B
  8. Got it. So kind of the same approach that I take with my lighting: you either make it, or you don't. I don't have very many variants of par levels, it's just on the rock, or the tank floor, which is all of but about 7". I did my first removal of a Jedi Mind Trick colony, hammer and a flat head screwdriver. I pulled the whole rock out though with all the acros on it. Honestly, I'm shocked things like the mummy eye don't bother its neighbors. Just looking at your pictures though it looks like you'll have your work cut out for you! You could take a dremel saw and just checkerboard out your corals, lol!
  9. I have a question for you that I bet you have experience with! When your SPS starts to encrust and grow into each other (maybe in the past) what do you do? What is the plan for this tank?
  10. YHSublime

    Living Room Nano Peninsula

    Bummer man! It's always something! However: I want to update with this was seemingly complete user error on my part. BRS was too polite to tell me I'm just dumb. I looked over everything again tonight, and really pushed the rods into the bulkhead, I definitely did not have them connected properly. I imagine this is probably what happened to the majority of people who left bad reviews on these pieces of equipment. It took a lot more force than I thought to make sure they really connect. Like, a lot. I re-primed and dosed what I collected from the test (20ml each solution, one in the sump, one in the display.) I'll obviously keep an eye out, but I'm fairly certain this was 100% me. Oh boy, there should be some sort of forum or group for Tank Anxiety 😉 You're right, thanks for the well wishes, I think it was just user error.
  11. YHSublime

    Living Room Nano Peninsula

    Yeah, I just wish I hadn't had put in a special order for the merlocs and the acrylic tubing, not that it was a ton of money, but I'm back to essentially what I started with. I talked to BRS, and they said the acrylic rods are too small for the bulkhead, so you really have to jam it in there. An ulterior solution would be silicon grease, or just gluing them in, which I may try, however, I'm not trying to play any risky games bc I don't want my tank sitter to have to do anything other than feed, and I'm traveling soon.
  12. YHSublime

    Living Room Nano Peninsula

    Well, I found out that the acrylic tubing I bought for the dosing containers doesn't hold a prime. Works great with the RO tubing though. Defeats the purpose of a DIY project, as my intention was to rid the curled tube into the container. How did I find out? Well, good thing I test my alk daily. I thought my consumption was going up with the recent addition of a tiny clam, so for two days I upped the 2 part by 2ml, and alk was still progressively dropping. Last night I checked a manual run through of the pumps, and the prime on them was completely gone. Just glad I was home to catch it.
  13. YHSublime

    Ninja's Red Sea Reefer 350 -New Year Update

    Hows that lepto treating the rics? Looking good!
  14. YHSublime

    Living Room Nano Peninsula

    Thanks! They’re just glass Voss water bottles. I drilled the lids for a mur-lok bulkheads and used 1/4” acrylic rod tubing for the inside.
  15. YHSublime

    Living Room Nano Peninsula

    New “homemade” dosing containers