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  1. My Fox Flame gets the green highlights in random areas. Right now it's tips and base, and recently, scattered as well. Pretty sure the green tips are where the growth is happening from my observations. Still jealous of your WD colors, mines all green and yellow, with hintsof baby blue in the encrusting areas. I also think with growth I'll be able to pull those colors. Everything looks awesome!
  2. post editing can make anybody jealous of a brown frag!
  3. YHSublime

    NanoBox Red Sea 170 : New Start

    Good to know, I have a few of those mushrooms in the back, never knew they packed a punch.
  4. YHSublime

    2G Cube [Casa Del Zoa]

    Going bare bottom?
  5. Better call 9-1-1, this tank is filled with FIRE!
  6. Digging the rics!
  7. I think polyp ext and colors look good! Crazy kitty.
  8. YHSublime

    NanoBox Red Sea 170 : New Start

    I'm curious as to what your calcium and alkalinity are at now, and how frequently you're doing water changes. I have a similar sized system (Mr. Aqua 22 with a sump) and what I'd put at probably the same amount of SPS, but that's just a gander. I started using ESV back in August and realized I was going through about 3-4dKH a week. I also had a 4 day power outage in DC last year, all my slimers died, but the Walt Disney for some reason made it, lol. Tank is looking really nice, I think your next big problem is things growing into each other!
  9. YHSublime

    ADA - the 2 island reef

    Hm. I just looked, it looks like the availability has shifted over the years (it's been like 3 years since I've had a clam, but Dr. Mac comes to most of our local reef events here in DC.) It looks like pricing is about $70 for a smaller gold/lime/black one, or the grab bag when they pick and it's like $60 or something for 2. I remember the 8" maximas (electric blue) back when I had one, going for around $150-180. So to answer your question, yeah, I think for the size it's a good price. Just a word of caution, I've always been told the larger ones are easier, but in my experience, I've found the smaller ones are easier to grow.
  10. YHSublime

    ADA - the 2 island reef

    I've always ordered maximas from pacific east aquaculture. The price is great, and you can get a wide array of sizes.
  11. Bump for an update
  12. YHSublime

    ADA - the 2 island reef

    It'll be fine
  13. YHSublime

    Living Room Nano Peninsula

    Go with zoanthids, the rics are nice as well, but I’ve been actively searching and collecting for a few months, but they’ve been splitting and spreading fast, just look at my old posts! Either way, even to start in the bottom covering up will take a bit of time and planning. I fully support all the endeavors. Gsp has obviously been the fastest!
  14. YHSublime

    Living Room Nano Peninsula

    Haha, thank you! I started this tank as a zoanthid tank, got side tracked along the way! I don't think most people do, unless they've seen it in person. For the first time on this tank I broke out my camera portal. My biggest obstacle with this tank is photos, because it's so tiny, I don't have the proper lenses to get up close and personal. I am borrowing a lens from a friend for another project, but it's versed enough that I was able to grab these. All the photos I put up are usually FTS because of my lens restrictions, so it's seemed pretty vague of what's actually in there, lol. Eventually I'll be fragging, and able to put some of that money towards some camera gear! Thank you! That was something that was important to me as I put it together. I fear though, that sooner than later, all those sticks are going to have to be rehomed, or re-situated so they're not growing into one another. Thanks brother! Ever since I started 2-part it's been like little shop of horrors in there!
  15. YHSublime

    The FTS Thread!

    Mr Aqua 22 Gallon Long Peninsula (Link to build)