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  1. Update: everything is doing great. I’m now using two types of salt. One week i use colombo pro reef salt and the other week i’m using aquaforest reef salt. My corals responded good to this so i’m going to keep doing this. I’m also looking for some new corals. Just don’t know what to get. I really want to try a torch again or a hammer. Maybe another acan and zoa’s. What do you guys and girls think? Some pics i made today. Check my duncan, i really like this coral.
  2. Hi Christopher, great suggestion. I have considered keeping a skunk cleaner shrimp but i just bought a peppermint shrimp to battle aiptasia (with succes!). Do you think i could add another shrimp to my tank? I hardly ever see my peppermint shrimp. It's always hiding during the day. Will wait 8 weeks before adding a new fish. Thanks for the advice and indeed will wait 8 weeks before adding a new fish. I went to my other lfs and saw some nice looking snowflakes 😁.
  3. Some coral pics! And a full tank shot:
  4. Rory282

    Les Bon Tanks Rouler - *new pics

    Those 2 prime's actually look kinda good! What skimmer are you going to buy?
  5. Tank is looking great man! Love the nanobox! Love the rics and zoas. Makes me want to by more rics for my tank! I also added a skimmer recently to my setup, how often are you planning to change your airstone? I'm thinking bi monthly.
  6. Update: I lost my clownfish, he had some kind of bacterial disease. Really sucks, i now lost 4 clownfish. Also lost my torch coral. Polyp bailout due to the heat wave we had in july and august... Had my water tested, everything is just fine. Corals are growing. My peppermint shrimp is doing great. It ate all the aiptasia within a week! Just hate it that i keep losing my fish! Going to buy from another lfs now. How long should i wait before adding a new fish? On other news, my little eheim skimmarine 100 is doing a great job! Really glad i added it to the system. Here you can see the clown with the bacterial disease: Here is a pic of the nicest mod i made to the system:
  7. Thx Dave! Also thx for the tip but i think i want that shrimp 🤭. I bought it from reef tops, you can find him on facebook or i can pm his email if you want. The guy is uk based and a great guy to work with. On other news, that little skimmer is working great. The only downside right now is it takes a while before it skims after feeding.
  8. Sorry for te late reply. Honestly there was no acclimation process. Letting the bag float for 15 minutes and slowly adding some tank water. Going to keep one fish for a while and slowly let everything settle. Brook was diagnosed by a fellow reefer and lfs. Thx for the tip! Thinking about adding a peppermint shrimp because i don’t want those chemicals in my tank. I saw innapropriat reefer zapping his aiptasia on youtube, but i rather try the shrimp.
  9. Update time: ik know it’s been a while. Tank is still up and running, been battling aiptasia and some algea issues. Stupid aiptasia is taking over the gsp frag 😤. Had polyp bail out on one of the torch heads. My acan, duncan and zoa’s are doing great! Duncan is already growing 2 new heads. I also added a small airstone driven skimmer, it’s breaking in at the moment. I bought the eheim skim marine 100. It fits perfectly! Pics:
  10. Update: Well i lost my small clownfish again... Don’t know what happened. It was eating fine, getting along with the bigger clownfish. It started to lose all of it’s colors last week and it died on monday. Always sad to lose a fish. Water parameters are good so that can’t be the problem... My corals are doing great and are slowly growing. The acan is getting more beautiful by the day, the color is just amazing. Picked up a duncan frag from my lfs today. It was only 10$. Looking forward to see this thing grow.
  11. Sorry for the lack of updates but i have been suuuuuper busy the last few weeks. My tank is doing great. Doing my weekly water changes and everything is looking good. My featherdusters are spawning like crazy, i now have like 200 small ones… I noticed doing smaller wc's was better for my corals. i used to change like 10 liters (1/3 of the tank) but changed it to 5 liters. I also bought a second (small) clownfish to keep the other one some company, they are getting along perfectly. The small clown is always trying to host the torch coral 😀 I'm planning to let things grow for a while and maybe adding a small hammer and frogspawn. Love euphyllia corals! The light is amaaaaazing, there is just no other light that looks that good over the fusion 10.
  12. So today i swapped the eheim compact on 300 for the eheim compact on 600. I really think the 1000 would be overkill... There is a lot more surface agitation right now and i’m hoping this will provide my tank with enough oxygen. Pics or it didn’t happen!
  13. Rory282


    Congrats Survey, i think i mentioned totm material in my last post in your thread 😁. You deserve it!
  14. Hi Kdrof, i really love your aquascape! Looks beautiful. Definitley going to be following this tank. We have got similar set ups.
  15. Update: New clown since 2 weeks ago, he is doing ok after a rough first week. When i introduced him to the tank he was not doing very well. Had signs of brooklynella so i feared for the worst. After 5 days he started eating frozen food and after a week he started eating pellets and granules (small pellets). Going to swap out the eheim compact 300 for the eheim compact 1000. The idea was to move the water slowly through the filtermedia but using no skimmer and not being able to point the mp10 at the water surface i’m always worried about the level of gas exchange. I just fear the mp10 and eheim 300 aren’t providing the tank with enough oxygen. Also thinking about buying a skimmer for my tank just don’t know what skimmer to get. Here’s a shot video of my tank: