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  1. Rory282

    Rory's fusion 10, stop clowning around!

    Update: Well i lost my small clownfish again... Don’t know what happened. It was eating fine, getting along with the bigger clownfish. It started to lose all of it’s colors last week and it died on monday. Always sad to lose a fish. Water parameters are good so that can’t be the problem... My corals are doing great and are slowly growing. The acan is getting more beautiful by the day, the color is just amazing. Picked up a duncan frag from my lfs today. It was only 10$. Looking forward to see this thing grow.
  2. Rory282

    Rory's fusion 10, stop clowning around!

    Sorry for the lack of updates but i have been suuuuuper busy the last few weeks. My tank is doing great. Doing my weekly water changes and everything is looking good. My featherdusters are spawning like crazy, i now have like 200 small ones… I noticed doing smaller wc's was better for my corals. i used to change like 10 liters (1/3 of the tank) but changed it to 5 liters. I also bought a second (small) clownfish to keep the other one some company, they are getting along perfectly. The small clown is always trying to host the torch coral 😀 I'm planning to let things grow for a while and maybe adding a small hammer and frogspawn. Love euphyllia corals! The light is amaaaaazing, there is just no other light that looks that good over the fusion 10.
  3. Rory282

    Rory's fusion 10, stop clowning around!

    So today i swapped the eheim compact on 300 for the eheim compact on 600. I really think the 1000 would be overkill... There is a lot more surface agitation right now and i’m hoping this will provide my tank with enough oxygen. Pics or it didn’t happen!
  4. Rory282


    Congrats Survey, i think i mentioned totm material in my last post in your thread 😁. You deserve it!
  5. Hi Kdrof, i really love your aquascape! Looks beautiful. Definitley going to be following this tank. We have got similar set ups.
  6. Rory282

    Rory's fusion 10, stop clowning around!

    Update: New clown since 2 weeks ago, he is doing ok after a rough first week. When i introduced him to the tank he was not doing very well. Had signs of brooklynella so i feared for the worst. After 5 days he started eating frozen food and after a week he started eating pellets and granules (small pellets). Going to swap out the eheim compact 300 for the eheim compact 1000. The idea was to move the water slowly through the filtermedia but using no skimmer and not being able to point the mp10 at the water surface i’m always worried about the level of gas exchange. I just fear the mp10 and eheim 300 aren’t providing the tank with enough oxygen. Also thinking about buying a skimmer for my tank just don’t know what skimmer to get. Here’s a shot video of my tank:
  7. Rory282

    Surveyman's NUVO 10 Build

    Love it Surveyman! TOTM material!
  8. Rory282

    Rory's fusion 10, stop clowning around!

    Color pop! @DaveFason i love this light man! Thx for making this awesome product!
  9. Rory282

    Rory's fusion 10, stop clowning around!

    Thx! I know, if something goes wrong i wont be able to react the first couple of days. On the other hand i have my wife and my father (we kept freshwater tanks together when i was a kid). So they can do wc an other things that need to be done and it would be a great distraction during the recovery .
  10. Rory282

    Kimber's Tank Thread - February Update Video

    Good luck with the moving tanks Kimber! Ps: love the nyan cat
  11. Rory282

    TeenyReef's 10g Fusion - New Scape

    Damn this is a nice fish, big f eyes but a nice fish!
  12. Rory282

    Les Bon Tanks Rouler - Space-Time Failures

    Congrats on the tankiversary! Love how it looks so packed with corals. Like Teeny said, that birdsnest can host a freakin pelican, and i don’t mean the bird. I mean Anthony Davis or DaMarcus Cousins! Men it’s getting big.
  13. Rory282

    Rory's fusion 10, stop clowning around!

    Update time: Did my 3 gallon wc today. Everything is doing great. Picked up a nice acan from my lfs! So next week my tank has been fishless for 8 weeks. So hopefully bye bye brooklynella. The only downside is i have to go through surgery on the 16th. I have an inguinal hernia. (Had it for the last 2 years but the pain is killing me now). Don’t know if i’m going to buy the fish before or after the surgery. Anyway here are some pics and a short video.
  14. Rory282

    Rory's fusion 10, stop clowning around!

    Thx Teeny, thx for the gsp tip. Was going to put a small piece of rock in the tank just for the gsp only .
  15. Rory282

    Rory's fusion 10, stop clowning around!

    Thx mate! Torch, hammers and frogspawns. I just love them. My lfs has got like 5 big golden hammer corals. If i already had my reefer i would buy one of them. They are just to beautiful!