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  1. Quick photo update:
  2. Also this just happened! Welcome little gobiodon okinawae.
  3. Hehe, maybe another zoa and acan frag… Planning on letting everything grow out, i would love to have a giant duncan and frogspawn 😁. And lots of gsp. You have to keep in mind it's handmade, it cost me about 100€ so about 110$ i think… About the eheim, i know but it's working great. Next time i'm cleaning it i will take some pictures to show how dirty it is inside.
  4. He still makes them if you order one. I could use this skimmer in the first chamber but i would lose the mechanical filtration. I tested this for 2 days and it skimmed really good. You can really feel the quality and craftmanship that goes in it. I'm using the eheim skim marine 100 now, it really works great and fits perfectly.
  5. Which one Reefkid? The atb one or the new eheim? The atb one is just to big and i have never used it. The eheim is working great, only downside is it randomly spits out microbubbles.
  6. Short video of my fridmani!
  7. So i finally have a new fish! After 7 weeks i added a pseudochromis fridmani last tuesday. It's eating fine and always likes to lurk from inside his cave. He is absolutely beautiful! He is really small and i was thinking if i could add a gobiodon okinawae to my tank next week or so. I was feeding some (dr bassleer, best food in the world imo) flakes tonight and my duncan caught some of it, only a few seconds later my peppermint shrimp came out of his cave and tried to steal it out of its mouth. They actually fought about it for like a minute.
  8. Quick video of my tank... Love how it looks right now 🙂
  9. I finally found a small frogspawn!
  10. Update: everything is doing great. I’m now using two types of salt. One week i use colombo pro reef salt and the other week i’m using aquaforest reef salt. My corals responded good to this so i’m going to keep doing this. I’m also looking for some new corals. Just don’t know what to get. I really want to try a torch again or a hammer. Maybe another acan and zoa’s. What do you guys and girls think? Some pics i made today. Check my duncan, i really like this coral.
  11. Hi Christopher, great suggestion. I have considered keeping a skunk cleaner shrimp but i just bought a peppermint shrimp to battle aiptasia (with succes!). Do you think i could add another shrimp to my tank? I hardly ever see my peppermint shrimp. It's always hiding during the day. Will wait 8 weeks before adding a new fish. Thanks for the advice and indeed will wait 8 weeks before adding a new fish. I went to my other lfs and saw some nice looking snowflakes 😁.
  12. Some coral pics! And a full tank shot:
  13. Rory282

    Les Bon Tanks Rouler - No heat till Brooklyn!

    Those 2 prime's actually look kinda good! What skimmer are you going to buy?
  14. Tank is looking great man! Love the nanobox! Love the rics and zoas. Makes me want to by more rics for my tank! I also added a skimmer recently to my setup, how often are you planning to change your airstone? I'm thinking bi monthly.
  15. Update: I lost my clownfish, he had some kind of bacterial disease. Really sucks, i now lost 4 clownfish. Also lost my torch coral. Polyp bailout due to the heat wave we had in july and august... Had my water tested, everything is just fine. Corals are growing. My peppermint shrimp is doing great. It ate all the aiptasia within a week! Just hate it that i keep losing my fish! Going to buy from another lfs now. How long should i wait before adding a new fish? On other news, my little eheim skimmarine 100 is doing a great job! Really glad i added it to the system. Here you can see the clown with the bacterial disease: Here is a pic of the nicest mod i made to the system: