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  1. Replacement Pump for Nanoprop 5000

    Kishan i forgot to mention he slid a small pvc pipe through the opening and pressed it against the rw4 so it worked just like the original nanoprop.
  2. Replacement Pump for Nanoprop 5000

    It’s not a bad idea but it probably won’t be the most effective way. The water isn’t pushed through the media. If you have the place for a small reactor i would do that instead. Maybe the tunze 9001 skimmer with the aqua medic multi reactor s could work?
  3. Rory's fusion 10, clownfish horror :-(

    Will do Kimber... I am absolutely gutted . Thanks Tamberav, the fish i got were tank raised. The problem is the lfs i got them from has one big coral island (it holds al the wild caught fish too) and several small tanks that are connected to the main tank. So acutally it's one big system. So every tank raised fish is exposed to diseases from the wild caught fish (even though wild caught fish are in small quarantine buckets the first 2 weeks). I know not the smartest idea from my lfs... Sorry to hear this TatorTaco, indeed fishless is boring for the moment! i've got one snail and a zoa to stare at
  4. Replacement Pump for Nanoprop 5000

    Kishan, yes it's just fitted in the back chamber and he slid it right through the opening where you attach the nanoprop. It takes a few tries before you get the correct lenght. It worked flawlessly for 2 years. No problem Dopey, the sw4 will work out fine. I understand the idea of a slow return pump (i have a slower return pump in my nuvo 10 than the original it came with) but imho in the yasha it's al about flow through the back chamber. There is no foam or media filter in the back normally only the turboflotor blue 500 and a heater (and maybe an ato). So slowing down the flow in the back chamber might cause more detritus to build up there.
  5. Replacement Pump for Nanoprop 5000

    I should have mentioned that the tunze magnet you see is the ato . Sorry for the misunderstanding.
  6. Replacement Pump for Nanoprop 5000

    Dopey, The pump my friend was using was the jebao rw4 you can still find them on amazon. He only ran a tunze 9001 and the jebao rw4 in that tank. I just found a better pic of this . The sw4 should be the same size.
  7. Replacement Pump for Nanoprop 5000

    Dopey, I posted a solution for this a while ago in another thread, tank was from a friend of mine and worked perfectly. There is a picture of it in this thread.
  8. Rory's fusion 10, clownfish horror :-(

    Long time no update... I had a major setback. You can call it clownfish horror . My beautiful mated clownfish pair had brooklynella. I lost the big one after one week. The little one got hit by the mp10 after day 3 in the tank but managed to survive it. He had a big wound on his head but was eating good and was always swimming around. Sadly he died yesterday. The zoa coral is still doing great. Going to leave the tank fishless for a while and just add a small torch coral that i got from a colleague. Really sad i lost my two clownfish so quickly...
  9. Rory's fusion 10, clownfish horror :-(

    Thanks Teeny! Yes the rocks are dry rocks. They actually make them to look as natural as possible with fake coraline and encrusting coral look. I liked it the minute i saw them.
  10. Rory's fusion 10, clownfish horror :-(

    Today i made some pictures of my tank under natural sunlight! Pretty sweet to see how my zoas open up.
  11. Rory's fusion 10, clownfish horror :-(

    Thinking about naming them toothpaste (male) and Jacky (female) after my favorite belgian song.
  12. Rory's fusion 10, clownfish horror :-(

    So today is my little girls birthday. This is a part of her gift, meet X and O It’s a pair of percula fancy black clownfish. Welcome home x and o. I know we need better names
  13. Rory's fusion 10, clownfish horror :-(

    Update: tank is doing great! Just tested everything today. NO2: 0 NO3: 0 NH3/NH4: 0 It’s my daughters birthday on friday. You guys and girls think the tank is ready for some fish? I’ve got my eye on a maited pare of clownfish.
  14. Rory's fusion 10, clownfish horror :-(

    Thanks Ninja, i love your tanks! That evo is a piece of art!
  15. Rory's fusion 10, clownfish horror :-(

    So, the zoas are opening up more. Glad to see they are doing ok. I fed them some coral food, changed the lightsettings to the lps+ preset and my mp10 is now on reef crest 4 lights. Just love the way they look under the light in the evening! They are like glowing or something.