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  1. Wondering if anyone utilizes this bottom funky chamber (highlighted in green) of the Fusion Nuvo 20. Im guessing not much flow there... Would it be ok to stick a heater in there (flow wise)?
  2. The Live Aquaria ones are Biota captive bred ones, hence the price
  3. What about using black silicone tubing, (should be ok with the sharp bend) and using the appropriate barb adapter to fit the different tubings
  4. Ecotech’s customer service is top notch, give them a call. I’m sure they can help you out
  5. I got some of these from glennr too. These things are tanks. I put these guys in a 8 gallon biocube along with my lone firefish when my tank got broken down. Sadly, the firefish only lasted 3 weeks in there, and quite honestly after the firefish perished I didn't pay no attention to the cube. So here it sits, no water changes in over a year, I feed these guys 1 algae pellet a week and yet theyre still surviving.
  6. IM APS stand for Fusion Nuvo 20. Assembled, then decided to go with a custom stand. Never wet. Protective paper is still on the stand. Shelf and all hardware included. Located in Los Angeles area. Local Pickup only $225
  7. So this tank is officially scrapped by Fluval??
  8. Its a toss up between those 2. Nanobox mini tide, then you can get full automation and programs
  9. I'm looking for a wet side. So maybe we can combine forces here?
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