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  1. There's nothing in the tank, so I don't think it will hurt anything.
  2. New tank general Questions!

    In regards to your CUC concerns, there are no members of the CUC that will eat the nitrifying bacteria. I would advise against hermit crabs because, in my experience, they don't eat much algae and they murder snails. I recommend trochus snails- they eat almost every kind of algae and can flip themselves upright if they somehow manage to get upside-down. As for sand stirrers, conchs and nassarius snails are good options. Check out reefcleaners.org. The best lights for the IM 10 are the Nanobox Mini Tide and the AI Prime HD. Both are good, but have drastically different price points. Most people, if they have an extra shelf in their media rack, will add a light make it a mini refugium with chaeto. The IM skimmers are hit or miss. I have experience with the Hydro Slim SKim and the Aquamaxx NF-1. Both are solid options. With a skimmer, an ATO is a must. I mean no offense when I say this, but it seems like you really need to do some more research on the basics of keeping salt water aquariums, especially before you add corals. If you plan on adding an anemone for your clowns, make sure you read up before you buy one. Also, two clowns are pretty much all you can fit in a ten gallon, especially if you're a beginner. Let me know if you have any more questions. -Nick
  3. Anenome questions

    He's just stressed from shipping. Drip acclimate him. You have read up on anemone care, I assume?
  4. Japanese leather care

    Ah. Okay. I see. Toadstools are really easy to annoy. Mine didn't open for about two weeks after I got him. If you move them, they'll stay closed for several days. Plus, once a month, they shed part of their skin, so they're closed up then, too. He's fine. Just give him time. -Nick
  5. Japanese leather care

    Do you mean the neon green toadstool?
  6. Need light recommendations!

    You say you won't want SPS.....for now. My AI Prime HDs are great. They're 225 each, I think. You'll need two of them. You can control them via app and they put out a ton of light. -Nick
  7. Chemistry / Zoanthids not opening..??

    Zoas are just really finicky. They're hit or miss in my experience. I've had some that have opened up immediately after I put them in my tank and others that remain closed for weeks before they settle in. Just get your nitrates under control- I think the issue might be the number of fish. -Nick
  8. TeenyReef's 10g Fusion - March FTS

    That pearlberry is such a stunner! How're the Kenya Tree frags doing?
  9. Help! Rock Flower Anemone

    I feed my group a couple of mysis shrimp once a week. You actually don't have to feed them at all, although they tend to grow at a faster rate if you do. I suggest you use mysis shrimp or LRS food- brine shrimp don't really have that much nutritional value.
  10. I want an anenome

    RFA's are good. Just an FYI: clowns don't host those. Just be careful you don't tear their foot when you transfer them and feed them every once in a while.
  11. NUVO Fusion 30L best light

    I have the same tank. It really depends what your goal is for the tank and on your budget. If you want a powerful light on the cheap and don't mind adding heat to the tank, buy a Hamilton clip-on metal halide light. If you want to have a powerful light with awesome controllability source and are able to break the bank, go with the Ecotech XRW30 Gen4 Pro. Mouthful, right? The Nanobox Quad is a solid option if you want a powerful, American-made light with extraordinary customer service and so-so controllability and have some cash to spend. I actually have one for sale, PM me if interested. A good mid-range, powerful, controllable option that doesn't break the bank is the AI Prime HD. For the 30L, you need two. -Nick
  12. 📣 Let's Build A Library: A Call For Writers! ✍️

    I'm in. When we've finished, where should we post them?
  13. 2.5g Reef Islands - a Study in Scale

    That is one spunky little tank!