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  1. Pair of Bangaiis.
  2. I wish I could be there! I've been wanting to go. I would love to be able to see your art in person (and meet you, obviously)!
  3. If you want clowns, go with the 14. Otherwise, you could get a type of blenny. They're hilarious little fish that hop around the rocks.
  4. "The girls are all little heifers." Glad to hear they're doing well.
  5. Looks like cyano and/or hydroids. Manual removal by sucking it out and/or use Vibrant or Chemiclean.
  6. @vlangel Will help.
  7. Neat!
  8. Love it. How'd you manage to get a helfrichi pair?
  9. Lookin' good.
  10. Yeah. Clowns are da bomb.
  11. I wouldn't do more than four fish in a 29 gallon. That being said, it really depends on your filtration. Do you have more in-depth descriptions of your equipment? Also, do you know that dry rock requires a cycle? Just making sure.
  12. Neat! Cool idea.
  13. What kind of bowl is that? It looks cool.
  14. Copying Benny? Or are you goin' the bobbit route?