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  1. Fluval Edge 19G/72L Any news

    They aren't out, but the Cobalt C-Vue tanks finally are! Doesn't seem like anyone cares about them anymore because it took them so darn long to be released. Reef Octopus has their own line of aquariums now, too.
  2. First SW Tank

  3. First SW Tank

    You really should not have any anemones in your tank unless it is 6+ months old (you have to be sure it is stable). Also, you are WAY overstocked regarding fish. With a pair of clownfish, you should really only have 2 or 3 more fish, max. Additionally, that diamond goby will die on you. They require microfauna in the sand bed. Nanos hardly have enough to sustain them, let alone a new tank. It sounds like you really need to start doing your research. I am not trying to be mean, I just want to help you be successful long term in this hobby. PLEASE return the anemones and all fish except for a total of four to your LFS. Again, not trying to be mean, just pointing out a few mistakes. -Nick
  4. Beginner Tank Suggestions

    I'm gonna toot my own horn here and say the IM Nuvo Micro 30L. That's what my tank is and I LOVE it! I think it is the perfect size- lots of room for corals, but not too much work!
  5. How Long For Brown Jelly To Leave Tank?

    Hi all, I've had brown jelly issues in the past, but it has been at least five or six months since my last case of it. My question is: How long does it take for the protozoan that causes brown jelly to die off? Does it ever leave? I'd really like to add some corals that aren't softies at some point. Any ideas? Thanks, Nick
  6. Dawn's Crab Shack (formerly shrimp chalet)

    This looks great! Even better than my entire tank!
  7. Oceanarium Imaginarium Relapse

    Synergy, My Reef Creations, and Life Reef are all pretty good, from what I've heard.
  8. Goby eating little. Slow to react, blind?

    I know a few people have had their jawfish go blind and they've been able to nurse them back to health, so you have a good chance, if that is what the issue is. Either way, it wouldn't hurt to feed the lil' guy some mysis soaked in garlic and Selcon. @Mirya had this happen to her in her Floridian Flower Garden build and documented her progress there. Good luck! -Nick
  9. Oceanarium Imaginarium Relapse

    Welcome back! I pretty much agree with @Feliciaon everything. I've never had a custom tank before either, but I know several people that have and I can list some names of good companies. Aqua Illumination has recently made a resurgence in the lighting world with their AI Prime HDs. I have a pair of them on my 30 and they're awesome. I can cpntrol them right from my phone! 1. Reef Savvy (these things are basically the Rolls-Royce of tanks) 2. Miracles Aquariums 3. American Aquariums (fairly new company, about a half hour from my house, run by the same guy that owns my LFS, they have EXCELLENT REVIEWS) Those are really the top three that come to mind. I'd advise you to stay away from Glass Cages-I've heard some interesting things about them. Again, I Have no experience whatsoever in regards to custom tanks, this is just what I've heard around here. Welcome back! -Nick
  10. What are your favorite big public aquariums?

    The Colombus (Ohio) Zoo and Aquarium is phenomenal. The zoo itself easily takes three days to get through, but the aquarium is great, too. They actually have a few manatees! It's only about three hours from Pittsburgh, too.
  11. Hedgeclipper's IM Nuvo Fusion 30L

    Mine fits in perfectly, so maybe I do have the nano. I honestly don't remember. Time is really just what is needed to get the skimmer broken/dialed in. Mine pulls out some nasty, green, chunky, smelly stuff.
  12. Hedgeclipper's IM Nuvo Fusion 30L

    Hi there! I have the Nuvo 30L, too. I run the non-nano version (Hydor SlimSkim) in chamber number 3 (second from the right). According to Hydor's website, the SlimSkim Nano is 3.3x3.1x11.8( length x width x height, in inches). The non-nano is 3.9x4.3x17.7. According to Innovative Marine, chambers 2 and 4 are the same size at 4x4. Chamber 4 is 4x4.8. Basically, yes, it will work in any chamber. As with any skimmer, make sure your water level stays constant. Let me know if you have any more questions! -Nick
  13. Disaster at the Shallow Reef Tank Pt.2

    That's great! Sucks that that happened, though.
  14. Dawn's Crab Shack (formerly shrimp chalet)

    It's a good thing you caught that! I sure wouldn't have.