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  1. I’m getting ready to head into work, I’ll take some pics and what not when I get home for you. I really didn’t modify it too much.
  2. Took some top down pics today, fought through some Dino’s, seems to be under control at the moment. Zoas have all sprouted 3-10 new heads, my bubblegum Digi was getting too much flow and suffered rtn, I have since moved it and it is slowly coming back. I have just about given up on my cyphastrea, no matter where I put it in the tank it isn’t happy. Blasto has 11 heads now and has grown quite a bit more skeleton. Gsp is growing at least cm per week or more.
  3. Just some updated photos, blasto looks like crap because I just did a water change.
  4. Ammonia is reading in at 0 today. All other parameters are in check. Still seeing some diatoms, but it doesn’t seem to be spreading. refugium is back on its alternate cycle with the display, temp was getting too high running it 24/7. I haven’t started my water change schedule that I previously stated, if I see need for it I will but everything seems to be good atm. I have also lowered the intensity of the ai prime leds, I think that was a big part in the diatoms.
  5. one of the sexies didn’t make it 😥. Starting to see some diatom blooms, all parameters are in check except ammonia, reading at about .02. I won’t be adding anymore coral or livestock till this is in check. I changed my Fuge light to run 24/7 and I’ll be doing 2 50% water changes a week to help combat the ammonia and diatoms.
  6. Only a couple hours and the acan and Duncan are looking great. The sexies haven’t moved much, probably still a little stressed.
  7. Got some new additions today I’ll get some better pics once everything is in the tank and looking good.
  8. Yeah I took mine off too, too much heat in the tank with it on. I like the curved front lol 😁
  9. I ended up going with the auto aqua smart ato, definitely worth the money https://www.amazon.com/Smart-ATO-Micro-Automatic-AutoAqua/dp/B0195D3LC6/ref=pd_gwm_mbia_1?pf_rd_p=db8e741f-3a25-4908-9938-1cabe21e7102&pf_rd_s=blackjack-experiment-1&pf_rd_t=Gateway&pf_rd_i=mobile&pf_rd_s=mobile-web-gateway&pd_rd_r=9SJGX8Q38TF6J43Y5GZ2&pf_rd_t=40701&pd_rd_wg=V8rNQ&pf_rd_p=a9538322-519a-4f77-ac8f-bff0840d7dce&pf_rd_i=mobile-web-gateway&pd_rd_w=6CXXo&pf_rd_m=ATVPDKIKX0DER&pf_rd_r=TCAGG5G107QT2Y230GNA&pd_rd_i=B0195D3LC6 Yeah, I upgraded the pump to a rio 180 with an rfg, I have the stock pump in the display for surface agitation. The pump is only like 40gph I think.
  10. Thanks! Glad to be back! Right now I’m planning on getting some Ricordea, more lps, and zoas. Waiting on a shipment right now with an acan, a zoa, and 2 nassarius snails. No fish but in a week or 2 I’ll be adding 3 sexy shrimp.
  11. New additions today blastomussa and cyphastrea 😁😁
  12. So after a long period of procrastination, (years) lol. She’s up and running.
  13. Here are a couple FTS with the new light on it, I'm going to see if my step dad will let me borrow his bad ass camera. My phone over saturated everything lol. I really don't know which pic is which, but one is all blues, one is white, violet, and blues, the other is just warm white and violet all are at 100% intensity. Â Â
  14. Thanks Steven and happy new year! I'll be slowly piecing this stuff together on my next paycheck.